Farm the Jungle, Push out the Minion Waves, Kill Caitlyn

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“Man, my Rengar is awesome!” Lin Feng smacked his lips.

Su Xue’s viewers were quite bemused.

Hahah! I’ve never seen such a shameless guy!
+1 to that
I admit defeat. lil bro is king shameless
kek, reminds me of when I was a kid!

Noticeably missing were the trolls. Even with Lin Feng bragging so brazenly, there were no attempts to shut him down or berate him. They could only stare dumbly at their screen, unable to deny reality. 9/0/0 at 13 minutes into the game. This was true skill.

From the opening first blood to the repeated ganks on Caitlyn, the trolls could reasonably argue that Lin Feng was a brainless idiot who only knew how to gank bot. Now, however, they had had no legs left to stand on. Not only did Lin Feng survive a situation where the vast majority of players would die, but he also managed to turn the fight around and pick up a kill on the fed Riven. If that wasn’t evidence enough of his frightening skills with Rengar, nothing was! His Rengar was unstoppable!

“Oh, guess I can 1v1 Riven now!” Lin Feng remarked.

Su Xue’s viewers quickly grew excited. Would they finally get to see Lin Feng gank Riven?

The trolls didn’t type a word, but a spark of hope lit up in their hearts. If Rengar got overconfident and started going after Riven, she might have a chance of turning the fight around and killing him instead. Plus, this would give Caitlyn some much needed time to catch her breath and scale. Sadly, the sliver of hope was squashed as soon as it came.

“Now, let’s continue killing Caitlyn!”

Su Xue’s viewers were speechless, while the trolls just about fainted from anger. But this couldn’t be called a surprise. A man had to keep his word! Lin Feng had promised Su Xue he would teach LovelyRose a lesson. So, he definitely had to see this mission through to the end.

A minute later down at bot lane. The minion waves clashed just out of range from blue team’s inner tower. Sivir and Morgana had returned to base. Lin Feng stared at it as another red minion wave joined in. “Caitlyn will definitely try to catch this wave. Let’s go kill her,” he said. Though his words were simple and frank, they carried an overwhelming might.

Lin Feng guessed correctly. Seconds later, Caitlyn arrived to collect the minion wave. Her score was an unsightly 1/4/0 with only 60 CS.

A bush connecting the lane to the jungle was just out of reach of the minion wave. Inside of it, a large cat lay in ambush. Rengar! Lin Feng pressed down on his keyboard, activating Thrill of the Hunt. Rengar silently disappeared into stealth, blood dying the screen red. Then, he pounced forward like a flash of lightning and unleashed his full damage combo on Caitlyn.

By now, there was nothing left to say. Rengar was overly fed, while Caitlyn was painfully lagging behind. It was nearly a one-hit KO. To the viewers, Lin Feng’s movements were simply too fast, and Rengar’s damage was too high.


Ah Mei didn’t speak, but everyone on the stream could hear her grind her teeth. Her hatred for Rengar had seeped into the marrow! She was 1/5/0! This was a terrible disgrace!

Su Xue’s viewers spammed the chat with praise, and Su Xue was enjoying every minute of it. At this rate, Caitlyn wouldn’t be worth more than a cannon minion! “Lin Feng, are you thirsty? Want me to pour you another glass of water?” she asked in a rare show of proactiveness in her role as a maid.

Lin Feng happily nodded. “Nah! I want a soda!”

“You punk! Don’t get ahead of yourself!” Su Xue glared at him. However, just on queue, her viewers continued the routine.

hush muid go do your job!
go and buy lil bro his soda!
be a good maid, heh

Somewhere after the first several kills on LovelyRose, Su Xue’s stream had returned to normalcy. Even though many of the trolls from LovelyRose’s stream were still here, they didn’t type another hateful message. Everything they’d typed so far had only come around to bite them in the back. They didn’t dare to risk that happening again.

Back in the game, Lin Feng was waiting in the dragon pit. When the game time hit 16 minutes, it spawned. With the help of Morgana and Sivir, they easily took it down. Afterwards, he returned to his jungle and continued farming the monsters, waiting for his ultimate to come off cooldown. He’d fallen into a fairly comfortable routine: farm his jungle, push out minion waves, kill Caitlyn. Rinse and repeat.

Lin Feng made it look simple, but completely shutting down an enemy like this was extremely difficult. It was an art. You had to calculate their spawn time, predict where they would go, how they would react, and so on. He read LovelyRose like an open book, to the point it bordered precognition.

The viewers watched Lin Feng humming and casually farming the jungle, when he paused and muttered, “Oh, Caitlyn should be walking out of her base by now!” He energetically moved across the map and had Rengar enter the enemy’s jungle. Without even spotting Caitlyn, he activated Thrill of the Hunt. Rengar went invisible as blood dyed the screen red. He prowled closer toward the enemy’s base, until… There! Caitlyn’s silhouette was revealed within his hunter’s vision. He pounced on her and picked up another easy kill.


Ah Mei was at her wits’ end. In the past few minutes of the game, she hadn’t even seen her minion wave once! Even the viewers of Su Xue’s stream didn’t pay attention to the godly Rengar, but rather to the pitiful score and CS of Caitlyn. 1/6/0 and 60 CS at 20 minutes. She really was starting to become no better than a cannon minion!

Fortunately or unfortunately, Ah Mei’s suffering came to an end. Surrendering was possible starting from minute 20. Her team quickly agreed. Their nexus twisted and warped with chaotic energies before exploding.

Su Xue’s viewers erupted with cheers. Victory! It was a completely one-sided stomp by Lin Feng! The feeling was as refreshing as eating iced watermelon pops on a hot summer day!

Damn, that was so satisfying to watch! I can die happy now!
Tell me about it! Feels good man, to release all that anger and frustration!

Su Xue’s viewers turned their attention to the trolls.

where your big words now, huh?!??????
you big boys crying now? say something, idiots
the yappity yap yap guys have shut up!!!

A few of the trolls tried to fight back, but they were drowned out by the soaring momentum of Su Xue’s viewers. The others, they all left the stream in a hurry. With this, the situation was more or less settled, save for one matter.

Lin Feng smacked his forehead. “Oh, right! That girl still hasn’t apologized yet!”

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: If you find any chat messages that seem a little off, that’s just my Dutch editor. We strive hard to portray a diverse and international chat!

Devs Thought: Sometimes, I genuinely have no idea what to say. There are moments when Sietse thinks that the internet is still stuck in 1999, the roof is on fire, and he thinks chat is IRC. Which is odd, because he wasn’t on the internet when people were using IRC. There was another “chat comment” that he had in an earlier chapter. I facepalmed so hard that I knocked my glasses off.

Sietse Thought: I stand behind the chat messages! They are phenomenal. How dare these two make fun of me!

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