Man, My Rengar is Awesome!

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LovelyRose’s teammates had resolved to kill Rengar no matter what. Nami waved her staff and tossed an Aqua Prison toward him with great precision. Of course, Rengar was still slowed by the Exhaust, so he could do nothing to dodge. The Aqua Prison trapped him and held him in the air.

Su Xue’s viewers gasped in alarm.

“R-run! You’re going to die!” Su Xue anxiously cried out.

Lin Feng was also caught by surprise. “Wow! Flashing forward and exhausting me!? Aren’t they going a little overboard here?”

A little overboard? A LITTLE OVERBOARD? The trolls burned in hatred and gnashed their teeth in anger. They wished for nothing more than to chop Lin Feng up into pieces. After killing our beautiful Rose over and over again, you still have the face to say her team is going overboard!? Let’s see how you get out of this one! They smashed down on their keyboards, furiously typing a new string of hateful messages.

trash ! get fcked!!
You get what’s coming for you!
Once or twice, fine, but do you think you could keep getting away with killing rosei over and over again forever!? Fuck, our jungle doesn’t belong to you!

Riven teleported into the tri-bush. She activated her ultimate skill, Blade of the Exile[mfn]Riven empowers her keepsake weapon with energy, and gains Attack Damage and Range. During this time, she also gains the ability to use Wind Slash, a powerful ranged attack, once.[/mfn]. Her runic blade lit up with a green glow around its edges. Rengar was getting close. She dashed toward him and stunned him with a Ki Burst. Then, she took away half his health with a perfectly executed combination of Broken Wings’[mfn]Riven lashes out in a series of strikes. This ability can be reactivated three times in a short time frame with the third hit knocking back nearby enemies.[/mfn] first and second charge and auto attacks.

The Riven indeed lived up to his rank as a Master player. The trolls watched on with baited breath. Kill this Rengar! they chanted in their minds.

However, Lin Feng’s reactions were just as quick if not quicker. Even though he was frantically shouting on stream, he’d already pressed down on his keyboard before the bubble landed, activating his ultimate skill—Thrill of the Hunt! Before they could kill him, he disappeared into stealth.

“Vision ward! Put down a vision ward!” Ah Mei anxiously shouted while still waiting to respawn in the fountain.

However, neither Riven nor Nami had a vision ward. Not that they hadn’t bought them, just that they’d already used them earlier on. So, they lost vision of the Rengar.

The trolls were burning with impatience. Fuck! Is that shitty Rengar really gonna escape like this!?

After successfully activating his ultimate skill in time, Lin Feng was safe. He had killed Caitlyn and made Nami blow both summoner spells and Riven waste her teleport. This was a huge win. Many of Su Xue’s viewers thought Lin Feng would safely retreat now. However, the person himself had other thoughts. This wasn’t enough. He wanted more.

Badump… badump… badump…

Badump… badump… badump…

Rengar’s vision was dyed in red, his heart beating steadily at a strange rhythm. The two enemies before his icy cold gaze weren’t threats, but rather prey to be hunted!

Lin Feng pinged for assistance on the minimap. The vision ward he placed down in the red camp lit up in the next instant with a dazzling light! Malphite was teleporting over! From bot lane, Morgana and Sivir were rushing over to the jungle from the bot lane tri-brush!

Riven and Nami were dazed for a moment. Then, all their hair stood on end! The enemy wanted to continue the fight! The two of them were in danger of being surrounded! Without any hesitation, they fled toward their bot lane inner tower, trying to flee their jungle before the enemy could cut them off. However, two glowing markers already appeared over their heads.

The Riven player’s pupils constricted in alarm! Rengar hadn’t left the area! Not only that, but the prey had turned into the hunter!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Still making her way over from mid, Syndra frantically spammed the retreat ping. However, a black shadow already pounced out from the air, and the killing intent was focused on Riven!

Lin Feng threw a quick glance at his full ferocity stacks, then roared, “Bola Strike!” An empowered bola flew out mid-air and struck the Riven, rooting her to the ground! Rengar tore into her with Savagery, then circled behind her.

Riven reacted on instinct. Her ultimate was still active. She unleashed Wind Slash. A powerful wave of sword energy swept out, completely missing the Rengar.

The stream erupted in excitement.

“Nice!” Su Xue screamed, shooting out of her seat and cheering with the viewers.

Lin Feng’s engage caught the Riven completely off-guard, leaving her no time to react until he was already mid-pounce. Even though her Wind Slash was fast, he was even faster. Treading on a blade’s edge, he correctly predicted she would throw out her ultimate and circled behind her, beautifully dodging the certainly fatal attack!

Malphite teleported in. He arrived basically next to the Nami and Riven. Then, he used Unstoppable Force! The massive creature of living stone collided into the two and knocked them up in the air.

Lin Feng shaved away the last bit of Riven’s health, with an auto attack and Battle Roar[mfn]Rengar lets out a battle roar, damaging enemies and healing for some of the recent damage he has taken.[/mfn].

Double kill!

Nami was next on the chopping block. Her skills were on cooldown. There was nothing she could do. Morgana flashed forward to join the fray and threw out a beautifully aimed Dark Binding, locking Nami down.

“Oh nice!” Lin Feng cried out. He then clicked on the Nami and activated Savagery again. There was no suspense. Nami collapsed dead on the cold jungle floor.

Triple kill!

wowww!!!! what a turn around!!!
hahaha! Way to show em!

Su Xue’s viewers excitedly showered Lin Feng with praise. Meanwhile, the trolls were dead silent. The game was only 13 minutes old, yet Rengar’s was already 9/0/0! Even though many of those kills came from Caitlyn, and the amount of gold he got from repeatedly killing her was greatly diminished, accomplishing this much this early in the game was still pretty damn amazing!

One kill. Four deaths. 40 creep score. LovelyRose was completely shut down with no hope of ever making a comeback. She stared dumbly at her computer screen with an extremely unsightly expression. Her mouth opened and closed, screeching and cursing sounds coming out in her mind, but none finding their way out of her mouth. Reap what you sow. It was she who stuck out her face and gave that kid the opportunity to slap it. Now, after losing all face, she could only tremble in anger, not knowing what to do.

Ah Mei was green with regret. How could she possibly know that this little kid was so good at the game? Or that he would completely focus her! What left her even more baffled was that she clearly had two Master players on her team, yet this kid walked over them as if they were nothing!

Meanwhile, in an apartment in Shanghai. A boy and a girl sat next to each other in front of a computer. The girl was screaming in excitement, while the boy smacked his lips in satisfaction. “Ahhh! Man, my Rengar is awesome!” Of course, they were Lin Feng and Su Xue.

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: Lin Feng has mastered the art of baiting the trolls. Hawaiian pizza is amazing, the slight acidity and sweetness from pineapples compliments the ham perfectly. Therefore, pineapples belong on pizza and also concurrently proves that marijuana should not be legalized. Because if something can taste that good while not being high, why be high? See? I can do it too.

Devs Thought: See… I told Shanks that he needed to throw some hot takes here. Really get people talking. But I may have created a monster. This last bit of bait from Shanks was so good that it baited Sietse AFTER we told him it was bait.

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