Things are Getting a Little Dangerous

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You have been slain.

Ah Mei struggled to process what just happened, her screen having turned grey again. Her expression flashed between rage and humiliation until she was pale from the blood draining from her face. This was an unbearable disgrace! She felt as if she’d been stripped naked in front of all her viewers! The indignation and rancor inside of her threatened to spill over, reaching a crescendo in her heart. This was already the third time in a row Rengar had ganked her! Not to mention he was getting more and more brazen! He acted as if killing her couldn’t be any easier! The announcer’s voice felt like a slap to her face. A crisp pa pa pa sound ruthlessly ringing out across her cheeks, showing no signs of stopping until her face was red and swollen. All of this pushed her to the edge, and over it. Without even thinking about her image, she started furiously typing away in the game chat.

how many times do you want to fucking kill me you stupid fucking Rengar?!?!
did i fucking kill your parents or something!? go kill yourself and fucking join them!!!!

The vulgarity coming out of her mouth was in stark contrast to the usual sickly cute and childish way Ah Mei portrayed herself. She had well and truly gone off her rocker.

Before long, a reply came from the enemy team in all chat.

Evening Snowfall (Rengar):100x.

Ah Mei’s eyes widened, her face turning increasingly brighter shades of red. If she didn’t start breathing soon, she would really pass out from anger!

“What an odd person… Why is she asking someone how many times they want to kill her?” Lin Feng muttered in bewilderment.

Su Xue’s viewers couldn’t help burst out in laughter, imagining what LovelyRose’s expression would be like after reading that reply. They weren’t as thickheaded as Lin Feng, and understood the only reason she typed what she did was that she had been driven off the deep end.

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t think he could really kill Caitlyn 100 times. That was simply impossible. But there was something else he could guarantee, and that was that he would kill her as many times as he could! “Watch guys. Caitlyn won’t get a chance to see the minion wave again!” he declared with a raised fist.

“You can do it! I believe in you! Turn her into an all you can eat buffet!” Su Xue cheered on from the sidelines. From the start of the game to now, watching Lin Feng play was extremely cathartic for her. She could finally vent all the pent up negative emotions built up earlier in the day. Plus, Lin Feng was already 6/0/0 with his Rengar, only two kills away from reaching Legendary. Killing Caitlyn would only get easier from here.

“Build a Sword of the Occult!” Su Xue excitedly suggested.

Lin Feng shook his head. “No, if I want more damage. I might as well build a Ravenous Hydra.”

“But you don’t have enough gold?” Su Xue said, unsure.

“Don’t worry. I will if I pick up another few kills,” Lin Feng chuckled.

On the wider scale, the game could still go either way. On the red team, after killing Caitlyn again, Lin Feng helped his teammates destroy the enemy’s outer bot lane tower. After which, they headed to the river and picked up the first dragon of the game. This gave them a small lead in terms of gold. However, at the same time, Orianna was losing to Syndra in mid lane. As for top lane—

An ally has been slain.

Riven had solo-killed Malphite again. This meant she was really strong right now. Her damage wasn’t to be underestimated. With a well-timed flash, she could easily decimate the backline in a team fight. Lin Feng was well aware of this fact. But he still decided to leave Riven be for the time being.

In Su Xue’s stream chat, the trolls saw this as a good excuse to start flaming Lin Feng again.

what a puss! only knows how to camp caitlyn
nub! Go 1v1 riven you scrub!
hes too scared! bloody coward!

The trolls were starting to grasp at straws. Even they had no choice but to admit that Lin Feng was a really good Rengar. Every time he used his ultimate, he would pick up a kill. A hint of admiration even started sprouting in the hearts of some of the viewers from LovelyRose’s stream. His Rengar was simply too superb, be it the instagibbing or the way he pulled off ganks!

Lin Feng couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the trolls. He focused on the game that was only 12 minutes old. “Mhm, Caitlyn should be collecting her red buff by now,” Lin Feng muttered. “Let’s go kill her there!”

The trolls were speechless. They were already at a complete loss at what to say. Goading was useless. Flaming was useless. All they could do was helplessly watch as Lin Feng activated his ultimate. They felt no suspense. It would be another kill.

Lin Feng had his Rengar pass through the river and sneak into the enemy’s jungle. With five full ferocity stacks, Rengar silently snuck along the walls behind the red buff camp and entered the brush. Red buff had respawned. He planted down a vision ward and confirmed the area was safe, then lay in ambush. He judged Lee Sin would give the red buff to LovelyRose. So, he patiently waited.

Before long, Caitlyn appeared within vision. She was heading towards red buff, and her support Nami wasn’t following directly behind her.

“Good, that’s another easy kill,” Lin Feng muttered. “INSTAGIB!”

With a swift click of the mouse, Rengar pounced out of the bush and onto Caitlyn. His claws lit up and tore into her, shaving away most of her health. What little remained was quickly emptied out by another two attacks. A lifeless corpse fell to the ground.


Ah Mei had a blank look on her face as her screen turned grey again. She really was going to go insane! “I-I died again…? I didn’t even go to lane! All I wanted was red buff! Is this Rengar fucking everywhere!?!”

At this point, her teammates also finally had had enough. After seeing their beloved streamer being played and toyed around with right under their noses, they felt like they had no face left. This wretched Rengar had to die!

A ward close to the bot side tri-brush lit up with the teleport animation. Riven was teleporting! Meanwhile, Syndra abandoned her lane and headed toward the jungle, planning to cut Rengar off! All the while Nami chased after Rengar with a Flash and then targeted him with Exhaust, slowing down his movements to a crawl.

Seeing her teammates making a move on Rengar, Ah Mei couldn’t help but shriek, “KILL HIM! KILL THAT DAMNED RENGAR!”

On Su Xue’s stream, her loyal viewers felt their hearts tighten. Things were getting a little dangerous this time around!

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: For those of you who followed me on Rebirth Thief. I used to post reaction gifs to tease next chapters. Well, that went the way of the dodo. We thought long and hard about how to bring that fun bit of community interaction back, and the editors concluded I should try and entertain you guys in translator thoughts. Putting in my hot takes and what not on different topics. But you know what? It’s really hard to have an opinion after the internet has taught you that it’s easier to be indifferent for so many years.

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