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The viewers were dumbstruck. Even if Morgana hadn’t rooted Caitlyn to the ground with Dark Binding, Lin Feng probably still had the damage to kill her by himself. This Rengar damage was absolutely insane! Lin Feng, however, didn’t appear satisfied. He even complained, “Ah, I didn’t instagib her. Guess I’m still lacking a bit in the damage department.” Especially this last bit left the viewers speechless.

“You want to kill her the instant you touch the ground? Aren’t you getting a bit ahead of yourself here?” Su Xue asked.

“Not at all.” Lin Feng shook his head, then confidently smiled. “You’ll see in a bit. She’ll be dead before she can even blink.”

Rengar was a champion with frightening burst damage, especially after picking up four kills so early in the game. In fact, had Lin Feng first gone back to base and upgraded his items before ganking the Caitlyn again, he would’ve had enough damage to instagib her, or any other squishy champion for that matter. He couldn’t complain though. Caitlyn had died twice in a row, with the second time being the moment she stepped out of tower range. She didn’t even reach her minion wave before being sent back to the fountain.

Ah Mei was completely stupefied. She started shaking with an unsightly expression on her face, while furiously typing away on her keyboard.

lee come bot!! this fucking rengar is camping me!!!!
i’ve already died twice!!
focus him for me!!!

A trace of fear lingered in Ah Mei’s eyes. Both times Rengar had come to gank her, she had no chance of escaping. He had locked her down with Bola Strikes and followed up with a ridiculous amount of damage. She was basically dead the moment Rengar got a chance to jump on her!

While Lin Feng set up a tent in bot lane, Lee Sin didn’t linger idly either and succeeded in killing Orianna with the help of Syndra. This put a wrench in Lin Feng’s plans of taking the first dragon after killing Caitlyn. As for top lane, the Master rank Riven had managed to solo kill Malphite and even took the first tower of the game. Naturally, these developments reinvigorated the trolls in the chat.

hahahaha get solo killed loser! this rengar is shit! if you have the balls, go 1v1 the Riven!
the dumbass only knows how to camp bot… only chance he’ll ever get of getting close to a pretty girl

Lin Feng glanced at the chat. “Huh? You want me to go top?”

The trolls immediately started egging Lin Feng on to 1v1 Riven, thinking he was a dumb brat who’d get riled up at the smallest provocation. Even though Rengar had the kill advantage, Riven enjoyed the level advantage. So, if they did fight, she wouldn’t necessarily need to fear him. They eagerly waited for Lin Feng to fall for their bait and decide to go top.

How could trolls affect the game? They would try and anger the streamer enough to lose their ability to think clearly and end up doing something stupid. This kind of result was what gave them the greatest satisfaction in life!

Lin Feng looked straight into the camera and widely smiled. “Don’t wanna.”

The two simple words caught the trolls completely off-guard. They were dumbstruck. W-what?

“I don’t feel like 1v1ing the Riven. I’ll just keep camping bot.” Lin Feng paused, looking like he was thinking something over before adding, “Don’t like it? Then bite me.”

Oh My God! Amazing Li’l Bro!1!
he really got em! what a troll!

Su Xue’s loyal viewers couldn’t help but erupt with laughter. Lin Feng was really worthy of their admiration in every respect. He could even bait the trolls so easily! Where they originally worried he might fall for their goading, now those trolls were the ones with eggs on their face!

Su Xue burst into giggles, rolling her eyes at Lin Feng. “You’re too mean, teasing them like that. Hahaha.”

Lin Feng scratched his head. “What? I’m serious…”

Lin Feng had never once thought of ganking top lane, let alone 1v1ing the Riven. For one, he wouldn’t necessarily land a kill on her. And if he failed to kill her instantly, he might end up getting killed himself instead. Besides, his top laner was a Malphite. Even if he lost early game, he would still be useful in the mid and late game as long as he could properly land his ultimate. There was one other reason. From the start of the game, he planned to camp bot lane. After all, he’d promised to expose LovelyRose for the pile of garbage she was.

“A man always keeps his promise!” Lin Feng said, clenching his fist.

“Pfftt, you’re just a kid. What man?” Su Xue rolled her eyes.

Lin Feng shifted his focus back on the game. His recall timer had hit zero. On the summoner platform, he upgraded his jungle item and combined his two Long Swords into a Brutalizer. He might not be confident in instagibbing Riven, but Caitlyn was a whole ‘nother story. So, he headed back to bottom lane in his mobility boots.

The trolls watching the stream had an uneasy premonition in their hearts. Especially when they noticed that Rengar’s ultimate was back off cooldown.

this rengar…
Don’t tell me he’s going to gank bot again?
has he got no shame!?!?!

A moment later, they had to watch their uneasy premonition come true. Lin Feng guided his Rengar through the jungle and entered the river, then pressed down on a certain key. His figure disappeared in stealth.

Badump… Badump… Badump…

Badump… Badump… Badump…

A steady, rhythmic heartbeat rang in the air. Rengar’s vision slowly became dyed red. The colour of flowing blood. His thick killing intent. A deep growl came from his throat. “A true hunter never rests…”

Having died twice already, Ah Mei’s nerves were completely on edge, to the extent that if the enemy Sivir or Morgana showed any signs of moving towards her, she would immediately retreat to her tower in a panic. Her own viewers had a hard time seeing her like this. They kept telling her not to panic so much in her stream chat. But this only caused her cheeks to glow hot in embarrassment, and not for her panic to subside. That punk was in her head! The hatred she felt for Lin Feng seeped down to the bone marrow. If it weren’t for him, she would never be this humiliated, this pathetic…

While Ah Mei was stewing in her thoughts, a blood red marker suddenly appeared above her head. The indicator of death. “A-again!?” she shrieked in panic and disbelief, her voice almost cracking. She frantically smashed down on her keyboard, launching Caitlyn backwards with her 90-Caliber Net. Too late. A shadow pounced on her.

Lin Feng’s fingers agilely moved across his keyboard, activating one skill after the other. Each one shaved away a large portion of Caitlyn’s health. Rengar touched the ground. Caitlyn collapsed to the ground. There was nothing she could’ve done. Instagib.

Holy shit! The viewers stared at the stream dumbly. It took them a moment to move their fingers, but then the stream chat went into an uproar.

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: Notice the long debate on the use of “instagib” in the comment section below? This is a hill I’m willing to die on.

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