Setting Up a Tent

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After picking up her first kill, Ah Mei was in a good mood. Even though her expression flashed with gloominess when she recalled how Rengar had already picked up two kills, at least she was having no problems scaling at bot lane. She glanced at Sivir and Morgana, her lips curving into a smile. The support Morgana was a Platinum player while the ad-carry Sivir was Diamond 5. Even though the Sivir player was more skilled than she was, she was playing Caitlyn who had the superior attack range. Plus, her own Support was Diamond 2. So, she had no problem pressuring the enemy.

Ah Mei recalled back to base and bought a pickaxe to give herself a larger edge in bottom lane. “Diamond ad-carries are nothing special,” she happily muttered to herself. “Ha, I must’ve gotten better! Jerks calling me a boosted thot. I’ll show them! I’m just as good as any other Diamond ad-carry now!”

Ah Mei snapped out of her daydreaming. As she glanced at the opposing team’s scoreboard, she knitted her brows. Despite being down a kill and losing in lane, Sivir was even with her in CS. She was never great at last hitting minions. Even in the last match, Evening Snowfall was close to 30 CS up on her at 10 minutes. Just thinking about it brought a frown to her pretty face. How could she lose in CSing to a Gold noob?

Shifting her thoughts back to Sivir, a cold gleam flashed in her eyes. “Looks like it’s time to tell Lee Sin to come down for a gank again—” Suddenly, her eyes went wide with alarm after a blood red marker started glowing above her Caitlyn’s head! “What’s goi—?”

A dark silhouette appeared out of nowhere and pounced on Caitlyn at frightening speed, leaving Ah Mei no time to react. Rengar’s hunt had begun!

Closing in on his prey under the guise of stealth, the Pridestalker’s vision was dyed in blood, as if the only thing driving him was the lust for the kill. After appearing within hunting range, glowing markers appeared above the heads of two enemy champions!

Lin Feng clicked on Caitlyn with his mouse. Rengar pounced out of stealth and threw out an empowered bola, rooting her to the ground. His blade cut down into her and took away a large portion of her health. Then, he smoothly sidestepped the Aqua Prison thrown at him by Nami.

The viewers of the stream stared blankly at their screens.

holy shit!!!! what the… that micro skill dude!!!!
teach me senpai, plsplspls

Ol’ Black who was also watching the stream sucked in a cold breath of air. “What a god!” Unlike the rest of the audience, who only saw that Caitlyn lost half her health in an instant and not how, he understood the level of skill required to pull this feat off. Suffice to say, he was thoroughly impressed by Lin Feng.

Ah Mei finally reacted, for the most part with a shrill shriek. Still, she smashed down on her keyboard in a last ditch effort to escape.

Caitlyn fired out her 90-Caliber Net and flew backwards from the recoil. But the skill failed to connect with Rengar, and failed to apply the slow. Rengar moved quickly and circled behind her.

“Flash! Flash!” Ah Mei screamed as she pressed the F key on her keyboard multiple times and tried to escape to her tower for safety. Meanwhile, Nami came to her help by targeting Rengar with Exhaust.

“You think you can escape?” Lin Feng laughed. Even though he was slowed by the effects of Exhaust, he only needed to take two steps to enter the brush.

Lin Feng flicked his mouse cursor on the fleeing Cialtyn and clicked down on the right button. Rengar’s body arched back before leaping out of the brush toward Caitlyn! He threw out a Bola Strike, this one only slowing her down.

Ah Mei was in a complete state of panic. She frantically clicked on her mouse, trying to retreat to the safety of her tower. But the slow shattered any hope of her surviving.

Sivir finally arrived and threw out her boomerang at Caitlyn. This was all she could get in before Lin Feng dealt the killing blow.

You have been slain!

Ah Mei stared dumbly at her screen as it went grey. In the background, the trio at bottom lane had now shifted their focus to Nami. Morgana rooted her with Dark Bind, after which Renger and Sivir made short work of her.

Double kill!

Su Xue’s viewers erupted with cheers.

What a double kill!
HOLY DAMN!! that was sooooo satisfying to watch! kill her again! kill her again!

In stark contrast to these messages overflowing with excitement, the trolls were dead silent, not uttering a peep.

Much like her viewers, who were happily joking with Lin Feng, Su Xue also felt cathartic after seeing LovelyRose die. However, she didn’t let the excitement get to her head and reminded Lin Feng, “You can get the first tower now, right?”

Lin Feng shook his head. “No, I’ll let the tower stand.”

“What?” Su Xue was stunned. “Why? It’s an easy first tower.”

The trolls were also startled. After picking up the double kill, they knew it was an easy first tower. They instantly pounced on the opportunity to insult Lin Feng.

“Because it’ll be easier to gank Caitlyn as long as the tower stands,” Lin Feng explained.

The trolls found their insults caught in their throats. Their faces started turning green as if the anger were going to make them cough out blood!

you cocky motherfucker
You think you’re so great!? Guess what? You’re pathetic.
cant wait to see rose make him regret that

However, that moment would never come. A minute later, Lin Feng started heading towards the bottom lane again. Caitlyn should be heading back to lane after her short trip back to base. He placed a vision ward in the brush closest to the enemy outer turret, then waited in ambush.

Eight seconds later, Caitlyn arrived back at her outer turret. Before she could even approach the minion wave, Lin Feng pounced on her with full ferocity stacks. With another mid-air empowered Bola Strike, he rooted her to the ground and started attacking her.

Ah Mei was furiously clicking towards her outer tower, desperate to escape. Her health was down to less than half health when the root finally broke. But before taking even one step, a Dark Binding struck her squarely, locking her down again. After which her screen went grey, again.

Be it the regular viewers or the trolls, everyone was dumbstruck.

You have been slain!

Ah Mei stared dumbly at the death screen before snapping back to her senses. Her entire body trembled with anger. However, there were still traces of fear and panic lingering in her eyes. “T-this… this is too much!”

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: You notice how Ah Mei uses F for Flash? That’s how you can tell she’s the villain. Unlike me who uses F for Ignite, cause I’m fire. 🔥🔥🔥

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