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Su Xue’s viewers were quick to pick up on what Lin Feng meant.

right rose still hasn’t apologized!!!!
Yea! we won so she has to apologize!
make her apologize lil bro!!!

The trolls had vacated the stream and everything had returned to normal. However, as the ringleader of this whole situation, how could Su Xue and her viewers possibly let LovelyRose off easily? She wanted to leave and pretend like nothing happened after all that? No way in hell! Su Xue’s viewers started spamming in her chat for an apology.

Lin Feng also pulled up Su Xue’s QQ chat and sent LovelyRose a message.

EveningSnowfall:Hey, where’s that apology?

“How about we drop it. Let bygones be bygones. We shouldn’t push this too far,” Su Xue couldn’t help but inch forward and whisper to Lin Feng. Even though she had been pushed to the brink of tears, she didn’t want to create more drama. Lin Feng stomping LovelyRose in a game of League was plenty of revenge for her. Plus, both were streamers on Huya. Who knew how many more times they would run into each other. So, Su Xue didn’t want to burn all bridges.

 “No, she owes you an apology.” Lin Feng firmly shook his head. “They were her words, not mine. How can she go back on her own word?” He turned to look back at the QQ chat and, finding she still hadn’t replied, started typing furiously.

EveningSnowfall:apologize! apologize! apologize!
EveningSnowfall:apologize! apologize! apologize!
EveningSnowfall:apologize! apologize! apologize!

Lin Feng copied the message and pasted it again and again, smashing the enter key in between. He wouldn’t stop until LovelyRose apologized! Finally, the QQ chat window showed LovelyRose was typing. A moment later, the message came.

LovelyRose:I’m sorry

The message was only two words long, but the viewers in Su Xue’s stream immediately broke out in cheers and endless excitement. LovelyRose apologized! A streamer with over 60,000 viewers apologized to them, a stream with less than a hundred viewers! This settled the matter for them. To see her go from her usual unbearable arrogance and haughtiness to a pitiful apology, it felt like a cool spring breeze blowing through their hearts!

“That’s all? Is she for real?” Lin Feng scratched his head. Then, he typed away on the keyboard and sent another message to LovelyRose. LINEBREAK

EveningSnowfall:Hey, that didn’t sound very convincing. Try it again, and mean it this time!

The viewers were speechless, while Su Xue smacked Lin Feng’s hand away from the keyboard. “You brat, that’s enough! She already apologized!”

When Ah Mei saw Lin Feng’s request for a more sincere apology, her expression became quite unsightly. However, no matter how much she ground her teeth, she could only swallow her anger. Of course, she had zero desire to apologize, especially in front of so many people, nor was she the slightest bit apologetic. Who would willingly humiliate themselves even further after already losing a bet? However, Ah Mei had no choice but to apologize. In part, because she had personally proposed the bet in front of her 60,000 viewers. If she reneged, she would be losing face and inviting even more criticism upon herself. However, she could manage that. There was a more important reason she had to apologize.

“Eh?” Lin Feng had already swapped back places with Su Xue. His eyes went wide when he saw who she was chatting with on QQ. “Isn’t that an admin?”

Administrators were high level management of HuyaTV. They had full authority over the streamers. They could ban them with a click of the mouse.

Su Xue typed away on the keyboard. Before long, she was finished chatting with the admin and closed the window. Then, she excitedly turned to her viewers and explained, “Great news guys! I just spoke to an admin. He’s personally stepping in.”

The commotion on the League of Legends section of HuyaTV blew up more than expected and had attracted the attention of an administrator. This was the main reason why Ah Mei had apologized. The administrator had given her a stern warning. Either keep your viewers in check, or be held fully accountable for their actions. As for Su Xue, the administrator promised to give her a couple of slots on the front page to help promote her stream to make up for everything that had happened.

The viewers on Su Xue’s stream were overjoyed at this news. They spammed chat more furiously than the trolls had done before, all in support of Su Xue.

Su Xue was also all smiles. “Mhmh! It’s a happy ending!” Revenge, an apology from the instigator, a stern warning for the instigator from an administrator, and slots on the front page, was there anything more she could ask for? This really was the best outcome possible!

“I’m hungry,” Lin Feng said, rubbing his growling stomach.

“Oh right! You still haven’t had dinner yet!” Su Xue realized. “Okay, I’ll whip you up some food right away. What do you want to eat? Just tell me, and I’ll make it for you!”

Lin Feng’s eyes lit up. “Really? Okay, I want to eat red braised eggplants, stir fry chicken, and squash soup!”

Su Xue waved her hands. “Ai, why is it always these same three dishes? I did some shopping today and brought home a lot of groceries. What else do you want to eat? I’ll make anything but that!”

“Really? Anything is fine?” Lin Feng took a deep breath. “Then I want to eat mapo tofu, chilli chicken, stir-fried pork, sauerkraut stew, pork and konjac, roast duck, sliced beef and beef offals, pickled cabbage and fish, simmer-fried prawn, dumplings, stir-fry fish fillet, plum winter bamboo shoots, steamed pork buns, crunch crispy fried silky chicken, beef soup…”

The viewers practically keeled over laughing.

Su Xue gaped. “Oh my god! …What?”

“That’s what I want to eat! Can you make it for me?” Lin Feng asked excitedly.

“…Okay, how about we stick with your red-braised eggplants, stir fry chicken, and squash soup?”

Lin Feng had chopsticks and bowl in hand as he stared at the shmorgishborg of dishes set up on the table in front of him. “Let’s eat!” he exclaimed, then dug in without waiting. He chowed down and swept through the food like a tornado.

Su Xue had enough after eating only a little. Afterwards, she rested her chin against her hands and stared at him with an amused expression. “Little fool, slow down. How many times do I have to tell you. Chew your food. Drink the soup! Drink the soup! Don’t just eat the meat!”

A good 20 minutes later, Lin Feng put down his bowl and chopsticks. He rubbed his stomach in satisfaction and burped loudly. “Ahh! That was good.”

“Insane. You really can eat…” Su Xue paused and carefully inched her head closer to him, “Hey, Lin Feng…”

Lin Feng raised his head bewildered. “What’s up?”

“Ahem… well, your Rengar was really strong.” Su Xue coughed.

“Yeah!” Lin Feng vigorously nodded. “My Rengar is awesome!”

“Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh.” Su Xue nodded in agreement.”So, I was wondering… you could teach me how to play Rengar?”

“Sis Xue, you want to learn jungle Rengar?” Lin Feng asked in surprise.

“Mhm!” Su Xue nodded vigorously. The way Lin Feng carried with Rengar today was simply amazing. Every time his ultimate was off cooldown, he would find a prey and take their life! How could she not be moved? If she could learn this kind of champion, she could easily climb the ranks! Plus, she could attract more viewers with all sorts of flashy plays!

“Impossible,” Lin Feng crushed Su Xue’s hopes. He stared at her for a little before adding, “Rengar is just too hard for you. You don’t have the game knowledge or mechanical skill.”

“…Y-you brat! Did you have to be so blunt! Fuck! Making all this food for the rats would’ve been less of a waste!” Su Xue erupted.

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: Wow? A popular streamer facing consequences? Twitch admins could learn a thing or two here.

Devs Thought: After knowing Shanks for 4 years now, this ‘translator thought’ is how I found out that Shanks is a loyal Amouranth viewer.

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