They Watch me Ridin’, They Hatin’

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Zeng Rui pressed the Tab key and looked at the game score. Lin Feng is so far ahead… Hmm… This might be perfect for a split push. He’s got everything to make it out alive, and he’s Maple… Zeng Rui nodded at himself and then said over the team’s voice chat, “Let’s do a split push. Lin Feng, you push the top lane. Everyone else, come mid. We’ll pressure ‘em there.”

“Okay!” Lin Feng replied. He recalled back to base and spent the gold he gained from his most recent double kill. He then moved his camera towards the top lane and took stock of the situation. Both Towers are still standing and there’s no one there to defend them. That’ll be easy enough. He grinned and clicked in the middle of the lane, ordering his Yasuo to start running there.

Over in the mid lane, the four other Champions from Team Shanghai gathered. They had Zhang Hao’s Lissandra, An Xin’s Lee sin and Zeng Rui’s Leona for crowd control, and then there was Tang Bingyao’s Kalista to deal damage. This lineup was tanky enough that as long as Team Beijing didn’t get the drop on Tang Bingyao, they could fight a prolonged battle. This was crucial for Zeng Rui’s split push strategy.

Zeng Rui watched his teammates follow his directions and smiled. Good. He then panned his camera towards Red Team’s Outer Tower and paused there, waiting for Team Beijing’s response. A couple of seconds later, all five Champions from Team Beijing revealed themselves in the mid lane. He grinned and said over the team’s voice chat, “It’s working! Lin Feng, do your thing on top!”

Lin Feng’s Yasuo arrived in the top lane. He engaged the minions that were fighting in the middle of the lane. With his high level and quality items, Yasuo tore through the minions. His minions continued their march towards Red Team’s Outer Tower, which was down to half health. Lin Feng had his Yasuo follow behind them, making sure that a minion stepped within the Tower’s range first. So long as a Champion didn’t attack another Champion underneath a Tower, the Tower would target the first minion or Champion to walk within its range.

FourEyesChan adjusted his glasses and said into the microphone, “Yasuo is an attack damage Champion. You can see that on the Top Tower right now! Just look how much damage he’s dealing to it! Three more hits and it’s… It’s down! Top is down!”

“Team Shanghai’s got the Outer Tower in the Top lane! And their Yasuo isn’t stopping! He’s pushing towards the Inner Tower!”

Lin Feng glanced at the game timer as he approached the Top lane’s Inner Tower. Only 16 minutes? Man I’m fed! They really went all out in giving me everything I could ever need in this game! Heh! But let’s take this up a notch. He grinned and clicked beyond the Inner Tower. His minions got within the tower’s range first and drew its aggro. They then started attacking it. But Lin Feng had his Yasuo run past them and didn’t stop until he reached the edge of Team Beijing’s base. There he waited for the next minion wave from the Red team to arrive. And when they came, he killed them. This strategy saw his minions dying to the tower, which was missed experience for Team Beijing, while he was getting full experience for killing the Red minions. All the while, the Tower lost health.

Cherry pushed the microphone against her lips and said, “Team Beijing can’t let this go on! They’re being pressured in mid but they have to do something or they’ll lose their base to Yasuo!”

FourEyesChan adjusted his glasses and explained, “There’s two things a team can do in this situation. The first is to force a fight in mid. Now, you don’t need me to explain how bad that plan is for Team Beijing right now. Between Lissandra, Lee Sin and Leona, Team Shanghai’s got all the crowd control they need. That leaves Team Beijing with only one course of action. They’ve got to send someone top to deal with Yasuo. The question is, who?”

Zeng Rui closely followed every movement made by Team Beijing. He spotted it when their LeBlanc and Gragas disappeared into the fog of war and counted the seconds it took for them to reemerge. When those seconds drew on, he warned over the team’s voice chat, “Lin Feng, two coming top for you. Gragas and LeBlanc. Be careful. You can retreat if you need to.”

Lin Feng turned his head to look at Zeng Rui and grinned his usual grin. “Dontcha worry!” he replied. “They can’t kill me! Not those two alone. If that’s all they’re sending, I’ll just take this tower down and get a double kill!” He then focused on his screen and had his Yasuo abandon the assault on the Red minions. Yasuo ran over to help his Blue minions destroy the Inner Tower. Its health steadily dropped, one attack at a time. Lin Feng scrunched his eyebrows and scratched his nose. “They’re taking forever,” he mumbled.

《A turret has been destroyed!》

The Inner Tower lay in ruin and Lin Feng’s Yasuo stood next to it. Lin Feng looked towards Team Beijing’s base and then down at their Jungle. “Uh, ZengZeng?” he asked over the team’s voice chat. “Where they at?”

Zeng Rui looked at the top lane, confused. They should be there by now. Or are they trying to flank us in mid? Hmm… That doesn’t make any sense eith

“Oh! They’re here!” Lin Feng exclaimed. He grinned as he watched Team Beijing’s Gragas run out from the Jungle while a new Red minion wave arrived next to Lin Feng’s Yasuo. Lin Feng narrowed his eyes and mouthed, “Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do…” Lin Feng flicked his mouse to his left and clicked. Yasuo ran to the side and sidestepped Gragas’ Body Slam. He followed up with Sweeping Blade, dashing through Gragas who’d thrown a Barrel Roll at his previous location.

FourEyesChan moved his head forward, incredulous. He slowly shook his head and muttered into his microphone, “How…? How does he keep doing that? He just dodged two skills again!”

“It happened so fast that I almost missed it!” Cherry exclaimed. “That Barrel Roll… He dodged it before it even came! That was crazy!”

Yasuo stabbed out with his blade and pierced Gragas—Steel Tempest! The winds generated by this attack coiled around the length of his blade. He continued with an auto attack when Yu Ping’s LeBlanc ran out from the Jungle. Lin Feng narrowed his eyes and flicked his mouse to the other side of his Yasuo. There were a couple of minions there. He selected one and dashed through it just in time to dodge LeBlanc’s Distortion!

“That’s 3! He’s up to 3 already!”

Lin Feng licked his lips. Gragas and LeBlanc were both at full health when they started this fight. Two attacks later and Gragas had only a bit more than half of it remaining. But there were still many skills between Gragas and LeBlanc that all had the potential of killing Lin Feng’s Yasuo. Which only made it more fun for Lin Feng. He grinned and cast Wind Wall! His Yasuo’s blade slashed out to form the barrier. LeBlanc stood behind him and fired a Sigil of Malice at him. Just in time, heh! Lin Feng had his Yasuo dash through the Wind Wall. The Sigil of Malice followed behind him, but when it made contact with the Wind Wall it disintegrated. More importantly, he was back in front of Gragas again. STEEL TEMPEST! Yasuo stabbed Gragas with his katana again. The intensity of the winds coiled around the length of his blade grew. 

Yu Ping’s LeBlanc recast Distortion to return to her original location on Gragas’ side of the Wind Wall. He gripped his mouse as tightly as he could, the plastic groaning, and aimed at Lin Feng as best as he could. He then narrowed his eyes, trying his best to ignore his heart slamming into his chest. He knew this was going to be it. If he hit the Ethereal Chains, they could win this fight. But if he missed, then all of their crowd control was basically gone. Stop jumping around so much! Stand in front of me, dammit! He chewed on his lips and kept moving his mouse around, until his finger pushed down on the E key. Chains manifested in the air around LeBlanc and shot towards Lin Feng’s Yasuo!

When LeBlanc started casting Ethereal Chains, the left side of her body jerked forward. Lin Feng spotted this tiny detail and reacted to it before the chains had even materialized. He took one step to the other side from Gragas and then cast Sweeping Blade! His Yasuo dashed through Gragas and arrived on the other side of the Wind Wall again! Behind him, the Ethereal Chains hit the Wind Wall and disintegrated. And another, and another, and another bites the dust, “YEAH!”

FourEyesChan took his glasses off and started cleaning them with his shirt, mumbling, “How? Someone explain to me how he’s doing this? It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t! How is he dodging these skillshots!? Nothing, nothing has hit him yet. NOTHING!”

“He’s just that good,” Cherry mumbled.

Exam Day for Sietse!

Sietse Thought: Today is exam day! My resting heart rate is higher than when I normally work out, because I’m terrible at these damned multiple choice exams. This one in particular has a really annoying grading system. Going to need to answer 80%+ of the answers correctly just to get a passing grade… What makes it worse is that there’s no room to argue about your understanding of the question, which bites me in the ass quite a lot… These stupid multiple choice questions are going to be the death of me :/

I just don’t get it. Why give similar answers with correct aspects to them and then ask for the “most correct” answer. I hate it when they want you to argue which aspects are more important, yet you can’t make a case for why you find one more important than the other. It seems like a flawed system to me. But I don’t have much to say in the matter, unfortunately. So I’ma let my heart beat frantically in my throat and pray for the best. SEE Y’ALL ON THE OTHER SIDE!

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