From LSPL Prospects to Quitting League; The Power of One Man

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Yu Ping started laughing. He threw his hands up in the air, hopeless, and exclaimed, “Fuck me and fuck us all! What the fuck!”

“Focus!” Team Beijing’s Jungler shouted over the team’s voice chat. “You two can still kill him!”

“Tell me how. Please,” Yu Ping countered. He raised his shoulders and added, “Because I really don’t know.”

Team Beijing’s Toplaner suddenly shouted, “GOT HIM!” He then pressed on the R key as Yasuo dashed through a minion at him. An Explosive Cask appeared and tumbled around in the air for a brief moment before falling down towards the ground. The pink liquid within bubbled, looking to escape. The cask then hit the ground right as Yasuo hit his third cast from Steel Tempest, sending a tornado at Yu Ping’s LeBlanc.

Cherry’s eyes opened wide and she screamed, “THEY GOT HIM! THEY GOT HIM!”


The pink liquid exploded from the cask with such force that it lifted Yasuo off his feet and sent him flying backwards! But Lin Feng didn’t worry about that, nor did he worry about Gragas running at him. His eyes were focused on the tornado from Steel Tempest. It carved a path across the ground before it slammed into Yu Ping’s LeBlanc and knocked her up into the air! Gotcha! Lin Feng waited for his Yasuo to hit the ground and then cast Last Breath! Yasuo blinked above LeBlanc and suspended her in midair! He let loose on her a flurry of strikes before one final hack sent her crashing down towards the ground!

LeBlanc’s health dropped to critical levels causing her passive to activate. She briefly disappeared from the Rift as a mirror image took her place. There was just one second during which LeBlanc was invisible; it was the timeframe Lin Feng had to distinguish real from fake. He threw down a vision ward to reveal the invisible LeBlanc. GOTCHA AGAIN! He laughed and stabbed at her with his katana.


Yu Ping shook his head, laughing helplessly. He turned his head to look at his teammates and pointed at his grey screen. He then said, “See? Haha! I can’t even be mad anymore! This is just stupid. This guy is taking our towers and then beating us 1 versus 2! What’s there left to do? He could win this entire tournament by himself! Is he even a high schooler? He looks like a damn pro! I’m telling you guys, this is just stupid.”

Team Beijing’s Jungler glanced at Yu Ping and said, “Stop this. Gragas is still alive and we’re still trying to hold on in mid. Let us focus!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Yu Ping replied.

Team Beijing’s Toplaner grimaced and cursed, “Fuck! FUCK!” He gritted his teeth and muttered, “He attacked me first. He already had me down… FUCK!”

Lin Feng’s Yasuo never stopped dashing through minions and attacking, even after killing LeBlanc. He was playing a 1 versus 2 and he wouldn’t stop until he’d killed both. The fight had started with him attacking Gragas and throughout the fight he’d used Gragas to jump around and build up stacks for Steel Tempest. That had brought Gragas down to a quarter of his full health bar. On top of that, Gragas had used all of his skills except for Flash.

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes when the mottled flash of light carried Gragas away towards his base. You ain’t going anywhere! He glanced at his own base and saw a new wave of minions spawning. Perfect! He then had his Yasuo run after Gragas and waited for the new wave of Red minions to come. When he got in range of them, he dashed through them to close the distance to Gragas. He ignored the inhibitor tower and caught up to Gragas deep inside Team Beijing’s base.

“AND ANOTHER ONE, AND ANOTHER ONE, ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!” Lin Feng loudly sang over the team’s voice chat as he dashed through Gragas and hit him with Steel Tempest. A storm brewed at the tip of his blade. The cooldown on the skill was only a few seconds. Lin Feng waited it out, allowing Gragas to run away again, and then send the tornado after Gragas.

《Double kill!》

“OH MY GOD!” Cherry shrieked from the caster desk. “HE DID IT AGAIN!”

FourEyesChan adjusted his glasses and said into his microphone, “I sound like a broken record, but… Wow! WOW! FUCKING WOW! He chased Gragas into Team Beijing’s base! IN THE FINALS OF THE WINTER COLLEGIATE CUP!”

Cherry threw her hands up in the air and screamed, “WOOOOOOOOOO!”


Lin Songshi leaned on the handrail in the skybox, watching the game through the glass windows. Zhou Wei stood next to him and muttered, “This Yasuo… Where did he come from? He’s amazing! The way he’s dodging and kiting and killing and… And… He’s so good!”

Lin Songshi glanced at his employee and then turned his focus back on Team Shanghai’s soundproof booth. He replied, “That kid, yep, he’s still got some of that old spunk.”

“Huh? What?” Zhou Wei asked in surprise. He looked at Lin Songshi and narrowed his eyes. You sound like you know him… Where do you— His eyes grew round and wide. Don’t tell me… Lin Feng and Lin Songshi… Lin, Lin, Lin… OF COURSE! “YOU’RE FAMILY!” he shouted far more loudly than he intended to.

“That we are,” Lin Songshi replied. He briefly paused and then added, “He’s my nephew.”

Zhou Wei stared at Lin Songshi in shock. “Y-your nephew? Why didn’t you…” He shook his head. Don’t argue with the President. He’s still my boss. Keep your calm. He took a deep, long breath and tried to think of something to say. Something professional. But his mind was blank. He finally asked, “Since when do you have a nephew who plays League at this level? Why didn’t you tell us anything about him!? Imagine what he could’ve done for Fan Yuan if you’d brought him to Beijing! We would’ve won this tournamen—”

“When did you start getting into League of Legends?” Lin Songshi interrupted.

Zhou Wei scratched the back of his head, counting back the years he’d spent on League of Legends, and said, “I think it was halfway through Season 2 when I made the switch from DotA.”

Lin Songshi turned his head to look at Zhou Wei and smiled. He said, “You probably know who my nephew is then. Think about it. You’ll figure it out.” He then focused back on the game between Team Shanghai and Team Beijing and added, “This should be about done.”

Lin Feng had his Yasuo retreat from Team Beijing’s base and said, “See? Nothing to worry about!”

An Xin smiled and replied over the team’s voice chat, “That was nice!”

“That was great!” Zeng Rui added. He smiled and continued, “Good job! You actually got both of them! That makes this next part so much easier!” He nodded at Zhang Hao and said, “You teleport top and help push for the inhibitor tower!”

Zhang Hao panned his camera towards the top lane where the Blue minions were already attacking the inhibitor tower. He clicked on the one taking the energy shots from the tower and cast Teleport! The Blue minion was frozen in time and space as Lissandra locked onto him and started teleporting. This had as a bonus effect that while the inhibitor tower kept firing energy shots at it, the minion didn’t take any damage. It made it that much easier for Team Shanghai to take the inhibitor tower down. All the while, An Xin, Tang Bingyao and Zeng Rui made sure that the three remaining players from Team Beijing couldn’t recall back to base to protect their tower.

Team Beijing was forced to watch on as Lin Feng and Zhang Hao destroyed the inhibitor tower followed by the inhibitor. Team Beijing’s base was breached! More importantly, Team Shanghai’s Nexus received a boost which allowed it to start spawning super minions in the top lane.

Qiu Yijie sat in the stands and said to his teammates from Fudan University and his friends from Zhejiang University, “I’m going to sound like a broken record, but that’s got to be game.”

Zou Cheng from Zhejiang University turned his head to look at Qiu Yijie and asked, “What do you think? Are they going to surrender?”

Qiu Yijie nodded and replied, “You usually never surrender in competitive play. But when it’s going like this… They might, yeah.”

Love Is In the Air

Sietse Thought: I was drawing a blank about what to talk about today, so I asked Shanks to give me a subject. I was already mentally preparing myself. There usually doesn’t come a whole lot of good from Shanks when you ask him a question like this. He might say to talk about how I did the Rise Discord workout yesterday, or something like that. (Which are btw great! If you’re looking to get in shape with a group of fun and welcoming people, come check it out!)  Anyway, like I was saying, I was prepared for everything. You wanna know what he started about? Office romance.

This can only mean one thing. Shanks is in love with someone at the office. Now there are a couple of possibilities here. But since apparently people from his work are reading this, I won’t say who I’m suspecting it to be (she’s older). I don’t know how actively his coworkers are reading this. But what if we can all show Shanks our support and tell him to get them to read this fantastic piece of the highest quality literature!? Maybe that special someone will see this too and be so impressed with the stunning quality of Shanks’ work that she’ll fall so hard for him that she doesn’t even notice how awkward he is! When he’s pushing her away, she pulls him in. When he blows his load before she drops his pants, she helps him get hard again! You get the idea!

Love is in the air tonight.

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