Stream Raid!

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With a free double kill at bot and a solo kill in mid, there was no one left to defend dragon. So, Lin Feng led the charge to the dragon pit from bot lane and pinged LeBlanc to come help.

Ol’ Black was still in a daze before the ping snapped him back to his senses. As he headed toward the dragon, he couldn’t help but type in chat,「Nice play, Lee.

When the viewers of Su Xue’s stream saw this message, they immediately stirred.

Woah! Ol’ Black is praising us!
Dumbass! He’s praising li’l bro, not us!
Hehehe! Its fine! Were his viewers Praise for him is the same as praise for us!

Su Xue stared at her chat speechless. In only a few games, her viewers had gone turncoat and joined team Lin Feng.

Zuo You was amazed, but she still remained a bit unconvinced. She quirked her lips. “That took no skill. The enemy bot lane was begging to get killed by pushing out so far without proper wards. And then you went and took both kills. What do you need them for? Aren’t they better on the ad-carry?””

Lin Feng didn’t mind as a carefree smile surfaced on his face. “The more kills I get, the easier it’ll be for me to carry!”

Zuo You rolled her eyes. “You, carry? What, are you going something stupid like full AD?”

“Yep!” Lin Feng nodded in high spirits.

After securing the first dragon, everyone recalled back to base.

“Hmm… what items should I go?” Ol’ Black hummed as he browsed the shop. “This Ahri is terrible. So, it’s fine to go a bit agg—” He couldn’t finish his sentence as his eyes landed on a pop up in chat.

《EveningSnowfall (Lee Sin) purchased Sword of the Occult.》 

The viewers in Ol’ Black’s chat went crazy after seeing this notification.

Holy crap! Lee went sword of the ioccult!!!!
Is he crazy!? What a god!
how many stacks you think he’lll get?

“What the… This Lee really is trying to steal the spotlight from me here! He actually bought a Sword of the Occult?”

Meanwhile, Lin Feng’s purchase shocked Su Xue and Zuo You even more. The duo practically couldn’t believe their eyes.

“H-hey, aren’t you getting a little too ahead of yourself?” Su Xue asked.

“You’re letting those few kills go to your head! Don’t blame me for saying I told you so when you lose your lead!”

“Don’t worry! I’m a really good Sword of the Occult Lee!” Lin Feng spoke his catchphrase. From the moment Su Xue first met him, she’d heard him say this exact line a number of times, with only the last part changing. “Don’t worry. I’m a really good _____!” Ad-carry, Support, Jungle, Lee Sin, or anything else. Every time he spoke this sentence, he would live up to it. This game wouldn’t be any different.

At about seven minutes into the game, Lee Sin invaded the blue team’s jungle again and caught Jarvan doing Gromp[mfn]a lone monster standing in a corner across from blue buff[/mfn]. Of course, a 0/2/0 Jarvan IV stood no chance against the 4/0/0 Lee Sin going full damage.

Lee Sin kicked Jarvan IV away with his ultimate, Dragon’s Rage[mfn]Lee Sin performs a powerful roundhouse kick launching his target back, dealing physical damage to the target and any enemies they collide with. Enemies the target collides with are knocked into the air for a short duration.[/mfn], chipping away the last one third of his health. Jarvan IV collapsed to the ground, Sword of the Occult gained 2 stacks, and Lee Sin was now 5/0/0.

At about nine minutes into the game, Ol’ Black decided to go all in on the Ahri in mid. He bursted two-thirds of Ahri’s health in an instant, but she managed to escape the range of his mimicked Ethereal Chains[mfn]LeBlanc launches a chain that shackles the first enemy hit. If the target remains shackled for 1.5 seconds, LeBlanc roots them and deals additional damage[/mfn] with Flash. The low-health Ahri hurriedly retreated behind her tower.

Before Ol’ Black could get annoyed that the enemy escaped, a flash of silver energy came flying out from the wraith camp and struck Ahri! Lin Feng came flying over the wall with Resonating Strike[mfn]Sonic Wave: Lee Sin projects a discordant wave of sound to locate his enemies, dealing physical damage to the first enemy it encounters. If Sonic Wave hits, Lee Sin can cast Resonating Strike for the next 3 seconds. Resonating Strike: Lee Sin dashes to the enemy hit by Sonic Wave, dealing physical damage based on the target’s missing Health.[/mfn], then activated his ultimate, Dragon’s Rage.

Ahri collapsed to the ground as her summoner’s screen went grey.

Ol’ Black’s jaw dropped. “Fuck! What is that damage!?”

Sword of the Occult gained two more stacks. Lin Feng’s score was 6/0/0. He was unstoppable!

Lin Feng’s damage soared the more he killed, and the more damage he did the more kills he got! With more than a dozen stacks on his Sword of the Occult, Lee Sin could just about instantly kill anyone on the enemy team!

The several dozen viewers in the stream felt their scalps tingling. Even Zuo You was in awe of Lin Feng despite her earlier scornful attitude. Only, Su Xue was completely calm. She was already numb to Lin Feng’s freakish game skills.

For Ol’ Black’s viewers, this was their first time seeing Lin Feng’s skills. It was surprise after surprise for them as they watched him pull off all sorts of crazy plays! He was an absolute force! Waves of shock battered their hearts! Noob stomping was nothing new to them. In fact, they’d seen Ol’ Black play mid Lee Sin plenty of times and carry the entire game just the same. However, they’d never seem someone as domineering as Lin Feng!

the Lee is a streamer on Huya, right?
Damn, she’s so good!
Probably the best Lee I’ve ever seen…
can someone link her stream? I wanna go take a look

Ol’ Black’s viewers were shocked and amazed, but this last message snapped many of them out of their daze.

Right right! someone link godlee’s channel!
just search Evening Snowfall! Lezz goooo!!!!!
Go go go! Let’s go there and bow our heads in worship!

Lin Feng was still happily picking off the enemies left and right wherever he went in the game. His Sword of the Occult was full at 20 stacks. The viewers in the stream were all in a daze. When they finally snapped out of their daze, they were just about to spam the chat with praise when they discovered some people were already ahead of them.

Ol’ Black raid squad deploying!
Hell yeah we found godlees channel!!!
Target locked! Begin deployment! Men, launch the barrage!

Then, the small stream of only a few dozen or so viewers was raided.


A tsunami of 6s blotted out the chat. However, with the chat located far off in the corner of the screen and Lin Feng completely focused on the game, he failed to notice the commotion. Su Xue, on the other hand, immediately noticed it. She watched the 6s flooding her chat. They came in at a frightening speed! She could only stare blankly at this sudden development, her mind spinning as if a bomb went off in her head. W-w-what’s going on?

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: I loved playing Lee Sin back in the day too, back when the AD ratios on his skills were really broken. I’ve even uploaded videos of my old ranked gameplay to Youtube, which I’m definitely not sharing.

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