Too Despicable! Too Shameless!

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Lin Feng, Su Xue, Zuo You, and the viewers watched as Jarvan IV’s figure came into sight. He strutted over directly to his blue buff with his Drakebane lance, completely oblivious to the danger in the surroundings, and started attacking it.

The ward Lin Feng placed down in the blue camp earlier revealed everything Jarvan IV was doing. Lin Feng patiently watched Jarvan IV blow all his skills to get the blue buff to half health before moving up from the river entrance brush into the enemy jungle. Following along the ring-shaped wall around the blue camp, he tunneled into the brush just behind Jarvan IV. Then, he threw out a basic attack.

At half health and with his skills on cooldown, Jarvan IV was caught with his pants down. Before he could react, Lee Sin slammed down on the ground with Tempest, then activated Cripple before throwing out a Resonating Strike at the target.

A silver, glowing marker appeared over Jarvan IV’s head.

Jarvan IV never expected the enemy Lee Sin to Level 2 invade him. He’d already lost a good chunk of his health and blown all his skills, leaving him powerless to retaliate. Panicked, he flashed away in an attempt to escape.

“Hehehe, where do you think you’re going?” Lin Feng pressed down on his Q key with lightning speed. Lee Sin flew forward with the second part of Resonating Strike! Then, he started auto-attacking, keeping Jarvan IV from escaping with the slow from red buff.

Jarvan IV was already at low health. After eating several more auto-attacks from Lee Sin, his health bar drained. His last sliver of health was chipped away by the burn from red buff. Before he could even call out “Demacia”, he fell to his knees and collapsed dead on the ground.

First blood!》 

Back in mid-lane where Ol’ Black was facing Ahri, he looked over to the enemy’s jungle in shock. “Oh shit! He actually got the kill?”

The viewers in Su Xue’s stream were similarly stunned. They immediately stirred and started flooding the chat with praise.

6666666![mfn]In Chinese streams, spamming 666 is the same as saying, “You’re so cool!”. The pronunciation for six sounds the same as the character for slick/cool. I’m still wondering if I should keep this aspect of the raws in the translation or localize it to something else.[/mfn]」
holy shit! That was amazing!!!!1!

“Huh? First blood that easily? No way, right?” Su Xue’s jaw dropped.

Zuo You also gaped in astonishment, but she quickly recovered. A nonchalant expression on her face, she remarked, “Eh, the enemy Jarvan IV was simply careless. Just a first blood. Nothing big.”

“Right! It’s just first blood!” Lin Feng nodded in agreement. Then, he excitedly declared, “So, let’s kill him again”

“K-kill him again?” Zuo You was taken aback as were the viewers. They soon learned how Lin Feng planned to bring this plan to fruition.

After killing Jarvan IV, Lin Feng turned back to kill the enemy’s blue buff which helped him level up to 3. Then, instead of returning back to base, he walked into the bush within the blue camp and waited.

Zuo You and the viewers couldn’t believe their eyes. T-t-this… he was planning another ambush! No way that would work again, right?

Half–a-minute later, Jarvan IV arrived back at the blue camp. The poor Jarvan IV was clearly depressed after just giving away first blood. Little did he know that an even greater tragedy awaited him.

The viewers almost couldn’t bear to look. Too despicable! Too shameless! Killing him once wasn’t enough already? Now you want to kill him again!?

Lin Feng didn’t need to explain his plan this time. The viewers were well aware of what was going on. Of course, Jarvan IV was going to come back to his blue buff. He had no idea if his blue buff was still there or if Lee Sin didn’t fully clear it and left one or two small monsters[mfn]blue buff and red buff are camps of monsters consisting of one large one, which gives the blue and red buff respectively, and two small ones. If you only kill the big one, the camp doesn’t reset. This is a common tactic when counter-jungling. So, in this case Jarvan IV, needs to make sure the camp is cleared, or it won’t respawn[/mfn]. This was precisely why Lin Feng waited in ambush again.

Jarvan IV approached the blue camp. The viewers held their breaths and stared at the screen intently, fearing they would miss something if they blinked. When Jarvan IV entered the blue camp brush, he instantly gained vision of everything inside it, in particular the Lee Sin right in front of him!

Oh… fuck! Jarvan IV immediately tried to escape, throwing down his Demacian flag with Demacian Standard and jumping to it with Dragon Strike. However, Lee Sin had already thrown out a Sonic Wave at him, then dashed forward with the follow-up Resonating Strike. He slammed down with Tempest and Cripple for the slow! Then, he continued chasing down Jarvan IV.

Before long, the pitiful clatter of Jarvan IV’s armour crashing to the ground rang out across blue team’s jungle. The prince of Demacia died again, despair and grief lingering in his eyes. The Jarvan IV player was about to throw his mouse against the wall. All he could hear was the hooves of 10,000 grass-mud-horses stampeding through his mind. Fuck this Lee Sin! Dirty motherfucker!

An enemy has been slain!

When Jarvan IV died for the second time, Ol’ Black’s eyes went wide. “What the hell! Why is this Lee such a beast? He killed Jarvan IV again?”

The 50,000 viewers in Ol’ Black’s stream also went into an uproar. Many of them were starting to doubt their eyes and ears. Not even four minutes into the game and Lee Sin was already 2/0/0! Did the enemy Jarvan IV’s mouse stop working?

However, Ol’ Black quickly snapped out of it. His competitive spirit ignited. “That won’t do! I’m supposed to be the main show here! I can’t let Lee Sin steal all the limelight! Watch closely, guys! I’ll show you a massacre in mid!”

One had to admit that Ol’ Black was an excellent LeBlanc player. Especially in this low elo, he could easily out-lane the enemy Ahri who was Gold 2 at best.

At the five-minute mark, Ol’ Black found an opportunity to engage. LeBlanc dashed into Ahri with Distortion and threw out a Sigil of Malice and Ethereal Chains. With sublime reaction speed, Ol’ Black sidestepped Ahri’s Charm and finished her off with Ignite.

“So, what do you think guys? Was that cool or what?” Ol’ Black asked his chat with a smug smile. Then, his smile froze as the game announcer’s voice rang out once more.

Killing spree!
Double kill!

Just as the viewers were about to shower Ol’ Black with praise, they were dazed. Lee Sin had picked up two more kills at bot lane! They erupted with excitement.

Holy crap! 66666666!
he’s giving you a hardcarry masterclass ol’ black

All sorts of praises flooded the chat. Of course, none of it was directed at Ol’ Black but rather at the Lee Sin and his beautiful gank at bot lane. Ol’ Black was stupefied. “Is he scripting or something? Fuck! How is he picking up kills so fast!?”

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: You guys don’t know how much it hurts my heart that I can’t use Twitch emotes for chat in the translation.

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