Lee Sin Shows Off

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Zuo You noticed Su Xue’s strange expression and followed her gaze to the chat. The stream only had 50-odd viewers a minute ago. Now, however, the viewer count shot up to almost 600! “The hell! What’s going on?” she gasped, her eyes going wide.

It was precisely this audible gasp that made the viewers from Ol’ Black’s stream take notice of the streamers. They forgot about the game for a moment as their gazes shifted over to the facecam. The first person their eyes gravitated towards was Lin Feng.

heyyy look at that pretty boi!
he looks sooooo cute
I wonder if he swings the other way……

The viewers from Ol’ Black’s streams made some teasing remarks aimed at Lin Feng, until they noticed the two beauties sitting next to him. To the left was an amiable looking, black-haired beauty with fair skin and delicate features. To the right was a refreshing short-haired redhead in a beige blouse that accentuated her alluring figure, in particular her overflowing chest.

Hot dang! The several hundred viewers that came over from Ol’ Black’s streams were dumbstruck. Their collective eyes lit up. Those were two exceptional beauties! The ones you could normally only see in fashion magazines! However, they both seemed a bit older than the kid in the middle. What was going on? Could it be that the streamer had a thing for the big sister types? Regardless, with two beauties next to him, his luck with the ladies was certainly as impressive as his Lee Sin plays!

Curious about the stream, the newcomers from Ol’ Black’s stream started asking questions in chat.

Is he a new streamer?
how is he only gold?!?!? that SOTO godlee is insane!!!!
Hi hotties! Nice tits! Now gimme your digits!

Su Xue’s loyal viewers took it upon themselves to answer this bombardment of questions. They started replying enthusiastically.

Yeah, this is a new streamer!
The streamer isn’t the li’l bro in the middle. It’s the long-haired girl next to him. Lately, we’ve booted her out from her seat, and now she’s the maid in charge of pouring water for him.
The li’l bro is really good! His ADC is friggin amazing!!!
The streamer lives with this li’l bro. He’s the landlady’s nephew.

A deluge of messages filled the chat, leaving the newcomers from Ol’ Black’s stream in a daze. Only after a while did they understand the gist of the situation. Evening Snowfall was the long-haired beauty next to the kid? She was gorgeous!

Su Xue’s original viewers continued on enthusiastically,「But she’s really bad at the game! thats why we demoted ehr to maid!

“Hey! I’m not the maid! Who gave you guys that power!? Listen here! I’m your streamer, got it?” Su Xue exploded. Then, she quickly fixed her expression and turned to the webcam with a warm smile. “Hello, everyone! Welcome to my stream! I’m Evening Snowfall. If you enjoy your stay here, please hit the follow button below the stream!”

Her old viewers immediately chided.

Look! Look! She’s trying to scam people into watching her again!
Oh boy. I wonder how many more suckers will join us.
They have no idea what kind of feeding they’re in for.

“You ingrates, shut it!” Su Xue shouted.

The bickering between Su Xue and her viewers appeared quite natural as if they were friends messing around with each other. The newcomers from Ol’ Black’s stream were amused.

Hah, this chick is pretty funny
Sure i’ll give you a follow
i wanna see her play a game!!

The game was coming to an end. At the 19-minute mark, the third dragon was about to spawn. The previous two had been secured by Lin Feng’s Lee sin. The five enemies trembled in fear as they rushed to prevent the third dragon from falling in Lee Sin’s hands as well. They couldn’t afford to lose this one, or else red team would completely steamroll over the game with the third dragon buff stack.

That said, even without this third dragon buff stack, the blue team was already getting steamrolled and the game looked pretty bleak for them. Lin Feng’s performance in this game was nothing short of godly. After getting 20 stacks on his Sword of the Occult[mfn]This is the maximum number of stacks[/mfn], he was already starting to build tank items. Like this, he was impossible to kill 1v1.

The 500 viewers in Su Xue’s stream shifted their attention back to the game.

this should be the last fight, right?
If the enemy loses this dragon, they might as well surrender
Tsk tsk, looks like the enemy is playing pretty cautiously…
What good wil that do em? are they blind or something? Look at godlee!

Back in the game, Ol’ Black was roaming around the lower river looking for picks. The enemy Jinx and Ahri were his priority targets. “Dammit! Why are their carries playing so afraid!” he cursed in annoyance. Whenever his LeBlanc moved the slightest inch forward, Jinx and Ahri would immediately back far away, giving him no chance to go in. Ol’ Black was starting to wonder if he should just go in and try to force a teamfight. However, Lee Sin was already one step ahead of him.

“Let’s kill Jinx first!” Lin Feng shouted in high spirits in front of his screen. At this moment, he happened to find an opportunity to land a Sonic Wave on the enemy Jinx over a wall in the fog of war.

Was this it? Yes, this was it! The eyes of the hundreds of viewers in the stream lit up. The Sonic Wave landed! Lee Sin could go in! However, some of the newcomers didn’t agree.

Lee’s damage is really high, but he’s also kinda squishy. If he jumps in with his q, even if he trades one for one, I don’t think it’ll be worth it.

This analysis wasn’t wrong. That was why Lin Feng had no intention of trying to trade his life for Jinx’s! He had an even better plan! “Watch this play!” he exclaimed as he activated all his skills at lightning speed, his fingers gliding smoothly over his keys!

Lee Sin placed down a ward over the wall and hopped to it with Safeguard, which happened to place him right in front of Jinx! Then out came a Dragon’s Rage as a furious kicked swept forth.

“Flash!” Lin Feng excitedly exclaimed as his finger pressed down on his D key, activating the Summoner’s Spell. In an instant, Lee Sin disappeared from his original position and reappeared behind the Jinx. Then, the powerful kick connected with the petite gunner’s body. “YEEEEKUUUUH!!!” Lin Feng cried out, his voice overlapping with Lee Sin’s as it boomed out of the speakers. Jinx was launched airborne and sent flying toward Ol’ Black and the other players on red team!

“Perfect!” Lin Feng activated the second part of his first skill, Resonating Strike. Lee Sin’s figure immediately soared toward the airborne Jinx. In other words, Lee Sin went from diving into the heart of the enemy team to flying back out using their ad-carry as the springboard, all in the span of a second! As Lee Sin’s foot made contact with Jinx’s body, the last bit of her health disappeared.


The viewers gaped in shock. The chat went dead silent.

HOLY SHIT! A Dragon’s Rage-Flash? No, it wasn’t that simple. This was a stunning combo that linked three of his four skills and a summoner’s spell together! This was theoretically Lee Sin’s highest damage combo! At the same time, it was also the most mechanically difficult move to pull off! Not only that, but he had also escaped completely unscathed!

Afterwards, as if all the tension was released at once, the chat erupted with 666s. This Lee Sin was simply transcendent!

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: I was worried about what to do if the Lee Sin move being described here was an Insec, a move named after a pro player, but you can’t really use the term in a fictional world where that pro player doesn’t exist.

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