• Where the chapter at?
    What’s up what’s up guys. Just wanted to give you a situation update. Devshard recently got hit by something called “Bicep Tendinitis”. If you’re not sure what that means, I was also in the same boat, so I’m just going to share some quotes from Dev: Apr 25: “Man. I really wrecked my shoulder. My entire arm ...
  • Where We’ve Been
    What’s up what’s up everyone! I meant to post this earlier, but here’s what’s been stopping us from posting chapters recently. It’s been kind of a shit week or so for Dev, who is the only editor on Rise and without whose work much of (some would say “all of”) the magic we do with ...
  • Candy
    Can deez nuts fit in yo mouth LMAO. Aite, now that I’ve got your attention, join the Rise Team and Readers for Our Halloween Movie Nights! I hope you’re hyped because I am! Quick note on how we’re doing this, we’ll be streaming the movies on our discord server (link below). We created a VC ...
  • Candice

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