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What’s up what’s up everyone! I meant to post this earlier, but here’s what’s been stopping us from posting chapters recently.

It’s been kind of a shit week or so for Dev, who is the only editor on Rise and without whose work much of (some would say “all of”) the magic we do with our chapters would be lost. Someone stole the license plates off his car and put it on a stolen Mazda that got pulled over. It’s a whole thing. Dev’s been running around between the DMV and two different police stations to try and get all the paperwork filed correctly so he can get my license plates back. And also not be a part of whatever other crimes the dude driving the stolen car with Dev’s plates was a part of.

And this is coming at a spectacular time for him because he’s supposed to be studying for a major exam for his medical degree. When’s the exam? Even Dev wishes he knew. It’s been postponed like 4 times because of covid, a flood, more covid, basically a whole host of issues. The more the exam gets postponed, the longer dev has to keep studying so he can remember information.

So that’s why there haven’t been chapters. Dev is currently living in his own personal hell and hasn’t had a lot of time to edit between studying, the stolen license plate, contemplating suicide by stethoscope, and irl commitments. Sorry that we haven’t kept you guys updated. Even if we couldn’t maintain our release rate, we should have notified you about what’s going on with us. We hope to figure out most of these issues relatively soon as get back on a regular schedule for you guys. Thank you for sticking with us this long!

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