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Board Management Tools are the digital solutions that help streamline governance tasks for boards and their administrative support staff. These online tools that are accessible through a board portal allow efficient, secure and paper-free collaboration on crucial issues such as scheduling meetings, distributing materials to boards, recording minutes, and ensuring that the board is in compliance (depending on the industry) with relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

The most effective board management software is able to be used on desktops, laptops and tablets. This flexibility is an enormous benefit for busy board members, especially those who travel or working at home. The most effective solutions provide clear dashboards with a calendar view when logged in, so that board members can stay organized and aware of upcoming events, meetings and important information.

For administrators, the most valuable feature of a board management tool is that it will save them time by making tasks quicker and simpler to complete. The tasks can be assigned to specific users with deadlines and reminders. This will eliminate any confusion or oversight. This allows admins more time to concentrate on tasks that have value.

Another benefit is the ability to interact with board materials outside of meetings. This is achievable with digital board portals that allow for dynamic meeting agendas and surveys to be created. These features boost participation, increase accountability and ensure that transparency is maintained throughout the day and not only during meetings. Board members can also document their thoughts on the documents of the board with annotation tools and keep track of their responsibilities and follow-up actions right within the boardvantage meetx meeting.

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