Completely Calm

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Zuo You pulled up a chair beside Lin Feng and looked at the screen. Lux, the Lady of Luminosity versus the tidal trickster Fizz! She anxiously tugged at his arm and whispered, “Hey, doesn’t Fizz hard counter Lux? Why did you pick her?”

Lin Feng looked up at Zuo You and said, “Because I didn’t know he would pick Fizz.”

Zuo You opened her mouth and then closed it again. She hadn’t seen that Lin Feng and Qi Ming had created a blind pick lobby. So, neither player knew what the other picked until both had locked their choices in.

“Don’t worry! I can still win with Lux!”

“Alright, I’m looking forward to it…” Zuo You said doubtfully.

Qi Ming, who sat opposite Lin Feng, looked over his screen at the two. He couldn’t help but sneer. Can still win? Kid, don’t you know how scary Fizz is to squishy champions like Lux? If you don’t even know that, I’m guessing you’re probably not even Diamond. Did you even reach Level 30 yet?

Welcome to Summoner’s Rift!

The rules of a 1v1 were simple. The first to kill the other, reach 100 CS, or destroy the enemy outer turret won. Although it didn’t matter which of these three conditions was met, most games were decided with first blood. This was why Lux was considered to be at a disadvantage against Fizz. She relied on slowly chipping away at the opponent with her superior range, especially in the early game. Compared to other casters, her burst damage was rather low. On the other side, Fizz was a melee champion with frightening burst damage. As early as Level 2 he could 100 to 0 his opponent.

The first wave of minions spawned. Lin Feng walked to mid lane and chose Lucent Singularity—an anomaly of twisted light that he could detonate at a long distance—as his first skill. Fizz was pretty weak at Level 1 and he planned to take full advantage of this by playing hyper aggressively.

When the minion waves collided, Lin Feng quickly moved into action. He threw out a Lucent Singularity at Fizz and detonated it immediately. Then, as Fizz tried to inch forward and last hit a minion, he struck him with an auto attack, igniting the energy rampaging around his body. BANG!

Qi Ming faintly furrowed his brows. So this kid knew enough about Lux to pressure his Fizz at Level 1 and try to dictate the tempo of the lane as much as possible. Still, this was hardly enough. His lips curved into a mocking smile. Even if his Fizz lost a little bit of health early and missed a few minions, it wouldn’t affect the overall picture. The moment he reached Level 2, he could engage and kill Lux with his ludicrous damage. Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee, this was the most frightening aspect of Fizz! This kid would soon get a first-hand taste.

Lux was the first to reach Level 2. Lin Feng had her learn Light Binding and then moved to use this brief moment of level advantage. He threw out Lucent Singularity, clearing out the minion wave that shielded Fizz before locking him down with Light Binding. The timing was so precise, so accurate, Qi Ming had no time to react whatsoever. Another auto attack later, he hurriedly retreated to the safety of his tower before Fizz had any chance of retaliating.

“Beautiful!” Zuo You exclaimed in admiration.

“See, I told you my Lux is really good!” Lin Feng said in high spirits.

Qi Ming’s eyelids twitched. This kid’s Lux was really good. He looked back at his screen and had Fizz drink a health potion, getting his health back above half. His face darkened as he glanced at the enemy Lux. I’ll let you have your fun for now… then let’s see your expression when I shove my trident up your ass!

After Fizz reached Level 2, Qi Ming seized the opportunity to engage. However, Lin Feng’s reaction speed was also extremely quick. As Fizz landed back on the ground with the second part of Playful Trickster, he rooted Fizz in place with a Light Binding, then retreated out of Fizz’s attack range. With a trade like this, neither side came out on top. However, Qi Ming was now out of health potions and had only less than half his health bar remaining.

Lin Feng seemed to have everything under control. The advantage was going his way. If things continued on like this, he would either force Fizz back to base or draw first blood. However, Qi Ming wasn’t the least bit anxious. On the contrary, his lips curved into a cunning smile as he glanced at his experience bar. He was about to reach Level 3. The trade just now was all for the sake of getting Lux’s health low enough. He would draw first blood in the next attack!

A low health minion died to Fizz’s trident moments later. A brilliant radiance immediately enveloped Fizz. Level 3! Qi Ming’s eyes flashed with a cold light. His hands blurred into motion! Seastone Trident! Fizz’s trident awakened from a long slumber and blossomed out with a dazzling bloody radiance, greatly enhancing its powers.

Urchin Strike! Fizz dashed through a nearby enemy minion to close the gap on Lux, then stabbed out with his trident. Two more seconds until Light Binding would come off cooldown! He threw out another auto attack, piercing Lux’s chest.

Lin Feng immediately had his Lux retreat. Zuo You tugged on his arm anxiously. “Run! Quickly run! Get back under the tower!”

The most frightening damage Fizz could deal early game was the bleed damage from Seastone Trident. His every empowered auto attack chunked away at Lux’s health. He chased after her. One more attack! Qi Ming’s lips curved up derision. Trying to bait me, huh? Keeping your Light Binding to lock me down within tower range, is that it? Dream on!

In the instant Fizz entered tower range, Qi Ming ignited Lux, then had Fizz vault into the air on his trident. He skillfully balanced at the top of his trident, radiating a frightful pressure, as if the moment he landed on the ground he would deal a fatal blow to the still fleeing Lux. And he would, without a doubt!

Zuo You’s heartstrings were stretched taut!

Qi Ming looked over his screen at Lin Feng. W-what? he stammered internally in shock and astonishment. How is this kid so calm!?

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: Long time League players can probably follow these action scenes in real time in their heads. But I suppose it’s a tough follow those who aren’t familiar with the actual game. So, I wonder if it’s still engaging and exciting? Another issue arises if we explain things too much, because then it becomes a drag for people who do know the game. Sadly, we don’t know have the same leeway as a story like The King’s Avatar, where the game is completely fictional and the mechanics have to be explained.

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