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 Hey guys! So we’ve done something like this in bits and pieces in the past before with screenshots and text that’s copied over, but we’ve never actually shown you guys what a line-by-line production looks like for a chapter of Rise. There’s been a few reasons for that, but the biggest reason by far is because its actually super-irritatingly-annoyingly difficult to do. In order to make a line level comparison easy to read and distinguish, there’s a lot of sequence level things that have to be left completely intact. It also puts limits on how much we can expand and flesh out a scene, not to mention how we build the imagery. Doing all of that while still putting out a chapter at our quality standard was not even a little fun. But we thought it was important for you guys to actually see how this process works. 

Everything that you see in block quotes is the original translation of the novel. What follows after is what that line looks like after it’s been edited. Just for reference and record purposes, this is a relatively lower effort chapter. That’s half because of the content of the chapter, and half because I needed to edit this in a way that keeps it very constrained to the original. Oh, and because its needless effort for you guys to figure this out, the original translated chapter started at 1269 words and the edited and published version ended at 3074 words. 

This’ll let you guys see what a chapter starts out like and where it ends for an entire chapter of Rise, and give you an idea of what goes into our production process. Once you’re done glancing through it, head on over to the Translator Thoughts for why we did this whole thing. 



Almost as soon as Lin Feng finished playing the last game, he completely passed out.. He didn’t even remember how he ended up in bed, only a vague recollection of someone dragging his body from the chair to bed. They even helped him wash his face and tucked him in.

Afterwards, Lin Feng fell into a deep sleep.

CN•HOOK2’s electrifying climb was a constant drip of adrenaline into most players in China and Korea. But while they obsessed over all of the games and the mystery surrounding CN•HOOK2’s identity, the player behind the account was completely unaware of the waves he’d generated. Lin Feng had passed out as soon as his final game of the night ended. He didn’t even have time to check the Korean ranked ladder to find out where he ended. All he knew was that he’d completed the task that One set out for him, and that was all that mattered. Lin Feng didn’t even remember how he ended up in bed. All he had were foggy, distorted, non-linear memories of someone dragging him from the chair he was in to the bed. He remembered a wet cloth wiping his face, and the sensation of being tucked in. And then after that, he had nothing. He was out like a light, deep asleep, his mind and body completely worn out by the stress of the day.  

The next day, Lin Feng slept all the way until lunch, but he was still groggy at the dining table.

Lin Feng looked completely lifeless. His hands were sluggish as he picked up food with his chopsticks, and he was also chewing slowly too. It was almost as if his every action was in slow motion.

And he continued to sleep well into the next day. Lin Feng’s stupor was only broken at lunch time, when An Xin managed to get him awake enough to drag him to the table to eat. But he was barely there and functioning on autopilot. The Lin Feng from yesterday and the Lin Feng at the table today were two very different people. Today’s Lin Feng was completely lifeless and didn’t even notice the food he was eating. Or that he was eating. That in itself was the most usual thing, because there were very few things that Lin Feng loved more than food. His chopsticks moved in slow motion between the food in front of him and his mouth. And he was clumsy with them. Some of the food fell back into his bowl, but Lin Feng never even noticed. Whatever food did make it into his mouth, he slowly chewed and swallowed without any indication that he’d noticed how it tasted. 

Zhan Hao initially wanted to congratulate Lin Feng on his accomplishments. When he saw how tired Lin Feng was, he was completely dumbstruck. “Y-you doing okay, Lin Feng?”

Zhang Hao had been waiting in a state of constant, unrequited excitement for Lin Feng to finally wake up. He wanted to congratulate his friend and celebrate with him, especially since this was a once in a lifetime event. Zhang Hao had played on the team that had won the Collegiate Cup, and then his teammate had gone up against some of the best League players in Korea that very night and come out on top. The excitement pounding in his veins and the vague ideas of how to properly cherish this moment rendered him nearly incoherent. And he’d been waiting all morning for Lin Feng to wake up and turn all of those vague ideas into reality. But when Lin Feng finally did wake up and came down to lunch, reality turned out to be a splash of ice-cold water on Zhang Hao’s head. What happened to him last night? He doesn’t even look like he’s alive! I said good night to Lin Feng after the Collegiate Cup ended, and now I’m looking at Zombie Feng trying to eat like a human! What does a person have to go through in a single night to turn into… whatever this is?

Zhang Hao tried to get a grip on his shock as he noticed how tired and broken Lin Feng looked that afternoon. All plans of partying had been completely dashed. He didn’t even know what to say, rendered completely speechless by the turn of events and the clash between expectation and reality. When Zhang Has finally did manage to form words, all he could say was, “Lin Feng… Y-you alright there? Are you still alive? Please be alive!”

Zeng Rui glanced up at Lin Feng, then turned his attention back to his bowl as he remarked, “He overworked himself, and now he’s exhausted.”

It was no surprise. Lin Feng had spent the whole afternoon yesterday playing in the Collegiate Cup finals. Then he spent the rest of the day playing 16 ranked games in a row deep into the night. Any other person would’ve probably slept in until the next day.

There was enough concern and distress in Zhang Hao’s voice that it forced Zeng Rui to glance up at Lin Feng. He frowned and shook his head from side to side once before looking back down at his bowl. But before he resumed eating, Zeng Rui flatly stated, “He’s still alive. There’s nothing wrong with him. Lin Feng pushed and overworked himself to an extreme degree, and now he’s completely exhausted. He’ll be fine in a few days.” 

With those words out of the way, Zeng Rui started eating again. But he continued the conversation with himself in his mind. It really isn’t surprising that Lin Feng is exhausted. He spent yesterday playing in the Finals of the Collegiate Cup and then the rest of the night playing ranked game after ranked game against skilled opponents. No. Not just skilled opponents. He played game after game against opponents who constantly grew more cautious and wary of him with every single game. I don’t know why Zhang Hao is so shocked that Lin Feng is tired right now. After something like that, any other person would sleep for a day or two. 

What is surprising is how well he did in that state. I’ve always known that Lin Feng is a monster. But this much of a monster…?

Tang Bingyao looked at Lin Feng in concern. She carefully offered him her mango juice and said, “Do you want to try drinking this? It’s full of sugar. It should wake you right up.” 

Sadly, even after drinking the whole glass, it had little effect on Lin Feng. He still looked like he could barely keep his eyes open.

Tang Bingyao, on the other hand, continued to watch Lin Feng with concern. She decided to do something to help Lin Feng out, and offered him her mango juice. “Lin Feng… Lin Feng! You want to try some of this? It’s mango juice and it’s got a lot of sugar. It’ll give you energy and wake you right up! Mhm!”

Lin Feng stared at her with dead, unfocused eyes. Unwilling to give up, Tang Bingyao carefully held out her glass to him and moved the straw into his mouth. Lin Feng gulped the whole glass down, and continued to pull on the straw after it was all gone. Unfortunately, the mango juice was not very effective for Lin Feng’s current situation. His eyes continued to droop shut and completely shut as he continued to try to drink from the empty glass. 

An Xin shook her head. “It’s fine. Leave him. We’ll let him get some more rest when we get on the plane. This idiot… he really pushed himself too hard last night.”

An Xin laughed at what was going on in front of her and shook her head. “It’s fine. Let’s leave him alone for now. We’ll let him get some more rest once we’re on the plane. This idiot… he tried to exceed his own limitations or whatever last night. Ended up pushing himself too hard and now he can’t function anymore. He really just needs to sleep it off.” Then she helped Tang Bingyao pull her glass away from the still sleep-gulping Lin Feng. 

Chu Fag’s gaze fell on Lin Feng, his eyes brimming with admiration. “Still, all that hard work paid off!” He was one of the first people to learn that CN•HOOK2 had entered the top of Korean Challenger last night, ending at Rank 5.

This was a shocking achievement!

It wasn’t something that could be accomplished with hard work alone either. Chu Fang could hardly remember the last time since a Chinese player  had gotten into the top five of Korean Challenger!

The Collegiate Cup Championship, and top five in Korean Challenger. 

Everything had come to a perfect conclusion!

All that was left was to return home!

Over on the other side of the table, Chu Fag look at Lin Feng with complete admiration. He was one of the first few people who had learned that CN•HOOK2 climb through Korean Challenger ended at Rank 5. He reached over to pat Lin Feng on the back and said, “He really did manage to exceed his limitations. All that hard work… It was completely worth it! Did any of you ever imagine that you’d be sitting here with someone who managed to make it into the Top 5 on the Korean server? I don’t know how Lin Feng pulled it off, but he’s finally brought some hope to Chinese League of Legends!” 

Chu Fang continued to look at Lin Feng with a mixture of fondness, admiration, gratitude, astonishment and hope in his eyes. All that hard work… What Lin Feng did last night, that’s not something that could’ve been accomplished with hard work alone. I can’t even count how many players from China, from talented younglings to professional players, have attempted to break through Korea’s ceiling. I can’t recall the last time someone from China managed to do this either! This boy… he managed to win the Collegiate Cup Championship and got ranked 5th out of all the Challenger-level players on the Korean server in a single day! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect conclusion for all of this. Now we go home as champions!

On the plane, Lin Feng was out like a light the moment he sat down in his seat.

After they finished lunch, everyone from Team Shanghai gathered their belongings and piled into cars to go to the airport. Lin Feng fell asleep the second he got into the taxi and slept all the way to the airport. Then he fell asleep again as they waited to board their plane. And once they had finally gotten onto the plane, Lin Feng fell into a deep sleep the second he was plopped down onto his seat. 

For the rest of Team Shanghai, this was the most stressful trip they’d taken thus far. Getting Lin Feng from the car all the way into the plane required coordination and planning from every member of Team Shanghai, with at least two of them constantly supporting and leading Lin Feng all the way to his seat. Every time Lin Feng fell asleep along the way, it was more and more difficult to wake him up for the next part. But somehow, they’d finally made it onto the plane with Lin Feng, and now they could relax. 

The flight from Beijing to Shanghai was about two and half hours long. When the plane descended on Pudong Airport, it took the efforts of several people to shake Lin Feng awake. Then, with An Xin and Tang Bingyao supporting him, they disembarked from the plane.

The flight from Beijing to Shanghai took two and half hours, and Lin Feng was asleep for all of it. When the plane finally landed at Pudong Airport, Team Shanghai’s brief respite ended. It took almost all of them to shake Lin Feng awake and pull him up from his seat. Then Zeng Rui and Zhang Hao cleared the way ahead while An Xin and Tang Bingyao supported and pulled Lin Feng down the aisle and off the plane. It took significantly longer than any of them had planned, and was accomplished with considerable difficulty. But they eventually did get Lin Feng off the plane and out of the airport.

Outside the airport, the members of the team bid each other farewell and took separate cabs home. Tang Bingyao and Lin Feng were going in the same direction. So, they were also taking the same cab. 

Once they were outside, the members of Team Shanghai decided to go their separate ways and take different cabs to their houses. Except for Tang Bingyao and Lin Feng, who were headed in the same direction and sharing a cab. And getting Lin Feng into a car was the first thing that had to be done before the rest of Team Shanghai could consider going home. 

Before the two  got into the car, An Xin didn’t look reassured as she gazed at the groggy Lin Feng. She turned to Tang Bingyao and said, “Tang Tang, you’ll probably need to drop this idiot off at his home first. If he tries walking home by himself, who knows what trouble he’ll get into.”

Tang Bingyao looked at Lin Feng, then nodded. “Mhm! Okay!”

Zeng Rui called a car and Zhang Hao helped support and shove Lin Feng into it. Before Tang Bingyao could climb in after Lin Feng, An Xin pulled her aside. She looked worried as she stared at the still groggy Lin Feng. Then she looked at Tang Bingyao and said, “Tang Tang, listen, you’re going to have to drop this comatose idiot off at his house first. If he tries to walk home from your place, we have no idea where he’ll end up or what kind of trouble he’ll stumble into.”  

Tang Bingyao looked at Lin Feng and then back at An Xin before nodding. “Mhm! Okay!”

Sure enough, Lin Feng also passed out the moment he got into the cab. Tang Bingyao sat by Lin Feng’s side. She glanced at his sleeping and exhausted face and felt her heart aching.  It appeared he had really pushed himself.

Tang Bingyao herself already felt completely exhausted after the finals of the Collegiate Cup. That’s why she immediately collapsed in her bed after taking a shower.  So, she couldn’t imagine how Lin Feng felt playing another 16 games in a row on top of that in Korean Challenger.

Tang Bingyao got into the car next to Lin Feng. In the brief time between him getting into the car and her conversation with An Xin, Lin Feng had completely fallen asleep again. As the car started moving, Tang Bingyao stared at Lin Feng’s face and saw the exhaustion carved into it. She felt a dull ache in her heart. 

“Lin Feng… You really did push yourself, didn’t you? I don’t know how you even did it all. I was completely exhausted after the Finals of the Collegiate Cup. I got back to the hotel, showered, and fell asleep the second my head hit the bed. But you… you stayed up and played game after game on the Korean server. And you won most of those games! How did you do that…?”

Tang Bingyao bit her lips, her eyes flickering with determination. I also need to get stronger… I need to become strong enough to stand by his side and share his burdens!

Lin Feng, still completely asleep, didn’t reply to anything she said. It was unclear if he’d even heard her words. But Tang Bingyao continued to watch him sleep and then bit her lips. Her eyes blazed with determination. I need to get stronger! Mhm! I need to get strong enough to stand next to Lin Feng and share his burdens! Mhm! I’m going to get strong enough that Lin Feng can lean on me when he needs help next time! Mhm!

As the cab sped down  the poorly maintained roads of Shanghai, Lin Feng still remained fast asleep.

The cab bumped and bounced down the poorly maintained roads of Shanghai, and the cabin could not keep out the blaring horns and bustle of the city. But none of that was enough to disturb Lin Feng, who remained fast asleep. Tang Bingyao remained quiet and lost in her own thoughts. 

When the cab arrived at its destination, Tang Bingyao gently shook Lin Feng awake. “Lin Feng, wake up. We’re here. Wake up… wake up…”

Soon enough, the cab pulled up outside Lin Feng’s building. Tang Bingyao tried to gently nudge Lin Feng awake, but it didn’t work. Soon she started shaking him roughly and yelling, “Lin Feng! Wake up! Wake up! We’re here! You gotta wake up…” 

Lin Feng slowly forced his eyes open. He groggily looked at Tang Bingyao and said, “O=oh, we’re here…?” Then he clumsily tried to get out of the car. “Okay, then Tang Tang. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye bye.”

After a tense minute, Lin Feng finally opened his eyes. Slowly. He looked at Tang Bingyao with unfocused eyes and asked, “Wha—? Ooo-oh? We’re home?” Then he looked around and blurry recognition of his surroundings showed up on his face. He slowly nodded, and then tried to get out of the car. But he was clumsy and it took him several tries to open the door. Once he finally got it open, he slumped back in his seat and looked at Tang Bingyao. “Alright… I’ll see you tomorrow Tang Tang. Good night! Bye bye!”

Tang Bingyao looked at Lin Feng uneasily and said, “How about I walk you to the door?”

But after he said that, Lin Feng closed his eyes for 30 seconds and then tried to lurch out of the cab. Tang Bingyao watched him with evident concern on her face and said, “How about I walk you to the door?” 

Lin Feng shook his head. “Its, it’s fine… It’s just the stairs. I.. can do it!” As soon as he finished speaking, he almost stumbled and tripped on the sidewalk.

Lin Feng shook his head. “Its… it’s fine… there’s just the stairs. I’m… really… good… at… climbing… stairs!” And with those words, Lin Feng fell out of the cab at an awkward angle and tried to stand up. Which made him stumble and tumble onto the sidewalk. 

Tang Bingyao quickly got out of the car and helped support Lin Feng up. She looked at the almost passed out Lin Feng in distress. “I think it’s best If I walk you to the door anyway.” 

Tang Bingyao quickly got out of the car and helped  Lin Feng get up onto his feet. Then she supported him while looking at the sleep-walking Lin Feng with distress in her eyes. “Mhm! I believe that you’re really good at climbing stairs. But I think it’s best if I walk you to the door anyway!”

Ding-dong! Ding-dong! 

Su Xue, who was still in her pyjamas, slipped on her fuzzy slippers and walked out of her room to  get  the door. “You punk! How many times do I have to tell you not to forget your keys!?” Then, she was shocked to see Tang Bingyao struggling to hold Lin Feng up. “Tang Tang? What’s wrong with Lin Feng?”

The doorbell chimed through the apartment that Su Xue and Lin Feng shared. Su Xue was still in her pyjamas and in her room at the time. She quickly slipped into her fuzzy slippers and walked out of her room to open the door. As she walked towards the door, she started yelling at it, “Lin Feng! How many times do I have to tell you not to forget your keys!? Every single time you leave! What are you going to do if I’m not home? Or if I’m not available to open the door! Next time, I swear! I’m not going to open the door and leave you outside! You hear me, Lin Feng! This is the last time!”

Then she opened the door, and her eyes popped open at the sight of Tang Bingyao struggling to hold Lin Feng up. Once he had gotten up the stairs, Lin Feng had decided the floor outside the apartment was close enough to fall asleep again. Su Xue covered her mouth with her hand in shock. Then she looked at Tang Bingyao and asked, “Tang Tang? What happened to Lin Feng?”

“Lin Feng is really exhausted. I was afraid he couldn’t climb the stairs, so I helped him up,” Tang Bingyao explained.

Tang Bingyao was clearly struggling to keep Lin Feng on his feet, but she tried to explain the situation to Su Xue anyway, “Lin.. Feng… He’s really exhausted! Didn’t… Didn’t think he could climb the stairs! Mhm! So I helped him get up here! Mhm!”

He can’t even climb the stairs himself? Su Xue’s expression darkened. That punk, isn’t he being a little overdramatic?

Storm clouds raced across Su Xue’s face as her expression darkened. Now this is over dramatic and extra. This little punk can’t climb the stairs on his own? Since when? But she still moved to Lin Feng’s side to help Tang Bingyao support him. 

Lin Feng finally stirred awake a little. He forced his eyes open and saw the familiar living room. ‘Oh, I’m home. I’m gonna go take a nap first…” Then, he took off his shoes and groggily stumbled into the house.

The two girls shoving and pulling him from side to side managed to rouse Lin Feng enough that he forced his eyes open. He saw his own living room and his sleepy brain processed that as him being home. He muttered, “Oh, I’m home. I’m going to take a little nap now…” Then he kicked off his shoes outside the apartment and stumbled into the house. It was unclear if he noticed that Su Xue and Tang Bingyao were there at all.

“Hey hey! Idiot! That’s the wrong way! You’re going into the kitchen! Seriously, he’s causing trouble the moment he comes back. Tang Tang, thanks for the trouble. You can go home now.”

Su Xue watched him stumble into the house and started yelling, “Hey! Hey! Idiot! You’re going the wrong way! That’s the kitchen! Not your room! You’re going into the kitchen, Lin Feng! This idiot… he hasn’t been home for ten seconds and he’s already causing trouble. What a hassle! Tang Tang, thank you so much for helping get him home! You can go home now, I’ll take care of him.”

After bidding Tang Bingyao farewell, Su Xue closed the door and turned around to see Lin Feng passed out on the living room sofa. He was hugging one of the cushions and muttering in his sleep.

“Seriously, are you really tha tired. Go back to your own room and sleep!” Su Xue said, mildly amused. 

Su Xue took another minute to properly thank Tang Bingyao and say goodbye. Once Tang Bingyao got back into the cab and left for her house, Su Xue closed the door and turned around to see Lin Feng. He had passed out on the sofa in the living room. As Su Xue watched, Lin Feng hugged one of the cushions and muttered in his sleep. She walked over to the sofa and stood over him. “Are you seriously that tired? Lin Feng! Go to your room and sleep!” Su Xue was yelling, but her tone was amused. 

Lin Feng buried his head deeper into the cushion and muttered, “N-no… too tired. It’s fine here. Just let me nap.”

Lin Feng buried his head deeper into the cushion and muttered, “N-no… too tired. It’s fine here. Very comfortable. Just let me small nap, I’ll move later.”

Su Xue sighed. “Why are you so exhausted? Did you not get a good night’s sleep?” 

Su Xue sighed. “Why are you so exhausted? Did you not sleep well last night?” 

“I didn’t. I played 16 games in a row. It was really exhausting,” LinFeng replied. 

“No… no sleep Feng. I played all last night. Game after game. Needed to keep my promise to One. I did it though. Just very exhausting.” Lin Feng replied. 

Su Xue’s eyes went wide. Oh right he did do that! He was playing on that Hook2 account all night! She couldn’t help but stare at Lin Feng fast asleep on the sofa, a little absentminded.  

The same person who had rocked the whole of China last night was now refusing to go back to his own room to sleep like a little kid. 

Su Xue’s eyes went wide. Oh! That’s right! I can’t believe I forgot about that! He was playing on the Hook2 account all night! Now that she remembered, Su Xue stared at Lin Feng fast asleep on the couch, lost in her thoughts. 

This is CN•HOOK2! The player who rocked everyone who is even slightly interested in esports and League of Legends in China! The person who caused waves through Korea! And right now, he’s asleep on the sofa and refusing to go back into his room to sleep like a small child.

Su Xue really couldn’t reconcile the two things together, but then she broke into a faint smile. For all the amazing things he’d done, Lin Feng was still just a kid at the end of the day. “Alright, alright, sleep on the sofa if you want. I’ll go get you a blanket. Don’t want you to catch a cold now.”

Su Xue had trouble reconciling those two separate mental images together. Then she broke into a smile. It really is so easy to forget because of all the amazing things Lin Feng has done and will do… but he’s really just a kid at the end of the day. She smiled again at Lin Feng, a warm nurturing smile. Then she said, “Alright, alright. You can sleep on the sofa if that’s what you want. I’ll go get you a blanket, we wouldn’t want you to catch a cold.”

What's this about?

Alright. So I decided to do this annoying and effort-intensive version of editing for a couple of reasons. The first, and the most important one, is because y’all gave Tas a lot of shit when he shot down someone who offered to help. Let me explain that part in a bit more detail. When we first got the offer to help, Tas immediately brought it to me and we looked through some of that reader’s body of work. It was a considered decision, and we decided not to bring that person onboard more of kindness than any ego-driven reasoning. Shanks and I have been doing this whole translation thing for a very long time now. We’ve both been around for years, worked on multiple novels, we’re friends with almost everyone who has every translated or edited a novel. We’ve seen pretty much every novel you’ve ever read being produced and published. And we’ve also been around for the insane personnel turnover that happens on these projects. Lots of people jump into editing/translating because they think its the easiest job in the world. Novels already there, turn it into English and then smooth over a few sentences, make sure the grammar is correct, fix any typos. They jump in expecting that “editing a chapter” is something that’ll take them 15-30 minutes, tops.

And the vast majority of those people drop the project they’re working on after a chapter or two once they figure out that its way more work than they thought it would be. Those guys, IMO, are the smarter ones. There is another subset, a minority, who perseveres despite not being able to understand what it is they’re not doing right and cannot figure out how to get to where they need to be. They make themselves miserable trying to “edit” for a year or two before they finally give up and try to do something else. And in this journey, they also try to write their own novels, pick up a bunch of different novels to edit on, and try ridiculously hard in a way that yields almost no results. Shanks and I have watched people spiral into depression and give up on reading novels because of this whole thing. It isn’t a fun thing to happen to anyone, and its even worse to watch from the sidelines. So we’re really careful about who we bring into the project. It doesn’t really benefit us to be as careful as we are about this whole thing, but not being careful would make us assholes and cross a line that we established. We don’t take advantage of people.

We’re even more careful as far as Rise is concerned. Our quality standard on this novel is objectively the highest one that exists out of any webnovel currently available, and we keep pushing that standard higher as we get better. Taking in a reader who enjoys the novel and making them miserable by trying to get them to make the sausage the way it needs to be done is not something we consider moral or acceptable. Its also pretty fucking stupid to take someone who loves this novel and turn them into someone who hates it.

So when people offer to help, we actually take a lot of time considering it and trying to figure out if they’ll be able to handle the work that needs to be done. And we’re never mean about it when we turn people away, because that would be an asshole move. When someone offers to help because they love something and want to be a part of it, that’s an honorable move regardless of if we take them up on their offer or not.

But now you guys can see what we do on every chapter (to a certain extent). If this is something you think you can do or you think you can learn to do this without making yourself utterly miserable, reach out. We’ll try it out. You’re all adults (for the most part), and capable of making reasoned decisions.

Now for the second part, which ties into why we put in so much effort into this silly webnovel about a dude who plays League. Some of you have brought up the point that the readers are the lifeblood of the novel, the readers need consistency to stick with a novel, without consistent chapters coming out no one is going to bother to read it, and who we have a responsibility/duty towards.

You’re not entirely wrong. If we don’t put out chapters often enough, people aren’t going to read it or continue reading it. That is a truth-fact. There’s really no point in reading a webnovel with thousands of chapters when you have a chapter coming out every month. Won’t even try to dispute you on that because it would be asinine. Which is why we try really hard to put out as many chapters as we can. But that said, we have our own lives, careers, and jobs. Those are actually VERY important because we don’t make anything on Rise. Yeah, we have a Patreon but we haven’t really talked about it or advertised it or pushed it. It also isn’t open so you can’t subscribe even if you found the button and clicked on it and decided to force money on us. We’re still setting it up and trying to figure out what the ideal model is so we provide value for money.

See, we need to go to work and make money so we can continue to pay for Rise. This website, the web developer that maintains the site and adds new features, the webhosting, the CDN so chapters open fast, all of that costs money that we pay out of pocket. So if we have no money, we have no website and no where to publish chapters. So we need to continue working to pay for all the infrastructure that we need to support Rise. Also we need to pay for rent, food, internet, electricity, all that other IRL stuff that needs to be there so we can sit and put out chapters. So if the question is if we prioritize our own lives and careers over Rise, the answer is yes. Because the only way we can do Rise is if we do the other stuff that we have to do to survive.

Now for the question of where our responsibility/duty lies. I’ll be completely honest with you guys, it isn’t to you readers at all. And it’s never going to be. That’s not to say that we don’t have fun with you guys and that we don’t like it when you read the chapters and enjoy the novel. That’s always going to be true. But you guys come and go. You’ve all got your own lives going on, and things happen in those lives. You might have exams or work might pick up. Or you might get bored of reading Rise for a while and leave to come back later. Or you might get bored and stop reading and never come back. Or you might get hit by a truck and isekai to another world (or, ya know, the more likely scenario of just dying). There’s really any number of reasons why you guys can stop reading and not be around, and all of those are completely valid. No one on the Rise Team would ever hold that against you. That’s how life works.

Our responsibility is to this novel. This is our body of work and the constant. We’ll keep putting out chapters as long as we can at the standards that we set and maintain for ourselves. Because that’s the only constant relationship that exists here. Long after you guys stop reading these chapters, we’re still stuck with this novel. It’ll always have our name and be associated with us, and the novel becomes part who we are. You guys want more chapters to drop faster? Awesome. That’s never going to happen. We release our chapters when we’re done working on them and believe them to be the best work we’re capable of producing. That’s just it.

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