Whose Head Shall I Take?

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All the trolls from LovelyRose’s stream were taken aback by Lin Feng’s words. But they quickly snapped back to their senses. Furious they had been cowed and intimidated by a little kid, they flew into a rage.

Who the fuck are you?
ooohhhhh soo scaaary bro, almost pissin in my pants
the hell does it matter if we give that stupid bitch what she deserves!?
lol are you her boytoy or something?

The messages in the chat became increasingly nasty and unpleasant. Lin Feng’s eyes slowly narrowed, flashing with anger. It was as if his entire person were radiating an incomparably dangerous aura that made a person’s hairs stand on end. He was angry. No, furious! These trolls with their flippant attitudes had truly pushed him past the brink!

With Lin Feng’s laissez-faire personality, even if someone insulted him to his face, he wouldn’t take much heed. In fact, he might even find it funny and laugh at it. But attacking those he cared about was something completely different! Ignoring the flood of messages spamming the stream chat, he quickly found the QQ chat window with LovelyRose and sent a message:「rematch?

This was a declaration of war! The trolls all dropped their jaws in shock, then erupted into laughter.

LOL? a rematch? this kid doesn’t know when to give up
Awwww….. He wants to get revenge for her. What a simp! lol
ROFL bet he’s just as bronze as her

Ah Mei couldn’t help but sneer. “Who does this kid think he is? The streamer? Ha! What is this? Two streamers? What a joke.” However, her expression froze after seeing the next message that appeared in the chat.

Lin Feng typed away on the keyboard, his expression unchanging.

What? Scared you’ll be exposed?
Well, you might as well apologize then.
And take the steaming pile of trash you call your viewers with you and get the hell out of my stream.

The messages Lin Feng sent had Ah Mei and her viewers twitching their eyelids with irritation.

The balls on this fucking kid!!!!!
has he even hit puberty yet!?
FUCK! He really wants his ass beat!

At Ah Mei’s apartment in Central Shanghai.

“Ho…? This kid sure has a mouth on him,” Ah Mei remarked with a light chuckle, her eyes narrowing dangerously. Then, her expression turned frosty. “Fine. If you want to die, I’ll gladly send you on your way.”

Ah Mei didn’t take Lin Feng seriously at all. She had complete confidence in the viewers she recruited to her team. Two were Master-rank players, another was Diamond 2, and the last one was Diamond 3. How old was this kid? A high schooler at most? She snorted in disdain. How good could this high schooler possibly be? It would already be beyond impressive if he was Diamond 5. Yet, he wanted to seek retribution for his princess like some sort of knight in shining armour? How laughable!

But, that was fine too. Ah Mei’s eyes narrowed as she licked her lips with an alluring smile, her gaze flashing with a cruel light. If she could thoroughly destroy the last vestiges of Evening Snowfall’s hope… Just thinking about it made her shudder in sadistic excitement.

“Hey, who are your teammates?” Lin Feng asked.

Su Xue wiped away her tears. Even though her eyes were still red, at least she could breathe again. Lin Feng was like her tower of strength. She snapped back to her senses and hurriedly replied, “Some viewers from my QQ group chat. Just give them a shout, and they’ll answer.” Then, watching him pull open the QQ group chat, she feebly asked, “Umm… are you thirsty? Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Eh…?” Lin Feng stared at Su Xue in a daze.

Su Xue’s cheeks slightly flushed red, clearly betraying her embarrassment. She quietly said, “A-aren’t I the maid? Then shouldn’t I help you get some water, or something…”

“Oh!” Lin Feng snapped back to his senses. Then, he stared at Su Xue with a stupid grin. “Sounds good! Don’t worry. I got this!”

Su Xue gazed at Lin Feng, then forcefully nodded. “Alright! I believe in you.”

Lin Feng turned to the QQ group chat and sent a message.「Guys, I’m here!

The chat immediately boiled over in excitement. Su Xue’s loyal viewers all knew how good Lin Feng was. If he were to step in, he could definitely get revenge for them! They immediately started to recount what happened in the previous match.

Lin Feng solemnly nodded. “It’s like that, huh?” The situation was a bit more troublesome than he expected.

LovelyRose herself wasn’t a particularly good player. In fact, Su Xue was a good match for her. But the other four members in her team were Diamond 3 or higher. Their jungler and top laner were even Master-rank. On the other hand, Su Xue’s team mostly consisted of Platinum to low Diamond players. Water Wraith was the only exception. He was a Diamond 1 mid main.

With pretty much the entire team outclassed by an entire rank, Lin Feng felt he couldn’t carry with an ad-carry. This role simply wasn’t suitable for carrying when there was such a large skill gap. All the enemy jungler had to do was camp his lane while allowing his own allies to smoothly scale. At that point, he couldn’t guarantee victory. But, the situation wasn’t unsalvageable.

Lin Feng rubbed his chin before coming to a decision. He asked in the chat,「Hey jungler, can you play ADC as well?

While the 10 players were preparing for the match, the trolls were still occupying Su Xue’s stream. They continued spamming the chat, spewing out every insult under the sun.

However, Su Xue’s loyal viewers and the additional 100 from Ol’ Black’s stream started launching a counterattack and erupted in support for Lin Feng. Some of the new viewers were especially vocal. Most of them had only come here because of Lin Feng’s god-Lee. So, they were naturally excited about getting the opportunity to watch him play again.

Ol’ Black was also watching the stream. His brows furrowed. Lin Feng was really good at the game, without a doubt. But the gap in skill between the two teams was too great. Could he really solo carry this team?

On the other hand, Lin Feng himself wasn’t one bit worried. After creating the lobby for a blind pick game and going into champion select, he directly locked in his champion. The champion’s portrait lit up next to his summoner name. The viewers in the stream gasped in surprise. Even the trolls went wide-eyed with surprise. Rengar, the Pridestalker!

At this moment, Lin Feng relaxed his breath and closed his eyes. He started entering the zone.

A primal jungle, dead leaves dotting the muddy soil. Barely discernible footsteps approached ever closer at a frightening and dangerous tempo. A gust of wind blew past, scattering the leaves in the air. A deep, growling voice brimming with ice-cold killing intent rang out.Whose head… shall I take?”

Lin Feng slowly opened his eyes, revealing a blazing fighting spirit that struck at one’s soul. Whose head? He’d already decided on his prey.

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: A stereotypical villain like Ah Mei isn’t bad. It just becomes exhausting when it’s overdone. Plus, I can recall a few internet personalities that behave just like her, if not worse. The internet is a wild place.

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