Don’t Cry! Don’t Cry! Don’t Cry!

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In League of Legends, there were three great blunders: No vision in the brush. The enemy has no flash. I can get the kill! In the same vein, man had three great questions in life: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I heading? Before Su Xue’s viewers was also a question. Who the hell was Rose? But her viewers couldn’t be bothered to think about this question. Fuck! Who the fuck cares who Rose is! Trash talking Xue Xue? Can’t compare to Rose? What right do you have to decide that!

Su Xue’s long-time viewers might make fun of her in her stream and viewer group chat, but that never went beyond light hearted jokes and banter. It was a testament to how close they were. This was their sole right as her friends! So, when they saw the messages of these trolls, they immediately flared with anger.

where did these morons come from? they forget to take their medicine?
the fuck is rose? never heard of her!
obvious trolls, can’t even tell this game isn’t caitlyn’s fault!

The several trolls in the chat chuckled coldly.

You don’t know Rose? Fucking losers hahahahah!!
how is this shitty streamer losing in gold lmaaao! Rose is Diamond. don’t even try to compare, okay?
trash streamer has trash viewers, seems about right

By the time Su Xue finally noticed the situation, the trolls had already completely riled up her viewers. She was already in low spirits after losing the game due to bad teammates, but after seeing the messages those trolls typed in her chat, her mood got even worse. Why were they randomly stirring up trouble here anyway? If they didn’t like her stream, they could just leave. There was no need to purposefully antagonize others. Not to mention she clearly played well this game. So, why were they trash-talking her?

Su Xue had heard of Rose before. She was also a League of Legends streamer, a way more popular one, with her streams averaging 60,000 viewers regularly. Su Xue had even watched some of her streams before. Her stream name was LovelyRose. She was pretty mediocre at the game. The only reason she was so popular was that she was the kind of female streamer who always wore highly revealing clothing, showing off her cleavage, legs, and whatever else she could get away with without getting banned. Sometimes she didn’t even play the game and just chatted with her stream, browsing clothing websites and asking her viewers what she should buy. She was precisely the kind of streamer Su Xue didn’t want to become.

Despite her distaste for this kind of behaviour, Su Xue never expressed any feelings about it in her streams. After all, everyone was trying to make a living in their own way. What right did she have to criticize them for it? You have your own thoughts, and I have mine. There was nothing worth arguing about. Now, though, there were trolls riling up people in her stream and comparing her to this other streamer. How could Su Xue possibly accept this?

Su Xue was inwardly sullen and fuming, but she tried to maintain an amiable appearance. “Alright, alright guys, that’s enough. Let’s all just watch the stream, okay? If you have a problem with my plays, feel free to point out what exactly. I’ll try my best to improve. And if you really can’t stand it, you can always leave. There’s no need to start arguments with others in chat.”

These words failed to have the desired effect. Rather, after realizing they had her attention, the trolls became even more unbridled, launching even uglier and more vicious attacks at her.

Su Xue let them go on for a little longer before she couldn’t stand it any longer and used her stream host privileges to ban them from her stream. The stream finally settled down for a bit. But within minutes, trouble came knocking again. Just as the stream chat was calming down, a swath of messages flooded in.

trash streamer! play like trash but wont let others point it out!
BANNING US??? Stupid bitch, is that all you know how to do!
Rose is way better than you! Can’t accept it? Doesn’t matter! Just cause she’s better, you won’t let us say it, huh? Stupid bitch!
butthurt muchhhh? ifff you get butthurt so easily, then don’t be a streamer!

The trolls were back and in full force. Apparently, the several people who were just banned came back with new accounts, and it appeared they called over more helpers from LovelyRose’s stream.

LovelyRose was currently streaming. There were over 60,000 fans watching her. When they saw the messages, “Some other trash streamer is challenging Rose,” and, “They even banned us for no reason,” many came rushing over.

Heard some trash streamer is banning people for no reason. Came here to see if i’d get banned.
bitch, y are you shit talking our Rose??!
what makes you think you’re so great?!
HAHAHA thinks she can challenge rose with her hundred viewers. This bitch is just looking for drama! CLOUT CHASING BIITTCHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Seeing these trolls overrunning her chat, the blood drained from Su Xue’s face. Never could she have imagined that banning a few trolls would result in even more flooding her stream, and they were even making baseless accusations! When did she ever trash talk Rose?

“I never said anything!” Su Xue exclaimed.

The trolls completely ignored her. They didn’t care for her explanation and continued mocking and insulting her.

Su Xue tightly bit her lips, trying her hardest to put on a strong front. But the faint trembling of her shoulders gave away how much these insults dug at her heart.

The trolls in the chat continued insulting her, their language growing ever harsher and their messages in growing frequency. Su Xue forced herself to ignore them, focusing back on the game. Then, she switched back to the stream chat and took out the banhammer.

It was useless. No matter how many trolls she banned, more just kept coming in. All of them came from LovelyRose’s stream. Su Xue’s loyal viewers tried to defend her, but they were vastly outnumbered against the troll army. All their messages were drowned out by the trolls.

fking bitch, keep banning us!
you can’t ban all of us HAHAHAHAHA
The Rose army is endless! How dare you try to challenge us!

Some of Su Xue’s loyal viewers finally had enough and ran over to LovelyRose’s stream.

Hey, can you control your viewers?
We’re being overrun by trolls from your stream. Are you paying any attention??
Answer us, LovelyRose. Control your viewers!

The several viewers from Su Xue’s flared out in anger. But no matter how much they spammed the chat, they were completely ignored. The viewers from LovelyRose’s stream even started making fun of them.

Your streamer shouldn’t have started it
likes dishing it out, but can’t take it back. I heard she’s even banning people for no reason.
hehee that’s what u bitches get for picking a fight with rose. you think it’s bad now? you haven’t seen nothing yet!

The viewers from Su Xue’s chat couldn’t hold back their anger and started fighting back against the viewers from LovelyRose’s stream. But before they could get more than a few words in, a message appeared in their chat and their ability to type in the chat disappeared.

You have been banned from this chat room by LovelyRose.》

LovelyRose’s voice lazily rang out from her stream, carrying with it an obvious note of disdain and mockery. “You lot, stop disturbing my stream. We don’t welcome rude simps here.”

Su Xue’s stream chat was completely overrun by trolls from LovelyRose’s stream. It was utter chaos. The trolls were throwing every insult out there at her.

Su Xue’s shoulders were faintly trembling. The corners of her eyes were already starting to turn red, but she bit down on her lips, refusing to let her emotions get the better of her. Don’t cry! No matter what! Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Crying was admitting defeat! She couldn’t let these trolls win!

But Su Xue couldn’t help but feel a sense of fear and helplessness well up from her heart. She’d only been streaming for half a month, putting in blood, sweat, and tears to slowly build up her viewership. But now, all her efforts were going to be destroyed in the blink of an eye! “What do I do?” she murmured to herself helplessly.

Lin Feng and Tang Bingyao were still at the NetCow Cafe. They had just finished a game. After easily picking up a victory, they were about to get into another match, when Lin Feng overheard a conversation from some other customers nearby.

“Hot damn! There’s some juicy drama happening on Huya right now! Some new female streamer is being raided. Her stream is completely overrun with trolls!”

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: Simping is a relatively new term, but I thought i’d throw it in since it fits the situation. At least, I think I got it, right? I’m getting too old to keep up with the young’un lingo these days…

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