Streamer Su’s Daily Life

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After spending all night practicing Lin Feng lessons of CSing and laning, preparing breakfast for Lin Feng, and leaving him a brief note, Su Xue finally caved in to her fatigue and collapsed on her bed. She slept until the afternoon.

When Su Xue opened her eyes again, she pushed herself up from her soft, silky mattress and drowsily stretched her body, feeling a wave of wakefulness wash over her. Wearing pajamas, she slid her feet into her pink slippers and shuffled to the bathroom. She gazed in the mirror at her shape with a satisfied smile after brushing her teeth and washing her face.

“Mhm! Mhm!” Su Xue nodded. “Just as beautiful as yesterday! Hahahah!” Then, her eyes fell on the faint dark circles around her eyes. She hurriedly examined herself more closely. It was no surprise pulling all nighters several days in a row would take its toll. But if things continued like this, her good looks would suffer! This was unacceptable! She pulled open the drawer below the sink and ruffled around. However, to her dismay, she discovered she was all out of facial masks.

“Crap! I’ve got to buy another box already?” Su Xue muttered. They cost more than her empty wallet could miss. She grit her teeth, then conveniently forgot the last minute. After all, what was the worst skimping on her skin care routine could do? And even if that did happen, she was earning a living with her skills as a League player, not with her cleavage like those other female streamers!

After finishing up in the bathroom, Su Xue walked into the kitchen. She browsed through the fridge and picked out something filling, a custard bun, and paired it with a glass of warm milk. With brunch in hand, she walked back to her room and plopped down on her desk chair.

It was almost time to start the stream. Su Xue wolfed down her breakfast before taking off her pajamas and changing into a casual rice-coloured t-shirt. Her usual stream attire. She grabbed several pants and posed with them in front of the mirror. Then, she paused and looked around to make sure she was alone. With a naughty smile, she looked back at the mirror. Here, there was a grown woman in nothing but a t-shirt and underwear with her slender, white legs exposed, making all sorts of alluring movements in front of the mirror! Any guy who laid their eyes on her would, without a doubt, feel their hearts race and their blood pump.

“Mhm, hm! You’ve still got it, girl!” Su Xue nodded in satisfaction, her eyes undressing the image in the mirror. She was 172 cm tall with a slender build. Her standout features were her face and long legs. However, she wasn’t the kind of girl to add a second cam to her stream for her legs. So, she rarely had the opportunity to show them off to anyone.

Of course, there was still Lin Feng. But he was more like a little brother than a member of the opposite sex. Speaking of which, whenever she was fed up with him prattling on about her mistakes in a League game, she would exact revenge by trampling on him with her long, slender legs.

Su Xue couldn’t help but gnash her teeth as thoughts of her recent training sessions with Lin Feng came to mind. “That li’l punk! How is he a coach? He’s just looking for any excuse to make fun of me!” It came to the point that she now played extremely cautiously in her ranked games for fear of being scolded. But no matter how hard she tried, he would always find something and ruthlessly point it out. He didn’t hold back in the slightest! She blushed with shame just thinking about it!

At this moment, Su Xue’s phone started ringing. “Speak of the devil,” she muttered. Then, she answered the call and curtly asked, “What?”

I’m just letting you know I’ll be home a bit late. I’m still at the internet cafe!」Lin Feng’s voice rang out from the other side.

“Huh, are you still duoing with that Tang Bingyao girl?” Su Xue asked in surprise.

Yeah, I am!

“You have your heart set on chasing this girl, huh…?” Su Xue was at a loss for words. “Fine, fine, whatever. Just don’t come home too late!

“Also… when you get back, you still have to coach me!” Su Xue couldn’t help but remind him. As harsh as Lin Feng’s training was, it was effective. In only a short few days, she saw clear improvements. Even her long time viewers would occasionally remark on how much better she was playing. Naturally, this drove her to strive even harder in improving. Speaking of which, it was about time she started her stream.

Su Xue plopped down in front of her monitor and turned on her computer. After opening up her browser and logging into her Huya account, she sent out a quick announcement to her viewers.「Come out! Come out! I’m about to turn on my stream! Hurry up and report in!

Su Xue only had 47 members in her special viewer chat group. However, as soon as she sent out the message, they all started stirring.

Eh, you’re going live?
hey maid. you’re getting on pretty late today…..
lol bet five bucks she overslept
LMAO! 100% that happened
Su Xue, you’re neglecting us viewers here! Your streams are way shorter these days! Tell us, are you cheating on us with another guy!
Has to be it! The gal’s in heat!

Su Xue furiously punched down on her keys, writing a reply.「Your mother’s in heat! Who said that? Reveal yourself and accept your punishment!

The chat stirred.

Woah! the maid is getting a little full of herself!
what’s this? she dares talk back to us?
Fellas, is it time to mass unfollow?

Su Xue stared at her chat in shock, then hurriedly asked for their forgiveness.「My bad my bad… Oh please let me off my kind and generous viewers! Ah, my stream is already up. So, won’t you guys come and watch?

Hmph! That’s more like it!
Don’t forget your place! There won’t  be a next time!
we’ll be watching you closely!!

Su Xue smiled apologetically.「Uh huh, uh huh. It won’t happen again. I promise!」Then, she breathed a sigh of relief. “These guys… they’re getting more and more cocky. Who do they think they are!” Despite her complaints, she read the group chat messages with a happy smile. Her loyal viewers were already waiting for her in the stream.

Even though the dedicated group chat for her stream was small, Su Xue was quite close with the people that were there. Unlike many other streamers who never spoke a word, she enjoyed interacting regularly with her viewers off stream. Each and every one of them was loyal to her and she’d personally invited them to this chat. When one of them entered the chat, she would always go out of her way to talk with them.

From their names to their birthdays, Su Xue tried hard to remember everything important she could about her loyal viewers. In fact, last week was a viewer’s birthday, and she had sung them a birthday song on stream. Of course, everyone had made fun of her for singing, saying things like they could already see the light. However, this didn’t get in the way of her building a deeper bond with her viewers, to the extent it wasn’t simply the relationship of streamer and viewer but that of friends who could crack jokes and exchange banter with each other.

Snapping out of her daydreaming, Su Xue looked at her stream page. There were already more than 30 viewers, all of whom were members of the group chat. All the ones who were online were present. But the good feeling of seeing her viewers joining didn’t last long.

you didn’t put on any makeup today either! you atleast could try a little!
so sloppy… disappointing
smh! What do you expect of a shut-in? how in the world did i end up following her?

“Hey hey, can you not roast me the moment I open the stream?” Su Xue erupted. In this lively fashion, her daily stream began.

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: I really do admire Su Xue going out of her way to build a bond with her viewers, and it’s a philosophy I follow too. It just gets sad that it’s difficult to keep this sort of tight knit community once you grow too big.

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