BroForce Code #1: You Always Believe in Your Bros!

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Shi Hang’s eyes went wide. There wasn’t time to think. He ordered over the team’s voice chat, “Sunny-boy, back!” He then had his LeBlanc step away from the Lee Sin, who was underneath the mid outer tower, before adding, “Stun the Lee! We focus on him! Focus him!”

Zhejiang University’s Elise was standing next to the Red outer tower in the mid lane. Lee Sin was dashing at her with Resonating Strike! Cocoon! COCOON! Zhejiang University’s Jungler slammed down on his keyboard! Elise aimed her hands at Lee Sin and fired a web of silk! 

An Xin smirked. The animation for Cocoon only confirmed what she suspected. But Elise was never her target. She was just a means of getting into Zhejiang University’s backline! She placed a ward next to Elise and activated Safeguard! Lee Sin made a sudden turn mid-dash! The Cocoon shot past him and he landed at the ward! Braum and Tristana were right in front of him.

Shi Hang grimaced and shouted over the team’s voice chat, “Watch out!”

Sun Ruinian slammed down on his keyboard and activated Flash! A veil of light fell over his Tristana and carried her a short distance away from An Xin’s Lee Sin! He grinned and nodded at himself. You ain’t getting on me this easy! And now you’re screwed! Braum’s Winter’s Bite will slow you and then we’ll stun you and kill you! Gee-gee.

An Xin ignored the freezing ice that smashed into her Lee Sin and slowed him. She took a deep breath. Don’t fail me now. She pressed down on the R key and waited for a brief moment before following up with the D key. The R key activated Lee Sin’s ultimate skill, Dragon’s Rage! He raised his foot and prepared to deliver a powerful roundhouse kick! Right when the skill was about to connect with Braum, a mottled flash of light picked Lee Sin up and dropped him on the other side of Braum! Dragon’s Rage connected! The immense force knocked Braum off his feet and sent him flying backwards! He smashed into Elise and knocked her up! Then he smashed into LeBlanc and knocked her up too! And finally he slammed into Jarvan IV for a third consecutive knock up!


Rollfire didn’t hear what the audience said. His complete, dazed focus was on the large LCD screen. H-how… T-this… IMPOSSIBLE! THIS ISN’T POSSIBLE! HOW! HOW!? He grabbed his hair and shook his head in desperation. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?

Silent Reed glanced at Rollfire and giggled. This makes it so much better! She then jumped to her feet and threw her fist up in the air. She screamed, “LEE SIN WITH THE GODLY ULT! LEE SIN MVP! TEAM SHANGHAI WITH THE REVERSE SWEEP! WOOOOOOOOOO!”

Shi Hang grimaced, a cold chill running up and down his spine. ShitShitShit! Bad! So fucking bad! But we can’t back down. We can’t! He shook his head and ordered over Zhejiang University’s voice chat, “Focus Draven! InInIn!”

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. BunBun told me to jump on Trist, but… He pressed down on the R key and activated Death Mark! He shouted over the team’s voice chat, “LeBlanc first! Screw Trist! Focus LeBlanc!” His Zed disappeared from the Rift as four blood red shadows, each carrying Zed’s distinct features, appeared around LeBlanc. They dashed at her and cut into her heart! Their essence flowed into LeBlanc’s body and formed the Death Mark!

Shi Hang bit on his lips. Ignore Zed! He cast Flash to get away from Zed and close the distance with Tang Bingyao’s Draven! He followed up with Sigil of Malice and Mimic: Sigil of Malice! LeBlanc waved her staff and two magical energies slammed into Tang Bingyao’s Draven! The first placed a sigil on Draven and dealt a bit of damage. The second detonated the first sigil and dealt massive damage!

Tang Bingyao’s Draven lost two thirds of her health! Her stomach started to twist into a knot. Her hand trembled a bit. But then she shook her head. I’m playing Draven! She cast Flash! A brilliant light wrapped around her Draven just as LeBlanc’s Ethereal Chains flew at her! The light carried her a short distance through time and space. The Ethereal Chains missed. She appeared on the Rift again on the other side of LeBlanc! She followed up with an auto attack! And then another one! And another one! Spinning Axes cleaved into Shi Hang’s LeBlanc, decimating her health bar!

Zhang Hao had his Irelia dash at Elise with Bladesurge. He shouted over the team’s voice chat, “I’m going i—”

“Tang Tang!” Zeng Rui interrupted.

“Mhm!” Tang Bingyao replied. She focused on the screen. Jarvan IV threw his standard down behind her. He’s going to jump on me and LeBlanc still has Distor– LeBlanc and Jarvan IV both jumped at her. She narrowed her eyes and activated Stand Aside! Her Draven raised his Spinning Axes above his shoulders and threw them at an angle! The left one knocked Jarvan IV out of his dash, and the right one did the same to LeBlanc!

Death Mark was about to trigger. Lin Feng’s Zed flung a Razor Shuriken at LeBlanc! The damage brought her down to below 10% health! A portion of that damage was added to the damage for Death Mark, just like the auto attack and Shadow Slash from before were. The Death Mark triggered and LeBlanc’s health bar exploded!

An enemy has been slain!

Zhejiang University’s Braum finally crossed the distance to the front line. He aimed at the players from Team Shanghai and cast his ultimate skill! Glacial Fissure! He jumped up into the air and raised his shield above his head. Then he mustered all his strength and slammed it down onto the ground! A Glacial Fissure spread on the ground! It carved a path through Team Shanghai’s lineup! But only Irelia and Blitzcrank were knocked up by it. Lin Feng’s Zed used the second part of his ultimate to blink away, and Tang Bingyao’s Draven activated Blood Rush for a sudden burst of speed! She outran the Glacial Fissure!

Tang Bingyao’s Draven hurled a Spinning Axe at Jarvan IV! The weapon cleaved into its victim before ricocheting! Draven ran forward and caught the axe! But not before hurling a second one at Jarvan IV! There was no one from Zhejiang University who could interrupt her right now. One, two, left, left. One, two…

Zeng Rui’s Blitzcrank landed back on the ground after being knocked up into the air by Braum’s Glacial Fissure. He went into Overdrive and charged at Jarvan IV. He then sent a large amount of energy into his fist and knocked Jarvan Airborne with Power Fist! And finally he unleashed his ultimate! Static Field! Electricity erupted around him and destroyed Jarvan IV’s health bar!

You have slain an enemy!

“Nice one!” An Xin exclaimed over the team’s voice chat. She then focused back on Zhejiang University’s Elise, while also juggling tower aggro. One more hit and I’ll leave it to Zhang Hao! She looked at Zhang Hao’s Irelia who had jumped on Elise after falling back to the ground! His blades decimated Elise’s health bar! He got this! She glanced at Sun Ruinian’s Tristana and chewed on her lips. Just a question of how to get her… 

Zhang Hao’s Irelia auta attacked Elise until she was down to the last few percentages. He shouted over the team’s voice chat, “I’m getting her! I’m getting her! BLADESURGE!” His Irelia dashed at Elise and killed her!

You have slain an enemy!

Sun Ruinian lost oversight of the fight for a brief moment. Everyone was dying around him and skillshot animations caused his screen to flash with colours! A yellow hand suddenly flew at him! Shit! Fuck! W! W! He activated Rocket Jump! Tristana aimed her cannon at the ground and fired! But she barely had lift-off when Blitzcrank’s hand wrapped tightly around  her waist. Sun Ruinian closed his eyes. Fuck!


Tang Bingyao’s Draven hurled a Spinning Axe at Sun Ruinian’s Tristana! It cleaved a quarter of his health and then ricocheted! She followed up with another Spinning Axe! And one more to finish the job.

You have slain an enemy!

Tang Bingyao then turned her attention towards Zhejiang University’s Braum, who was already under attack by the others from Team Shanghai. She smiled and nodded. He can’t escape! Everyone is on him! But I want the kill! Mhm! She narrowed her eyes. Both real blades and shadow blades cut into Braum. Lee Sin and Blitzcrank were punching Braum with their fists! And Tang Bingyao waited. Patiently. Heh! Now! She right clicked on Braum. Her Draven hurled a Spinning Axe at Braum. It cleaved into him and emptied his health bar!

Double Kill!


“They, they won,” Silent Reed said, dazed. She blinked and looked at the large LCD screen. She repeated, “They, they won…”

“HECK YEAH WE WON!” Ouyang screamed through the quiet venue. He turned his head to look at his friends and said, “What did I say? What did I tell you guys? You never stop believing in your bros! They’re the best!”

Liu Yue laughed. He jumped to his feet and shouted, “WOOT WOOT! TEAM SHANGHAI TO VICTORY!”

Silent Reed turned her head to look at the stands, where Ouyang and Liu Yue were the only two celebrating the ace by Team Shanghai. Team Shanghai won. They won. They won! Her eyes went wide and she jumped to her feet! She then grabbed the microphone from its stand and shouted into it, “WOOOOOOOOOOO! TEAM SHANGHAI WON THAT FIGHT! FIVE KILLS! ZERO DEATHS! WHAT A BRILLIANT FIGHT!”

The audience slowly woke up. People turned their heads from the large LCD screen to Silent Reed and back to the large LCD screen. They nodded and some started mumbling. The mumbles grew louder, from confusion and shock to amazement. It wasn’t long before the first fans got up to their feet. And the venue finally rocked.

“That was so freaking cool!”

The players from Fudan University sat at the front of the venue in the player seating area. They were slowly shaking their heads in disbelief. The Jungler was eventually the first to open his mouth. He said, “My gawd! Such a sick Lee ult! That won them the game! I’m telling you! That won them the game!”

Qiu Yijie turned his head to look at his Jungler and nodded. He agreed, “They won. Yeah.” He then looked back at the large LCD screen and frowned. That Lee ult was perfect! Timing, awareness, mechanics, everything about it was perfect! It would’ve made the top 10 plays of any season in the LPL! That Jungler… She’s playing at the professional level right here! How is this possible…?  How is she this good?

Qiu Yijie laughed. He shook his head and laughed, incredulous. Thank fucking God we didn’t have to face them in the quarters! There’s no way we would’ve won this! We’ll play them in the semis or the finals of the East China Regionals, but that’s whatever. We’ll have secured our spot at Nationals by then. But holy hot damn! How the fuck do you beat that team? Even AyDeeCee failed! He looked down at Zhejiang University’s soundproof booth. It’s a shame AyDeeCee is getting knocked out here though. It’s so cool to see him play again!

Team Shanghai had a minion wave and five attack damage Champions. After scoring the ace, they focused down the outer tower in the mid lane. It fell within seconds. There was still half a minute until Zhejiang University’s team respawned. They pushed for the inner tower and destroyed it within 10 seconds. The minion wave marched on to the inhibitor tower. All five players from Team Shanghai stuck with it. They destroyed the inhibitor tower and then the inhibitor.

“They’re up soon, back,” Zeng Rui said over the team’s voice chat. He then panned his camera across the map and scrunched his eyebrows. Super minions are spawning and marching down the mid lane, Zhejiang is still respawning, and we’ve got a full attack damage team. We can take the Baron down and there’s nothing they can do about it. If they come, we stall and the minions end the game! His eyes went wide and he added, “Baron.”

“Let’s go!” Lin Feng exclaimed, laughing. He had his Zed run into Red team’s top side Jungle, past the Red Buff Camp and to the Jungle wall. He jumped over it with Living Shadow and then attacked the large purple worm named Baron Nashor! This was the strongest monster on the map. And it granted a massive buff to the team that killed it!

“Do we need to ward here?” Tang Bingyao asked over the team’s voice chat, pinging the Red Team’s top side Jungle.

“I’ll watch out, but doubt it,” An Xin replied, smiling.

In Zhejiang University’s soundproof booth, Sun Ruinian turned his head to look at Shi Hang and asked, “Are we going to try and contest?”

“No. Forget it,” Shi Hang replied over the team’s voice chat. He took a deep breath and continued, “We’re just giving them another five kills if we go now. They’re full attack damage. The Baron will die in seconds. We need to stay calm and find an opportunity. Just like before. We just have to stop them again.” He exhaled loudly. Like hell they’ll give us another opportunity though. Shit me. This is a loss, ain’t it? Dammit!

At 24 minutes, Team Shanghai had slain Baron Nashor, recalled back to base to spend their Gold and gathered up in the top lane. They pushed for the inner tower with their minions. Baron Nashor’s buff granted bonus stats to the five Champions, and it also strengthened nearby minions. Team Shanghai blasted through the top inner tower. When they arrived at the inhibitor tower, Zhejiang University’s team showed up to defend. Four of them, anyway.

Lin Feng had been watching his minimap and smiled. They’re letting Tristana kill the super minions in mid! So normal and so stupid! He had his Zed sneak through the Jungle to get to the mid lane. He managed to keep his approach hidden for just long enough. When he got into Zhejiang’s base, he burst into action! Living Shadow! Zed placed a Living Shadow a short distance in front of him and took its place! He followed up with Death Mark! Four blood red shadows dashed at Tristana and marked her! Razor Shuriken! Shadow Slash! Ignite!

Sun Ruinian saw the Zed’s approach too late. His Tristana was down to 30% of her health before he reacted. He slammed down on the W key! Tristana aimed her cannon at the ground and fired! She arced through the air towards the fountain! Then she ran! PleasePleasePlea

You have been slain!

“Dive them!” Lin Feng exclaimed over the team’s voice chat!

Zhejiang University’s team was already backing away from the top inhibitor tower. Shi Hang’s LeBlanc used Distortion and Mimic: Distortion to jump away and Jarvan IV used his flag-toss combo! They got to their fountain and lived. But Braum and Elise didn’t have these kinds of skills. They were caught by Zeng Rui’s Blitzcrank and An Xin’s Lee Sin. A barrage of crowd control locked them in place and left them powerless as Tang Bingyao’s Draven tore through their health bars with Spinning Axes!

You have slain an enemy!

Double kill!

Lin Feng’s Zed was attacking the Nexus towers while all of this was happening. The first one fell when the rest of Team Shanghai joined him. It wasn’t much longer before the second one also fell. Zhejiang University’s LeBlanc and Jarvan IV came from the fountain again, looking to stop this final push by Team Shanghai. But they were just two versus five Champions and a dozen minions! It didn’t take long before the Nexus cracked and exploded. Red energy poured out! It twisted and turned before morphing into a victory emblem for Team Shanghai!


“THEY HAVE DONE IT!” Silent Reed cried out. She clutched the microphone so tightly that her knuckles turned white and screamed, “TEAM SHANGHAI WITH THE REVERSE SWEEP! THEY’VE MADE IT TO NATIONALS! TEAM SHANGHAI BEATS ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY!”


Every neutral fan was up on their feet, cheering for Team Shanghai. The esports club members from Zhejiang University didn’t join this celebration. They got up from their seats and quietly left the venue. That left the friends and former teammates from Team Shanghai. They weren’t celebrating. They were sitting in their chairs, stunned. Shocked. In disbelief.

Ouyang put his hands over his mouth and muttered, “W-we won? We beat Zhejiang University? Our bros did it?”

Liu Yue nodded, tears of joy flowing from his eyes. There was a prop in his throat as he shouted, “Woot woot!”

Ren Rou wiped her eyes with her sleeve and nodded. She said, “Yeah, we won. We-we won!”

“We really did!” Ouyang exclaimed, laughing. He turned his head to look at Yang Fang and added, “See? I told you so! I TOLD YOU SO! WOOOOOOOO!”

Yang Fang adjusted his glasses and smiled. He laughed and said, “We did! I was wrong! They won! We’re going to the semis of the East China Regionals and they’ve now also qualified for the main tournament!”

The players from Zhejiang University slumped back in their chairs. They stared at their screens and shook their heads. Sun Ruinian finally said, “H-how did this happen? I don’t understand…”

Zhejiang’s Support continued, “We even had Shi Hang with us! We were supposed to win the entire tournament! We were going to…”

“They reverse swept us,” Zhejiang’s Jungler mumbled. He shook his head, incredulous, and added, “It’s not even the main tournament and we’re out already! This is our worst result ever!”

Sun Ruinian looked at his teammates in turn before stopping at Shi Hang. He breathed in deeply, trying to calm himself down, and then exhaled. All my hard work. All those hours preparing! FOR SIX MONTHS! Six long months! It’s all down the drain! Worthless! The corners of his lips dropped and tears appeared in his eyes. He quickly wiped them away and swallowed down the prop in his throat. We even got Shi Hang back! I convinced him after trying for so long! How… How must he feel? This was the kiddy league for him. The kiddies beat him… His first match was against a high school team and he lost… He shook his head. No! We lost it! He lost because of us! I’ve humiliated him! I… I… Huh?

Shi Hang shook his head and chuckled. He said, “Reverse swept, huh? Haven’t had that happen to me in a long ass time!” He turned his head to look across the stage at Team Shanghai’s soundproof booth and nodded. He grinned and said, “I hate losing, but I would’ve been really disappointed if I won this series. You got me good, kid! Seems like you still have some talent left in you!”

A Bike Opera?


And a double chapter to end the series! These 50+/- Raw chapters are behind us! It’s been so long that I can hardly remember what happened before this. Wasn’t it like Tang Tang’s birthday a few days ago in the novel?

BunBun made Lin Feng say ‘thank you’ to everyone who’s been with us!

Translator Thought:

Sietse Thought: We’ve got a lot of big thoughts, but sometimes small thoughts are good too. It’s all about how you work with them to pleasure your audience! DreamShanks is an expert at this. And though the concept is foreign to me, I wanted to give it a go. Mostly because I just had the most weird, random thing happen to me and it really doesn’t require more than a short paragraph to say it.

I was in town on my bike, chilling in the sun. You know, where you kinda close your eyes and just let the heat of the sun fall on your face. It’s one of the best things! You just have to be careful not to drive into someone. But I mean, I was on a bike! I go slow and people go out of the way for me. It’s the Dutch way! So anyway, I was enjoying the sun when this dude bikes up next to me and he is loudly singing opera. This dude is doing that screaming/yelling/what’s it called on his bike! And it sounded fucking amazing. I realized that’s what I needed in my life. Some random dude biking and singing opera! I followed behind him for a bit just to enjoy the sound. But then I had other places to be, unfortunately. I hope the dude keeps singing. It was amazing.

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