Who Needs Teamwork When You’ve got the THUNDERCOCK!

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Tang Bingyao’s death in the bot lane allowed Zhejiang University to breach Team Shanghai’s base. They took the inhibitor tower and then the inhibitor. Super minions spawned from the Red Nexus and charged through the bot lane to Team Shanghai’s base, making it that much more difficult for Team Shanghai to defend. Worse even, the super minions marched down the lane furthest away from Baron Nashor. Zhejiang University made full use of this, manipulating the minion waves in such a way that Team Shanghai had to choose between giving up on their base or on Baron Nashor.

The game was 34 minutes in when Zhejiang University, boosted by the Baron Buff, attacked the mid-inhibitor tower. Their minions were empowered and their own stats were also increased. Rumble fired The Equalizer on top of the tower, six rockets lighting the ground up in a blazing inferno! He forced Team Shanghai back and opened the way for Zhejiang University to push forward! And they never stopped pushing. They took down the mid inhibitor and then the top inhibitor! Red super minions spawned from their Nexus and marched down the lanes, pushing into Team Shanghai’s base!

Team Shanghai tried to put up a last stance at their Nexus towers, but they didn’t even have the strength to stop the Baron Buff empowered minions. Zhejiang University walked all over them, picking up a double and triple kill before destroying the Nexus Towers and finally the Nexus! The crystal shook and trembled under the barrage of attacks, until the first cracks started showing. Blue energy kept within the Nexus slammed against the cracks and then broke free! It twisted and warped to form a victory crest for the Red team.


The crowd erupted in cheers! But no one was as loud as the esports club members from Zhejiang University! Their hero was carrying them to a win, and they wanted everyone to know how much they respected him!

“SEE? SEE!? I TOLD YOU! Shi Hang is gonna carry us!”
“With him and Sun Ruinian, there’s no one that can beat us! We’re going to win the Regionals and then we’re going to win the main event as well! Zhejiang University is going to be the best League uni in China again! Just like 4 years ago!”
“I feel a little bad for the kids… HAHA! Who am I kidding? I FEEL FUCKING FANTASTIC!”
“One high school team down, two to go! This is our tourney!”
“It’s so cool that Shi Hang is back! I hope he’s going to come by the esports club again too!”

Most people in the audience, led by the esports club members from Zhejiang University, were losing themselves in celebration! But there was a small subsection who only clapped a bit. They sat slumped in their chairs, looking around at the people shouting and screaming. Pained. Lost. Defeated. Shi Hang’s appearance had put a damper on their hopes of seeing Team Shanghai make it to the main tournament. Ren Rou had forbidden them to give up. She’d told them to keep believing! But in the face of overwhelming strength, they found their confidence waver.

Liu Yue fell back in his chair and muttered, “Zhejiang is just too strong.” He threw his arm around and complained, “Why did they allow Shi Hang to play? He’s a former pro! Everyone knows it’s unfair! And we just saw it… Lin Feng can’t beat him. Even Lin Feng isn’t that good!”

“The hell are you talking about!?” Ouyang shouted. He pointed at Team Shanghai’s soundproof booth and continued, “Didn’t you see his double kill!? He’s just as good as AyDeeCee! Hell! My bro is better!”

“Yeah!” Wei Dong agreed. He nodded and added, “Lin Feng’s Varus was great! He was at least as good as AyDeeCee’s Ahri!”

Yang Fan adjusted his glasses and said, “He was staying even with Ahri. But that was already very impressive. We didn’t lose this game because of him. We lost this game because Zhejiang University outclassed us as a team. Whether we like it or not, Zhejiang University has individually better players who’re also better together as a team. There isn’t anything we can do to magically change that. Unfortunately.”

There was a heavy silence in Team Shanghai’s soundproof booth. Zeng Rui glanced around him at his teammates. They’re all in their own world. Even the thundering dumbass looks like he’s actually thinking about something! Whatever that might be… He massaged his temples, a slight throbbing at the back of his head. I guess they all know. There’s nothing we can do. No matter how much I want to be positive and win this, we just aren’t good enough! That’s the simple reality of the situation! It isn’t fun to admit, but someone has to. He glanced at Lin Feng again and grimaced. He did hold out against AyDeeCee, that was a nice surprise. But the rest of us? We all lost. The Rumble had a bigger impact on the game compared to Zhang Hao, as did the Rek’Sai compared to BunBun… Leona somehow was super on point with her ults as well… She did more for Zhejiang than I did for us. Someone who is B grade was better than me. That’s what happened. And Sun Ruinian… I mean, I knew it from the start. Tang Tang just isn’t at that level yet. She has the talent, but she needs a lot more time to realise her full potential.

Tang Bingyao had put her elbows on the desk and was leaning her head in the palms of her hands, hiding the tears she was fighting back. Don’t cry! Don’t make it worse than it already is! You played a terrible game!! You’re the reason we lost! She bit tightly on her lips and closed her eyes. If apologizing did anything, I would! But they’re just going to say that it’s fine. It isn’t fine! We lost because I fed that Vayne! It was my fault! She scrunched her nose and sucked in a sharp breath to stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks. Don’t cry! Don’t cry! It will only make it worse! And if you want to apologize, do it by showing them in the game how sorry you are! By beating Sun Ruinian! Actions speak louder than words! Mhm! They do! She sat up a little straighter in her chair and took several long, deep breaths. Yes! She forced a smile and wiped away the tears in her eyes.

The silence in the soundproof booth weighed down on An Xin like a heavy boulder. She wanted to do something about it, but she knew that she couldn’t. She tried to grab the water bottle next to her but her right hand wouldn’t work with her. Come on, stupid hand! WORK! She breathed in sharply and closed her eyes. Then she gave up. She reached over with her other hand and took the bottle. Her right hand fell limply by her side. She took a large gulp from the bottle and let the water wet her dry mouth. She then put the bottle back, a single tear escaping through her closed eyelids. I can’t even hold a stupid bottle! Why is it flaring up so much today? Can’t it just leave me alone for a bit!? I need to play this series!

An Xin leaned her head back against the gaming chair, exhausted. It required her full attention just to have her hand do what she wanted it to, not to mention the general feeling of unwellness and dizziness on top of that. I’m sick and it’s not getting better. I can’t keep doing this! But I won’t let them worry! Not now! Later. I’ll tell them later. Maybe. Right now I need to focus on the game! She bit on her lips. I need to focus on my own gameplay. I can’t also coach them and pay attention to everything they’re doing. If I want to finish this series, I need to limit my gameplay to just me. She breathed in long and deep before sighing loudly. I need to lower the strain on my hand and recover while I can. But I can only do that if… She nodded at herself. Lin Feng will have to take over. We’re gonna need him to step up.

When An Xin opened her eyes again, she noticed that Zeng Rui, Tang Bingyao and Zhang Hao were all staring at Lin Feng. She grimaced. They know it’s up to him. They know. She then forced a smile and said, “We’re gonna need you—”

“It’s fine,” Lin Feng said. He looked up at An Xin and then turned his head to look at the other three. He grabbed his mouse with one hand and placed his other hand on his keyboard. He repeated, “It’s fine.” There wasn’t his usual grin nor was he cracking jokes that only he found funny. He rolled his shoulders and looked at his monitor, then said in the most serious tone they’d ever heard him talk in, “It’s fine. That was only one game. We’re going to win the next one.”

The second game in the best of five series between Team Shanghai and Zhejiang University got underway. The teams switched sides for this game, with Team Shanghai playing on the Red team and Zhejiang University on the Blue team. Both teams were clear on the Champions they wanted to ban. It only took a couple of seconds each time to ban Mordekaiser, Yasuo, Zed, Rumble, Vayne and Thresh.

Both teams quickly locked in their Champions, until it was the fifth and final pick for Team Shanghai. Team Shanghai knew Zhejiang University’s complete lineup, they knew they were up against an Evelynn in the Jungle. Lin Feng turned his head to look at An Xin and asked, “What are you waiting for? Pick your Lee! He fits our team comp and he counters Evelynn!”

An Xin gritted her teeth and moved her mouse to hover over Lee Sin’s summoner portrait. I can hear you, you stupid goldfish! But I don’t know if this is smart… She glanced down at her hand and moved the sleeve of her sweater a little further over it. I want to help him! If I can’t even play Lee, I might as well step out and let Liu Yue play for me! She closed her eyes and clicked on Lee Sin. “Yeah, I’ll play him,” she replied over the team’s voice chat.

Zhejiang University and Team Shanghai had both locked in their Champions. They had a minute to make any last minute changes to their Runes, masteries and Summoner spells before the game moved to the loading screen. This was when the game started playing on the large LCD screen above the soundproof booths, showing the lineup to the audience!

Game 2 of the East China Regional Quarterfinals
Zhejiang University (Blue) vs. Team Shanghai (Red)

Toplane: Gnar vs. Darius
Jungle: Evelynn vs. Lee Sin
Midlane: Ezreal vs. Fizz
Ad-carry: Lucian vs. Jinx
Support: Leona vs. Nami

Rollfire leaned towards his microphone and said, “After the last game I think we all want to focus on the mid lane again! AND LOOK AT THAT! AyDeeCee has brought out his mid Ezreal!” He paused for a brief moment to laugh and then continued, “Mid Ezreal is really strong and really difficult to pull off! But if anyone can pull it off, AyDeeCee can! I’m confident he’ll give us a good show!”

“We can’t forget about Fizz either!” Silent Reed shouted into her microphone. She turned to look at Rollfire and said, “I casted this Midlaner in a different tournament and saw him play on Fizz there! Let me tell you something, his Fizz is good! In fact…” She paused briefly, smiling. I’ll use your stupid ass pause, ass. “I don’t recall a single game he lost when playing a magic assassin! He’s an absolute monster with them! I can totally see him win this matchup!”

Rollfire looked at Silent Reed and raised an eyebrow. He replied, “You’re quite liking the Fizz pick, ey? I believe you, I believe you. That Lin Feng is a great player! I think we can all agree on that. He’ll make it professional if he keeps developing like this, I fully believe that! But we’re playing a team game and he picks Fizz!” The corners of his lips curled up into a mocking expression. He continued, “His Varus was great, but his team let him down. Now he picks Fizz. It kind of feels like he’s thinking of solo carrying this game! And I mean, I’d be all for that! Show me those skills!” If you have them, which you don’t. AyDeeCee will kick your ass! Hehe!


It was silent again in Team Shanghai’s soundproof booth. Everyone was looking at Lin Feng, who had his eyes closed. He had his hands on his mouse and keyboard and the game music from the loading screen was playing in his ears. Game 1 was a loss. It was disappointing and we maybe could’ve won it. But it’s over. It’s time to move on and focus on Game 2! I now know how they play and how good Shi Hang is! He hasn’t gotten any worse! He took a deep, long breath. But I’m also getting back there! And I was a lot better than him! Maybe he’s just the opponent I need right now! So what if he’s a bit better than me right now? That just means I have to try a bit harder!

Lin Feng opened his eyes and smiled. All I can do is try my best, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do! I’m going to win my lane and pin him down under his outer tower! Sparks flashed in his eyes as his smile crept up into a wide grin. This is a best of five series! One loss means nothing! I’m going to win this! And I’ll let everyone know exactly how good I am! He said over the team’s voice chat, “We’re gonna win this. Let’s go!”

“Yeah! Let’s go!” Zhang Hao replied. But he was the only one. An Xin, Tang Bingyao and Zeng Rui hesitated. They looked at Lin Feng and then back at their monitors. They eventually nodded.

The mood in Zhejiang University’s soundproof booth was completely different from Team Shanghai’s. They had Shi Hang back on their team and he’d helped them win the first game. It only underlined their beliefs that with him on the team, no one could beat them! They were leaning back in their gaming chairs and joking about how they were going to end the second game within 20 minutes. That joke specifically set Shi Hang off. He glared at the Jungler, who’d made it, and said, “You little shit! Don’t get complacent now!” He then turned to look at the rest of the team and continued, “Team Shanghai won’t go down that easily! We had to fight hard for that first win, and it’s only going to get harder! Focus on the damn game or we’re going to lose this!”

Shi Hang ignored the apologies from his teammates and focused back on his monitor. On Fizz’s summoner portrait. The anger vanished from his face and was replaced with a smile. Fizz, huh? Looks like you’re going to go all out! I’ll happily return the favour in kind! He smirked. I like your idea, Maple. Snowball mid and win the game. It often works for you. But don’t think I’m gonna let you get fed! Try me!

Welcome to Summoner’s Rift!

“Looks like we’re starting the game with a regular lane set up!” Silent Reed said into her microphone. She watched the large LCD screen, which focused on An Xin clearing Red Team’s Blue Bluff Camp with the help of Zeng Rui and Tang Bingyao. She continued, “The Junglers are focusing on clearing the two important camps first! The Blue and Red Buff camps!”

Liu Yue sat in the stands next to Ouyang and Chen Ze, scrunching his nose. He scratched his neck and asked, “Why isn’t BunBun invading? What’s she going to the Red Buff for? She always invades with her Lee Sin! And she’s playing against an Evelynn! This is such an obvious invade!” He chewed on the inside of his cheek and knitted his brows. I’ve watched her play almost daily for the last month! She loves to do the Level 2 invade! It’s her thing! Why isn’t she doing it now? Am I missing something? No I’m not! She’s playing against Eve! What the fuck! That’s such an easy kill! Why isn’t she going for i

Ouyang slapped Liu Yue on the shoulder and said, “The hell do you know! You clearly haven’t paid enough attention to all the times brophina taught you how to Jungle!” He pointed at Zhejiang University’s soundproof booth and continued, “They’re playing Zhejiang! You know that, right? They’re crazy good! Odds are that they know the Level 2 gank is coming and are preparing to counter her! She saw through that and is making their effort go to waste! Have some faith in our BunBun! She’ll stomp them!”

“I guess…” Liu Yue replied. He then turned his attention back to the large LCD screen.

The game was three minutes in. An Xin had killed the Red Brambleback and claimed its buff. Boosted by the Blue and Red Buff, she roamed to the top lane. Zhang Hao’s Darius was having a hard time against Zhejiang University’s Gnar. He was sitting underneath his tower and even there he couldn’t get a lot of farm. Gnar just kept auto attacking him from a distance. It’s like Zhejiang is daring me to gank top! Sure, I’ll take first blood!

An Xin’s Lee Sin ran through the tri-brush below the top lane into the river. There she walked up into the lane and cast Safeguard on a minion right next to Gnar! Lee Sin dashed to the minion and then slammed down on the ground with an open palm–Tempest! A shockwave spread out around him to locate all nearby opponents! But Gnar had already Flashed away. An Xin ran after him, past the minions until there was a clear line of view between them. She then aimed her mouse at Gnar and activated Sonic Wave! Lee Sin pushed out with his arm, sending a discordant wave of sound flying after Gnar!

Zhejiang University’s Gnar had opened up quite some distance between himself and Lee Sin through the Flash. Then he saw Lee Sin running after him and knew the Sonic Wave was coming. He shook his head and chuckled. Too obvious, too damn obvious. He waited for Lee Sin’s animation and then Hopped away.

“What great timing for a gank!” Rollfire exclaimed from behind the caster desk. He then leaned forward, smiling, and added, “But this Lee Sin really needs to work on her mechanics a bit more. You can’t miss those skillshots if you wanna play Lee!”

“Yeah…” Silent Reed added. She looked down into Team Shanghai’s soundproof booth and frowned. I’ve seen her play Lee at the Shanghai 16 School Tournament. She’s way better than this! What’s going on with her? Is the pressure getting to her? I hope she can find her normal form soon…

“SHIT!” Ouyang yelled through the venue. He threw his arms up in the air and complained, “That was so close! Why does this Gnar have to have those ninja reflexes!?”

Liu Yue glanced at Ouyang before turning back to the screen. He scratched his nose and knitted his brows. That didn’t seem very great… He shook his head. I’m probably just too used to seeing her hit everything! Ouyang is right! He nodded and said, “Such a shame! I thought she had first blood in the bag there!”

Inside Team Shanghai’s soundproof booth, An Xin slumped back in her gaming chair a little. She pretended to feel a scratch on her right hand, just so that she could steady it with her left. Then she sighed and said over the team’s voice chat, “Sorry, Zhang Hao. My bad.”

Lin Feng barely registered how An Xin didn’t invade at Level 2 or how she failed her gank in the top lane. His complete focus was on the mid lane. Shi Hang’s Ezreal was a ranged Champion, meaning he had a relatively easier time in the early game to get some poke damage in while also last hitting minions. But Lin Feng refused to give last hits away for free or play defensively. He worked hard on manipulating the minion wave and had it slightly push his way.

The Blue minions were ever so lightly thrown off by Lin Feng’s intervention, and ended up attacking a caster minion. Its health dropped and Shi Hang’s Ezreal was forced to take several steps forward if he wanted to get the last hit on it. Lin Feng narrowed his eyes, waiting for the exact moment that Ezreal’s auto attack animation started. Then he targeted Ezreal with Urchin Strike! His Fizz dashed through Ezreal and stabbed out with his trident!

Zhejiang University’s Evelynn had taken her normal Jungle path, from the Blue Buff Camp down to the Red Buff Camp and then into the river. From there she could go to the bot or mid lane. But at Shi Hang’s order he went to the mid lane. And right as he arrived, Fizz jumped in on Ezreal. He grinned and mumbled, “Perfect!”

Lin Feng was in the middle of three Blue minions. Shi Hang’s Ezreal had teleported a short distance away with Arcane Shift and now Evelynn also jumped on him. He grinned. Want me to run? No Chance! He sat up a little straighter in his gaming chair and counted cooldowns. Where is the Mystic Shot? Where is thThere! He cast Playful! His Fizz leapt up and stuck his trident into the ground. He leaned on his trident, juggling his balance, and briefly became untargetable!

Shi Hang narrowed his eyes. His years of experience playing at the highest level of League combined with his knowledge on Fizz kicked in. He’s not backing off! That crazy bastard is going in for the kill! If he’s going in… He glanced at his health bar. He knows he can do the damage! The Fizz was already coming down, which was the second half of his E skill. Trickster! He was going to splash onto the ground and deal damage! Shi Hang smashed down on his keyboard. FLASH AWAY! His Ezreal disappeared with a flash of mottled light.

Most players would Flash away towards the safety of a tower. But Shi Hang knew that and knew that Lin Feng’s Fizz could follow him there and kill him. That was why he didn’t Flash away towards his outer tower, but to the side where Evelynn was! This, in turn, was all predicted by Lin Feng. He pressed down on the D key and shouted GOTCHA!” His Fizz flashed after Shi Hang’s Ezreal and splashed on the ground right on top of the two Champions from Zhejiang University! The damage from Trickster cut sharply into Ezreal’s health!

“FUCK!” Shi Hang exclaimed. He frantically clicked away and glanced at his skillbar. Everything’s on cooldown! Dammit! He saw right through that! Now I’m away from my tower and slowed!

Rollfire was shoutcasting the fight in the mid lane play-by-play. But just when he was lauding Shi Hang for a phenomenal Flash, Lin Feng’s Fizz followed up. His mouth fell open and his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. What the hell… HOW!? How? How…? 

“One beautiful Flash got followed up by another!” Silent Reed exclaimed, taking over from Rollfire. She pushed the microphone against her lips and shouted, “Fizz is still on the Ezreal! This has to be first blood! It has to be!”

“Oh my god… Oh my fucking god! Did he just…? He just… HE FUCKING FLASH-FOLLOWED!”

Lin Feng grinned, clicking in a fast rhythm on Ezreal. Every good Fizz picks up their first kill at Level 3! If you can’t even do that, don’t play Fizz! This is my kill! He activated Fizz’s third main skill, Seastone Trident! A blue aura wrapped around his weapon, empowering his basic attacks and adding a bleed effect to it! Evelynn attacked him, as did Ezreal, but neither had crowd control skills and he still had more than half of his health remaining. First blood is mine! You ain’t getting away! He targeted Shi Hang’s Ezreal with Ignite! An unquenchable flame blazed to life on Ezreal’s skin, burning away at his health bar! Bleed damage from Fizz’s empowered auto attack stacked on top of that!

Shi Hang recognized he wasn’t going to survive. He tightened the grip on his mouse and said over Zhejiang University’s voice chat, “Kill him! We need first blood!” He kited through the minions, trying to break open a gap between his Ezreal and Fizz. Shit! He’s gonna get me! He added, “Don’t let him survive!”

Lin Feng had his Fizz strike out with his trident for a second and a third time! Ezreal’s health was dropping sharply and soon reached critical levels. Trying to escape? Don’t think so! Lin Feng was sitting on the edge of his gaming chair, clicking on his mouse faster and faster! His Fizz chased after Shi Hang’s Ezreal, ignoring the damage he was taking from Evelynn. His screen blinked red! Fizz had dropped below 20% health! Kill! Fizz stabbed out with his trident!

First Blood!

You have been slain!

A low buzz went through the venue. The audience had been sitting on the edge of their seats during the fight in the mid lane. Some were already up on their feet. But when the game announcer’s voice blasted through the venue speakers, everyone jumped! They roared, their voices slamming against the wall before being knocked back at them! And they went on to beat that sound with an even louder wave of thunderous cheers!


It wasn’t until a good bit later that the initial burst of cheers died down far enough for Silent Reed to make herself be heard again. She was jumping with excitement and screamed, “WOOOO! I knew his Fizz was good, but oh my god! OH MY GOD! He outplayed AyDeeCee! HE DID IT AGAIN! JUST LIKE IN GAME 1!”

“She’s right! Shit! It’s like I’m watching an LPL match!”
“Look at my arms! LOOK! I’VE GOT GOOSEBUMPS!”
“That kid is stomping AyDeeCee! HOW IS HE STOMPING AYDEECEE!?”
“He’s better than Hermes! Calling it now! He’s better than Hermes!”
“Who recorded it? CLIP IT AND PUT IT UP ONLINE!”
“That Flash, holy shit! THAT FLASH! Did you guys see that? OH MY FUCKING GOD!”

Rollfire’s mouth hung open, dazed speechless. There wasn’t a single thought in his mind, just pure shock. Everything about that play by Fizz was perfect. The representative of the Shanghai Esports Organization had outplayed AyDeeCee. A cluttered mess of images flitted before his eyes, reminding him of how Team Shanghai’s Midlaner had played in the Round of 16. Wh… Ho… Uh…

On stage in Zhejiang University’s soundproof booth, the Evelynn player kicked against the back of his desk, frustrated. He bit on his lips and then said over the team’s voice chat, “Sorry, cap. I didn’t expect him to do that. Shit! He got first blood! If only I had—”

“Nah,” Shi Hang interrupted. He turned his head to look at the Jungler sitting next to him and smiled. He said, “Don’t worry about it. You played that well.” He turned back to look at his monitor, grinning. You son of a bitch! You got me! I knew it was coming and you still got me! Damn you!

Sun Ruinian glanced at Shi Hang sitting next to him. What’s gotten into him…? But then he quickly shook his head and focused back on the bot lane. Another time. I need to focus. I can’t let him down!

Lin Feng’s screen was a dull grey. There were a few more seconds until he respawned, so he panned his camera to take stock of the other lanes and the Jungle. He shook his head. Still not enough. They need me! I need to pressure him more and snowball faster! He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, allowing the air to completely fill his lungs. Three, two, one. He breathed out and his eyes shot open, determination blazing in them! So that’s what I’m gonna do! I’ll show everyone just how good my Fizz really is!

When Lin Feng’s Fizz returned to lane, he started working on manipulating the minion waves again. He very delicately made them push towards his outer tower, forcing Shi Hang to overextend if he wanted to get the last hits. The fifth minute turned into the sixth. Another minion wave arrived in the mid lane. I’m gonna hit Level 6 soon. He glanced at his minimap. Leona is missing and Eve can be anywhere. But that doesn’t matter. I just have to land my skills and get the kill! 

Several Red minions were ganging up on a Blue melee minion. Lin Feng had his Fizz walk towards it, smiling. Such an obvious feint if you know it! But he’s preparing to gank me, so he shouldn’t know! He arrived next to the minion, which also placed him within range to cast Urchin Strike on Shi Hang’s Ezreal! Fizz dashed through Ezreal, striking out with his trident! Right then, the melee minion died and Fizz leveled up! Lin Feng learned Chum the Waters and threw it at Ezreal!

A small fish stuck to Ezreal and swam around him, a portal to the deep ocean opening up beneath him. Shi Hang cursed, “Shit! 5 seconds!” He activated Arcane Shift! His Ezreal teleported a short distance. But the fish stuck to him, as did Fizz with Playful/Trickster!

The portal opened up completely. The small fish was bait for Megalodon! The massive monster jumped out of the water and knocked Shi Hang’s Ezreal up into the air! Lin Feng’s Fizz followed up with Seastone Trident empowered auto attacks! The combination of damage decimated Ezreal’s health bar!

You have slain an enemy!

“Kill him!” Shi Hang exclaimed over the team’s voice chat. He then shook his head and looked at his dull grey screen. Again. He got me again! I’m dead without Flash. But we were setting up for a gank anyway, and he blew through his skills to get me. Evelynn and Leona will get him. This isn’t much of a setback. We’re both losing out on minions and experience. Just that… Just that he has two kills and I have zero. He grinned and turned his head to look at Team Shanghai’s soundproof booth. He mumbled, “Nice work, Maple.”

“What?” Sun Ruinian asked, confused. He glanced at Shi Hang and added, “Did you say something to me?”

“No. No, it’s nothing,” Shi Hang replied. He chuckled and added, “Focus on the game.” He then turned to look back at his monitor. Well, you did make one thing pretty clear, Maple. I can’t deal with your Fizz. But you can’t deal with my teammates. They’re killing you again. We both got two deaths. He shook his head, laughing. 5 seconds. If you’d engage 5 seconds later, I would’ve gotten the kill! But you’re still dead. You might’ve even gotten away if my teammates didn’t show up. Heh, that brings me back. He glanced across the stage again at Team Shanghai’s soundproof booth. You handpicked your teammates back then. They were all phenomenal. I wonder, did Chu Fang let you do the same this time? Did you handpick this team? I hope they are. He chuckled again. I really want to see how good they are now! Let’s see who’s got the better team!

Family Drama


You guessed it! This was another TRIPLE chapter merge! Hope you enjoyed it! 

A quick reminder. There will be no chapters on Saturday and Sunday. These chapter merges take an obscene amount of time to pull off and I really need to take care of some other things that have fallen to the side because of it. We’ll be back with more Rise on Monday!

Translator Thought:

Shanks Thought: Sietse and I were comparing our family dramas today, because apparently we have nothing better to do for a thought. And he thinks mine is a lot less boring. Anyway, my extended family tends to be really hot headed about things. They hear one off handed rumour, and they jump on it like it’s a chance to win the lottery! Basically, my second aunt heard about  some great immigiration opportunities—

Sietse Interjection: HOLD ON! STOP IT, SHANKS! STOP IT! This is completely unfair! Less boring? Your family drama is exciting as shit! Hear this out, guys. His extended family woke him up in the middle of the fucking night to throw him into a WeChat call with a fucking lawyer to talk about some damn rumour they’d heard! Imagine waking up at 4am to this aunt you haven’t spoken with in years calling you and then throwing you into another call with a lawyer! 


Shanks Comment: The lawyer was shady as fuck. Like, he was really insistent I retain his services for this once-in-a-life time opportunity. Then when I asked him about the price of all of this, that’s when he got hesitant. When I didn’t respond immediately, he told me he’d offer a family friend discount as a favour. Yeah… Also, this is totally normal for my family. This doesn’t even count as drama, honestly. Asian families get really wild with the stuff they pull, like soap opera level stuff you watch in K-Dramas.

Sietse Interjection: In what world is this normal!? Why do you even have your phone on when you go to bed!? Put it on silent and fucking sleep through the night like a normal fucking person! Actually, scratch that. Keep it on, and keep telling me about these stories, because they’re hilarious. Best part? Shanks went on from this totally normal thing about his aunt to some other dude in his family who decided having fun in Vegas was more important than being a good husband to his wife! She divorced him because he wanted to have fun in Vegas! What the fuck!

Shanks Thought: Okay, maybe there may be something a little off about my family… 

Sietse Concluding Thought: You think?

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