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Lin Feng stunned Janna. Tang Bingyao followed up as she continuously chucked spears at Janna while dashing forward.

Janna’s health rapidly plummeted!

Tristana tried to get Annie to back off by firing shots at her, but Lin Feng didn’t bat an eye. Tiny fireballs continuously struck Janna as he helped in dealing damage.

Janna flashed away while simultaneously throwing out a Howling Gale aimed at Kalista.

A giant tornado swept forth. If Tang Bingyao was knocked up by the Howling Gale, the Janna would escape! But with a perfectly timed Flash, she blinked through the tornado!

“Oh, nice!” Lin Feng praised, his eyes lighting up. “Nice reaction!”

With Kalista still hot on her heels, Janna panicked and tried to shake her off with an Exhaust. However, this barely affected Kalista who continued dashing forward with Martial Poise[mfn]Enter a movement command while winding up Kalista’s basic attack or Pierce to lunge a short distance when she launches her attack.[/mfn]. Tristana also used her Heal on Janna. However, she was still affected by Lin Feng’s Ignite, which reduced the efficiency of Heal by 50%.

Janna’s fate was sealed!

After Tang Bingyao landed one more auto-attack, Lin Feng cried out, “She’s low enough! Rend now!”

Tang Bingyao pressed down on her E key.

A visceral stabbing sound rang out as if a soul were being ruthlessly torn apart!

Janna’s health bottomed out.

First blood!

“See, I knew you’d be good with Kalista!” Lin Feng said, beaming.

Lin Feng and Tang Bingyao recalled back to base to buy items. Tang Bingyao’s face was all smiles, and she happily nodded. She was really starting to take a liking to Kalista.

“Good! Let’s get a double kill next!” Lin Feng exclaimed.

If a duo like Annie and Kalista were allowed to get a kill advantage in the early game, they would really become unstoppable. That said, this was still a Diamond ranked game. Tristana and Janna started playing safe and didn’t give away any more kills, albeit at the cost of losing out on some minions.

Lin Feng continuously pressured Tristana and Janna with his highly aggressive Annie. Tang Bingyao was even starting to zone them out of approaching the minion wave.

Eventually, Tristana and Janna had to recall back to base after being poked down to low health, lest they fed two more kills. They realized they couldn’t deal with the Kalista-Annie pair any longer and called in back-up from their jungler.

However, Lin Feng had long since predicted this and typed a message in team chat.「Hey hey, Elise, come down for a counter gank at bot!

Tang Bingyao was already Level 6 when the enemy Lee Sin came rushing out of the river brush for a gank. The Blind Monk landed a Resonating Strike on Annie and closed in with the second part of the skill.

“Ult me! Ult me!” Lin Feng shouted. Not missing a beat, Tang Bingyao pressed down on her R key and pulled Annie out of being surrounded by the three enemy champions. Tristana even wasted her Rocket Jump trying to close in.

Even after failing their gank attempt, the three enemies didn’t back down and continued giving chase. However, Lin Feng had no plans of running. Elise was already coming in for the counter-gank.

“Go in! Turn the fight!” Lin Feng instructed. He quickly moved his mouse and launched Annie back into the fray with the second part of Kalista’s ultimate. The little girl went flying toward the three enemies like a cannonball.

Annie collided into the Tristana and Lee Sin and knocked the two of them up in the air! Then, Lin Feng pressed down on his W key as a wave of fire swept out. The energized rings of smoke surrounding Annie activated as the flames enveloped all three enemies. A beautiful three-man stun!

Tang Bingyao started dealing damage with her auto attacks. As for the jungle Elise, she rappaled into the fight and instantly went on the low health Janna with a Venomous Bite.

Janna was the first to die. The experience from this kill helped Lin Feng reach Level 6. He’d been waiting for this moment, instantly activating Annie’s ultimate—Summon: Tibbers. Annie threw up the little bear in her hand, which transformed into a frightening monster that unleashed its terror on Tristana!

Tristana instantly lost a large chunk of her health. She panic-flashed in an attempt to escape the fight, but Elise also flashed forward in pursuit. With an auto-attack, she slowed Tristana with her red buff, allowing Tang Bingyao to catch up and pick up the kill with a few autos and Rend.

Double kill!

The game hadn’t even reached 10 minutes in, yet Lin Feng and Tang Bingyao had already completely blown up the enemy bot lane. Tang Bingyao followed Lin Feng’s advice on what items to build. As she started scaling with items, she became even more untouchable with the help of Lin Feng’s support. This was why the Kalista-Annie bot duo was feared by many. By combining their ultimates, Kalista could launch Annie deep into the enemy team for a multi-man stun. It was basically a sure-fire move to win teamfights. Needless to say, the duo became even more frightening after being fed, annihilating the enemy in teamfights.

At the 20-minute mark, the enemy team unanimously agreed to a surrender vote.

“So? What do you think? I told you I’m a really good support!” Lin Feng happily exclaimed.

Tang Bingyao was still reflecting on the game. “Wow, Kalista is strong.”

“Huh? Yeah, but we’re talking about how good my support is!”

Tang Bingyao nodded. ‘Yeah, I think I should pick her up.”

“Hey, Tang Tang! I don’t think we’re on the same wavelength here.”

Tang Bingyao snapped out of her daze. “Eh? What were you saying?”

Lin Feng no longer bothered. What mattereed was that Tang Bingyao found Kalista fun to play. So, striking while the iron was hot, he asked, “I told you I’m really good at coaching people! So how about joining my team?”

Tang Bingya considered the offer briefly before shaking her head. “No thanks.”

Lin Feng let out a deep sigh, only for his face to light back up again. “It’s fine! I’ll convince you one of these days!”

After playing a couple more games, Lin Feng realized it was getting a bit late. Sis Xue had probably already prepared dinner and was waiting for him. He quickly shot to his feet, bid Tang Bingyao farewell, and ran home. When he arrived back home, he gently opened the door and poked his head inside, carefully looking around to see if Su Xue was still in her bedroom. However, what met him was Su Xue’s expressionless gaze from the dining room.

“Uh oh I’m busted.” Lin Feng blinked before putting on an innocent smile. “Sis Xue, I’m home!”

Su Xue’s face twitched. She looked like she was about to go off on Lin Feng, but she suddenly took a deep breath and held herself back. “Why are you still standing at the door? Come in already!”

Question marks floated up above Lin Feng’s head. Something was different about Su Xue today. She appeared much more restrained. He soon noticed the guest sitting across from her. She looked the same age as Su Xue. Her hair was dyed dark red like the colour of wine, and she wore a sleeveless, beige vest. In spite of the youthful way she presented herself, it couldn’t mask the mature air about her. She leaned her head on her chin and shot him a mysterious smile.

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: People can suspend their disbelief for an animal molesting parrot. But the moment a jungler in a League novel actually listens to a call? No. Too unrealistic.

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