Now You See me; Now You Don’t

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Westwind had been casting games all night. He was currently on his sixth game in a row. His voice was hurting and he desperately needed a water break. But then he looked at the large screen above the stage. At the Olaf. What a player… He shook his head in disbelief. The Olaf made shoutcasting a high school tournament very interesting. “Hoh? It looks like the Olaf is going for a flank!” he said into his microphone. He heard his voice booming through the venue. It had taken some time to get used to hearing himself, but he was growing comfortable with it. “Shanghai International has placed a ton of wards around their mid lane. This is going to be very difficult. But this Olaf has been surprising us all game. Let’s see what he has in store for us now!”

Silent Reed sat next to Westwind. She’d been shoutcasting the games together with him since the start of the tournament. He usually took the lead and she would respond, preferably with some new insights or a different point of view. She also looked at the large screen above the stage. It showed the game from the spectator mode, meaning that there was no fog of war. They could see exactly where all 10 players were and where they were going. Right now, the Olaf was in the top side of his own Jungle and looking to cross the river to enter Shanghai International’s Jungle. Silent Reed smiled and said, “Yan Liang will probably notice that the Olaf is missing very soon. He’s a good team captain. I think they’ll retreat before the Olaf can surprise them. Plus. See that ward in the brush above the mid lane? They’ll spot the Olaf with that ward the moment he tries anything! This is looking good for Yan Liang’s team!”

Silent Reed’s analysis was correct to a certain extent. That ward would reveal Lin Feng’s Olaf, but only if he walked through that brush or got too close to it. Lin Feng was good enough at the game to know that there was most likely a ward in that brush. So, when he had his Olaf cross the river, he made sure to keep enough distance from that brush to not get spotted by the ward. Then he entered Shanghai International’s Jungle and stopped at the Raptor Camp, which was directly above Shanghai International’s outer tower in the mid lane. A wall of trees was the only thing separating the two.

Lin Feng panned his camera over to the mid lane and watched what was happening there. The Orianna had started to back. It was clear Shanghai International’s team knew something was wrong. What they didn’t know was that it was already far too late to retreat. Lin Feng grinned and pressed down on his D key–Ghost! A blue aura flowed out from underneath the Olaf’s feet, granting him a burst of movement speed. He ran through the narrow passage between the river and the wall of trees around the Raptor Camp. Then he used the active skill of one of his items, which gave him a second movement speed boost. He stormed into the mid lane!

Westwind tried to hype up the crowd for this play. But only a small section of the audience responded to him. The rest were sitting on the edge of their seats, enthralled. It all happened so quickly. One moment High School 13 and Shanghai International were throwing skillshots at each other in the mid lane, and the next the Olaf had flanked Shanghai International’s team and was charging at them. The audience didn’t want to miss a second of the action, not even to cheer!

Lin Feng’s Olaf was the embodiment of Odin. He was the Norse God of War and Frenzy! A blood red aura shrouded him. It was the visual effect of his ultimate skill–Ragnarok! He was immune to all crowd control effects. Nothing and no one could stop him now! He threw an axe at no one in particular, but still hit three Shanghai International Champions. Lin Feng screamed over the team’s voice chat, “GoGoGo! FIIIIGHT!”

FUUCK! Yan Liang gritted his teeth. They’d lost vision on the Olaf for only a couple of seconds. Just a few seconds! And then they were too late to stop it. The Olaf was so fast. He was already in the middle of their team, wreaking havoc. There was no time to think. There was no time to deal damage. There was no time to do anything else but retreat as quickly as possible. Yan Liang shouted over his team’s voice chat, “BACK! FLASH! JUMP! ANYTHING! JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!”

Shanghai International’s retreat was too late. Three seconds after Lin Feng’s Olaf received the speed boost from his item, a secondary effect took place. A turbid shockwave of energy pulsed out into the surroundings, sweeping over the Orianna, Rek’Sai, and Fiora. Their movement speed was cut in more than half. It looked as if their Champions were walking in slow motion, while the Olaf ran like the Flash! Olaf’s axe was flying through the air again, striking three Champions and slowing them. He stacked slow upon slow upon slow, until Shanghai International’s Champions had no movement speed left.

Lin Feng locked onto the Orianna and mumbled to himself, “Obliteration!” Then he pressed down on his E key–Reckless Swing! His Olaf charged at the slowed Orianna and jumped high in the air, raising his axes above his head. Then he hacked down with such force that it dealt true damage to the Orianna and himself. “Urge to kill, rising!”

Chen Ze had his Jarvan IV jump into the action with a flag-toss combo. Then, at just the right moment, he flashed forward. This extended the range of the knock up all the way to where the Orianna was standing. She found herself suspended in midair. Another flash of mottled light appeared near her, revealing the Thresh. He aimed his Death Sentence at her. The ghastly sickle came flying at her and wrapped around her.

Every player could take two Summoner Spells at the start of a game. Yan Liang had chosen Flash and Cleanse. Right now, he used Cleanse to remove all crowd control effects on his Orianna. But there was no running away anymore. High School 13’s team was all around his Orianna. By the time she’d taken two steps, another slow or stun would’ve hit her. Yan Liang groaned in frustration, then clicked towards High School 13’s Champions. If I’m dying, I’ll take as many of you fuckers down with me as I can!

Shanghai International’s Fiora also stopped retreating. She turned around and targeted Lin Feng’s Olaf with her ultimate skill–Grand Challenge! It revealed Olaf’s four Vitals. She Lunged at him, attacking the one closest to her. Then she moved to the side, where the second one was located. But before she could hit it, High School 13’s Lissandra appeared right next to her with a molted flash of light. Then two pillars of ice shot up from the ground and trapped her within–Frozen Tomb! This was Lissandra’s ultimate skill. It froze a target in place, dealing constant magic damage. There was nothing the Fiora could do. She was trapped. Her ultimate skill timed out. The Vitals disappeared on the Olaf and she had failed to activate the second part of her ultimate skill–Healing Field!

Lin Feng shifted his focus to the Fiora. He had his Olaf pick up his axe and then threw it at the Fiora. Then the Olaf let out a war cry. He gained a burst of attack speed and lifesteal–Vicious Strikes! A purple light flashed across his axes. He started hacking away at the Fiora, decimating her health bar!

Shanghai International’s Morgana also finally stopped running. She turned around and flashed into High School 13’s team. Then she activated her ultimate skill–Soul Shackles! Dark violet chains erupted from her body and latched onto the Jarvan IV, Olaf, and Lissandra. Yan Liang had his Orianna move her Ball towards the three to  try and hit them with her ultimate skill, while Liu Zhengjie had his Tristana start firing away at the Olaf from the backline. And then a Super Mega Death Rocket hit them in the face.

A large explosion swept out from the middle of Shanghai International’s ranks, kicking up a cloud of dust and smoke. There appeared a creepy murder smiley within this cloud. It revealed the destruction of Jinx’s ultimate. The Super Mega Death Rocket had killed two Champions from Shanghai International; The Orianna and Fiora. Neither of them did any real damage before dying.

《Double kill!》

The crowd started buzzing. It was about to explode. Westwind grabbed his microphone, clutched it tightly in his grasp, and shouted at the top of his lungs, “IT’S A DOOOUUBBLLLEEEE KILL! WOOOOOOOO!” That did the trick. The audience shot from their seats and threw their hands up in the air! Shanghai International had lost two players. High School 13 was going to win this! The chants started, “HIGH SCHOOL 13! HIGH SCHOOL 13!”

Back in the game, the second half of Morgana’s ultimate skill activated. Soul Shackles had wrapped around Jarvan IV, Lissandra, and Olaf, stunning two of the three. The Olaf was still immune to all crowd control effects because of his ultimate skill, so he didn’t get locked down. He directly turned his attention to the Morgana and threw his axe at her–Undertow! Tang Bingyao’s Jinx was next to him. She’d received a movement speed bonus from her passive skill for killing a Champion, so she was running like the wind. Switcheroo! She took out her minigun and started firing away at the Morgana.

《Triple kill!》

There was nothing Shanghai International could do to win this teamfight anymore. The Rek’Sai dug a Tunnel and disappeared in the Jungle, while the Tristana Rocket Jumped away. She flew past Shanghai International’s outer tower and towards her inner tower. High School 13’s team ignored the Rek’Sai, who wasn’t worth much after dying consecutive times to the Olaf, and chased after the Tristana. The Olaf and Jinx still had their movement speed buffs. They caught up to the Tristana and started attacking her with axes and rockets, shearing away at her health until she finally collapsed on the ground.

《Quadra kill!》

The crowd was about to lose it. A quadra kill! Shanghai International’s Rek’Sai was still alive! This was a pentakill in the making! Everyone stopped caring about the Olaf. He wasn’t the star of the show right now. That was the Jinx. She was about to get a pentakill in the Semifinals of the Shanghai 16 School Tournament! Many people in the audience hadn’t ever gotten a pentakill in their lives, let alone at the biggest high school esports tournament in the esports capital of China! The crowd was dancing and laughing. They were screaming their lungs out, begging for Tang Bingyao to get the pentakill!



Sietse Thought: I’m a little confused about something and I’m hoping you guys can help me out with this. So I have a pretty steady diet most of the year. I know when I want to eat what. Then the next morning I get up, feel mostly fresh, and am ready to start with the day. Then comes around a holiday like Christmas. Suddenly you find yourself eating stuff you usually wouldn’t eat. And more importantly, in amounts you usually wouldn’t eat. My stomach has a hard time adapting to a different menu, but that’s mostly just annoying for the people around me. The more pressing issue. What’s up with being super tired after having eaten too much food? I’ve just slept for a good 8 hours, wake up, and feel like what I really need is to turn around and close my eyes again; preferably for another 8 hours. Is this normal? Is my body broken? Why does more food make me lazier? I’m already a naturally lazy person… I can’t deal with being even lazier! Now I just feel this intense urge to starve myself to feel fresh in the mornings again. It’s stupid, but yeah… Help me!

Shanks Thought: It’s clear for all to see that Sietse has never watched the Boondocks nor heard about the phenomenon known as the “itis”. Link here: https://youtu.be/BBM2ahgnkbw. That’s what usually happens when you eat too much food that’s carb heavy, like mashed potatoes or sugary desserts.  Some people are more susceptible to it than others. Ol’ Devshard is especially prone to attacks of the itis. You give him one Domino’s cheese pizza, and he’s basically out like a light for the rest of the afternoon. Sietse has lived his life too used to being a Thundercock. With the pandemic happening and him not being able to get as much exercise like he used to, he’s finally being affected by food like us regular folk! No worries, Sietse. It’s perfectly normal. Welcome to the world of the normies. I’d like to say enjoy your stay here, but I know you’re going to be off and active again as soon as lockdown restrictions lift.

Sietse Addendum: Stupid lockdown… Open the gyms! Open the gyms! Please…

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