Slaughter! Slaughter to no End!

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Behind the screen, Nightsong’s eyelids faintly twitched. He felt an indescribable pressure. His senses were screaming danger, but for the first time he doubted them and wondered if he was just being paranoid.

As the seconds passed, Nightsong noticed a clear change. Ever since Draven returned to lane, it was almost as if a new player sat behind the monitor. He was mildly surprised by Draven’s reflexes and mechanics before, but it stopped there. Now, however, he felt a genuine threat. An unadulterated feeling of danger encroached on him!

Nightsong was well aware of how frightening a fed Draven could be. So, he’d leveraged his superior mechanics and game sense to suppress Tang Bingyao in the early laning phase, not giving her any opportunity to harass or engage. The longer the laning phase lasted, the further she’d fall behind and the more frustrated she’d grow as he outscaled her.

Now, though, Nightsong found that he couldn’t pressure this Draven anymore. The enemy came out swinging with a domineering playstyle that made his heart skip a beat, as if he were being assailed by an endless bloodthirst and ferocity! As if death was coming for him!

At this moment, Leona engaged on Lin Feng with Zenith Blade, but he easily knocked her out of the air mid-dash with Stand Aside. He immediately punished her for the misplay with an onslaught of spinning axes.

Lin Feng hacked away at Leona’s health in chunks! Just as it looked like he was about to go all in for the kill, he backed away, the intense killing intent he radiated completely vanishing like a fleeting cloud.

Nightsong’s eyelids twitched more violently. He sensed an incomparable threat. A Draven who only knew how to turn it up to 11 and nothing else was nothing to be afraid of. However, one that was aware of his limits and knew exactly when to back away the moment they accomplished their goal—well, that kind of self-control even moved a top 3 ad-carry like him. He couldn’t help but wonder how many people in the entirety of China could play Draven to this level. But there was no time to think right now.

Shortly after backing away, Draven turned around again and rushed forward without so much as a warning. The frightening killing intent manifested itself again, and the prey was the low-health Leona!

A spinning axe whirled through the air and struck Leona, ringing out with the gutteral sound of metal teeth digging into flesh as blood sprayed out!

Lin Feng had immersed himself fully into the game, his eyes shining feverishly with excitement and bloodlust. He perfectly embodied the spirit of the Glorious Executioner.

“Hit ’em where it hurts.

“Hear that? Death’s knocking.”

Suddenly, a hoarse and malevolent laughter rang out, melding together with the sound of whirling axes flying ruthlessly towards their hapless victim! A cacophony of spinning axes danced in the sky! A tableau of blood splatters dyed the earth!

Blood Rush activated, Draven gained a burst of movement speed! Throw a spinning axe, catch it, move, and throw another spinning axe, catch it, then throw another and catch another! Spinning axes flew wildly in the air, Draven catching each and every one of them without fail in a dizzying and unending cycle. Who knew how fast a player had to move their mouse to keep up with this kind of tempo!

The poor Platinum 1 Leona was completely stupefied. However, she still tried one last gamble by throwing down a Solar Flare at the pursuing Draven. A brilliant golden radiance erupted below his feet.

“Heh! You’ll have to aim your ult better than that!” Lin Feng cackled, overlapping with Draven’s hoarse laughter in the game.

Lin Feng pressed down on his W key, activating Blood Rush[mfn]Every time Draven catches a spinning axe, the cooldown on Blood Rush resets.[/mfn] again. The burst of movement speed allowed him to evade the Solare Fare. Then, he turned back around and continued his pursuit!

Shit, this Leona…! Nightsong knitted his brows. He had his Vayne go up to lend aid, firing silver bolts at the Draven while continuously repositioning himself. Right now, his Condemn was the only thing that could save his support. But it couldn’t just be the knock-back, he needed to send Draven colliding into a wall for the stun effect.

When Nightsong got close enough, he flanked Draven with a Tumble before slamming down on his E key. Vayne pulled out the large crossbow strapped to her back.

In that split-second, Lin Feng had also slammed down on his E key! A pair of whirling axes flew straight toward Vayne.

The two axes knocked the Vayne back to her position just before she tumbled! Then, the giant bolt slammed into Draven. He was knocked back, but the Condemn failed to pin him to a wall. Without the stun, there was no stopping him from killing Leona!

Lin Feng pressed down on his D key. With a flash of light, Draven flashed forward. It was perfectly timed as he happened to catch a spinning axe falling back to the ground, refreshing the cooldown of Blood Rush.

Nothing could stop Draven from mowing down Leona. One spinning axe after another struck her before bouncing back into the air in almost mesmerising fashion.

Sitting right beside Lin Feng, Tang Bingyao’s eyes glinted with a peculiar light as waves of shock continuously battered at her heart. She inexplicably felt goosebumps all over her body, almost as if Draven’s intense bloodlust from the game were leaking out into the real world. She gulped, suddenly finding it hard to breathe.

Draven couldn’t be stopped! There was no escaping once he had his sights set on his prey! He and his spinning axes would cut down any obstacle! Slaughter! Slaughter to no end!

One last auto-attack chunked away the remaining sliver of Leona’s health bar.

You have slain an enemy!

A shower of golden coins rained down on Draven! This was Draven’s passive, a gold reward for killing the enemy. The adoring cheers of a boisterous crowd could be heard in the background. Domineering and matchless!


Lin Feng breathed a sigh of relief, a bright smile stretching across his face. “This is what I’m talking about!”

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: So, before I forget to mention this, this whole time, the author has been using Q,W,E,R to describe champion abilities, but I’ve been switching them out with the actual ability names. Where it gets annoying is that the author uses Q,W,E,R as verbs too, like he Q’d this or W’d that. So, it forces me to rewrite entire scenes.

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