¥1 million!

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When the game reached the 20-minute mark, Class 8 unanimously voted to surrender. The complexion of their five players were pale-white, traces of fear still lingering in their eyes. When they had started the surrender vote, Tang Bingyao’s 17-kill Draven was already on the verge of slaughtering her way into the fountain.

A moment later, the aura surrounding the red nexus warped violently before exploding into a flurry of brilliance. A large blue victory screen appeared over the ruins of the enemy nexus.

“We won!” The students from Class 7 broke out into cheers. Tang Bingyao’s four teammates were also all smiles. Ouyang shot up from his seat and basked in the cheers of his classmates as if he were a hero returning home from a glorious victory. “Haha! That was too easy! I didn’t even get a chance to show off my skills, and they already surrendered!”

Yang Fan adjusted his glasses and gave Ouyang the side eye. “Yeah, that’s because you didn’t do anything. We got hard-carried by Tang Bingyao.”

“Hey! How can you say that! I ganked bottom lane a bunch of times! She got so fed partly thanks to me!” Ouyang unhappily countered.

Ren Rou rolled her eyes. “Even if you didn’t go bot, Tang Tang would’ve still easily won her lane.” She turned to Tang Bingyao with a smile. “Right?”

Tang Bingyao nodded. “Mhm, he didn’t need to come gank bot lane.”

“Gghhh!” Ouyang nearly choked. He then scratched his head in embarrassment. “Come on, Tang Tang. You didn’t have to say it so bluntly…”

With this easy win, the students from Class 7 were in high spirits. Watching the students from Class 8 leave the internet cafe in dejection, Ren Rou suggested, “How about we celebrate? There’s a barbecue stand around the corner!”

This friendly match against Class 8 was just an excuse to hang out after class. The fact that they won was a bonus. So, even though most of the students had already eaten dinner, of course they would still go celebrate.

While everyone else was cheering, the MVP of this competition shook her head. “You guys go on ahead. I’ll stay here a little longer.”

“How can you not come? You’re the reason we’re celebrating in the first place! It won’t be the same without you!” Ren Rou persuaded.

But Tang Bingyao adamantly declined. “No need. Just pay me my appearance fee.”

This was the second time Tang Bingyao mentioned something about an appearance fee. Ren Rou instantly turned to Ouyang, practically shooting daggers at him. “Tell me! Just what is this about?”

Ouyang immediately broke out in a cold sweat as he gave a hollow chuckle. “Ahaha… Rou Rou, no need to glare at me like that, I might start thinking you have the hots for me. H-haahaha…. Listen, I’ll explain it to you later. Yeah, for sure, later!”

The students from Class 7 gradually left the internet cafe, still in hot discussion about the match. Ouyang’s voice reached over all as he proudly stated how his ganks were the reason Tang Bingyao dominated her lane, and the game.

Meanwhile, Tang Bingyao stayed behind, as did Lin Feng. This was because his interest in the barbeque couldn’t compare to his interest in this girl. He watched her sit back down in front of her computer. It looked like she planned to continue playing. So, he plopped down in the chair next to her and enthusiastically greeted, “Hi! You were really good!”

Tang Bingyao looked at Lin Feng, slightly confused, before saying, “Oh, you’re the new transfer student.” Finding his eyes locked onto her, she stared back at him and asked, “Can I help you with something?”

“Are you going to play another game? Ranked?”

“Yes.” Tang Bingyao nodded.

“Can I watch?” Lin Feng asked, his voice bubbling over with excitement.

Tang Bingyao shook her head. “No. I don’t like it when people watch me play.”

“But, just now…” Lin Feng frowned.

“That’s because I was being paid,” Tang Bingyao patiently explained.

“Oh! So if I pay you a viewing fee, does that mean I can watch you play ranked?”

Tang Bingyao thought for a moment before sticking up two fingers. “¥20.”

“¥20…?” Lin Feng rummaged through his pockets, but he only pulled out a ¥5 note and a few ¥1 coins. He frowned. “I forgot to bring money with me…”

Tang Bingyao nodded. Then, she stared at Lin Feng, patiently waiting for him to leave.

However, Lin Feng’s butt showed no signs of moving. He suddenly thought of something and happily suggested, “How about we 1v1? If I win, you let me watch!”

Tang Bingyao wrinkled her brows. “¥40 fee.”

“If I lose, I’ll pay you ¥40. If I win, you’ll let me watch. How does that sound?”

Tang Bingyao frowned. “But you don’t have ¥40.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t lose!” Lin Feng pounded his chest.

Tang Bingyao kindly reminded him, “I’m really good at this game.”

Lin Feng laughed. “I am too!”

After some more back and forth, the two came to an agreement. They created a lobby and both picked an ad-carry. Tang Bingyao played on the blue team. She chose Draven again, while Lin Feng went with Caitlyn.

According to the standard rules of a 1v1, the winner was the player who got first blood, reached 100 creep score first, or destroyed the enemy’s tower. Lin Feng fulfilled the third condition seven minutes into the game. He achieved his victory through slow and methodical pushing.

“I won!” Lin Feng exclaimed in delight as the enemy’s tower collapsed into a pile of rubble.

Tang Bingyao stared at the ruined tower in a daze. She rubbed her eyes, not sure she could believe them. It felt like the match ended before it had even started.

“Hey, hey! I won the bet! That means I can watch you play, right?” Lin Feng happily exclaimed.

Tang Bingyao snapped out of her daze. She stared at Lin Feng, looking him up and down. “You’re really good,” she finally said.

“Of course I am! Didn’t I tell you?” Lin Feng proudly harrumphed.

“No, you’re really good. Like, way better than I am.” Tang Bingyao shook her head. “Since you’re already so good, why do you want to watch me play?”

This was a reasonable question. Lin Feng rubbed his chin for a bit, then replied with a smile, “That’ll cost you an answer fee!”

“Answer fee…?” Tang Bingyao asked in a daze. “How much?”

Lin Feng stuck out one finger with a solemn expression. “¥1 million!”

Translator Thoughts

Shanks Thought: I vaguely remember an anime character who’s just as obsessed with money as Tang Bingyao, but I can’t recall exactly who. And no, before you say it. No. It’s not Scrooge McDuck.

Devs Thought: It’s actually Wujigege. Shanks doesn’t read anything on NUF. So we’ve told him the stories of Wujigege and convinced him that Wujigege is actually a character in a super underground anime.

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